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PR/Brand Specialist

Currently we are looking for a PR / Brand Manager to join our team, who will help us promote the company's brand on the local Ukrainian market.

Briefly about us: Codica has been creating quality products for more than 6 years now, specializing in complex web solutions from scratch such as Marketplaces, SaaS, and PWAs. The products we have already delivered are used by millions of users worldwide.

Why us:

  • We have a great team that takes a keen interest in PR and marketing.
  • We are flexible and open to new ideas, concepts and views. Everything you offer will be treated with all due attention and respect.
  • You will grow with the company and influence its business processes.
  • You will be encouraged to suggest new ideas, express your opinion, and will receive regular feedback on your work.
  • We have a clear understanding of the company's growth direction, and how to help you grow.

What we expect:

  • Experience in organizing events (both online and offline);
  • Experience in writing various texts: announcements and posts for corporate social media accounts;
  • Total Love! to Instagram and the ability to create all types of interesting content;
  • Excellent command of Russian and Ukrainian languages, both written and spoken;
  • Extremely good communication skills;
  • Creativity, desire to learn, independence and proactivity.

What you will be doing:

  • Develop a strategy for promoting the employer's brand on the labor market, together with the company's top management.
  • Actively cooperate with Ukrainian technical universities and IT courses.
  • Organize educational and other company events (both online and offline).
  • Track all current IT events and trends.
  • Organize the company's participation in conferences, job fairs, city events, and etc.
  • Create content for our social media accounts, and engage in their promotion.
  • Assist in making our website attractive to job seekers.
  • Launch advertising campaigns together with the marketing department to attract new specialists.
  • Create promotional materials and branded products.

What we offer:

  • Competent and sensible mentor;
  • Professional technical management;
  • Well-organized processes within the company;
  • Assistance with professional issues 24/7;
  • Creative and friendly environment;
  • Cozy office in the city center;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • No bureaucracy.

We have room to implement all your ideas and initiatives, even the bold ones. If this is what you’re looking for - apply now!

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Great clients and projects

Looking forward to applying your skills? You're on the right way. We work with wide range of clients and projects, addressing challenging issues. You're gonna love it.

Office in the center of Kharkiv

We are sure that cozy working space directly impacts the level of productivity. This is why our office is comfortable for our staff to both work and have some rest.

Super engineering team

We strongly believe that a solid engineering team is our way to success. And we’re proud of each of our guys. When you meet them, you get two for one: a high-skilled mentor and a supportive colleague.

Flexible working hours

We appreciate our employees' efficiency, creating conditions for delivering best outcomes. For us, your performance and result matter more than a number of hours spent at the office.

Personal development plans

Each of team players wants to develop professionally inside the company. We care about this process, making it seamless and supporting our team members at each stage.

Regular performance review

Professional growth is an integral part of our workflow. We attach great importance to your performance, regularly redefining your role inside the team and helping to realize all your potential skills.

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