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We invite a Project Manager with commercial work experience to join the creation of complex web and mobile applications from scratch. Under the guidance of the lead, you will be able to go through all stages of project implementation - from planning to launch. What we use at work:

  • Agile methodology (most often a hybrid of Scrum and Kanban);
  • Task Manager Systems: Jira for active projects, Trello for support projects;
  • Confluence and Google Docs for document storage;
  • Slack for internal communication.


  • 0.5+ year of experience on the same position;
  • Knowledge in the field of risk management;
  • Experience in managing cross-functional teams of 4 people;
  • Leadership qualities, the ability to quickly and independently make decisions and motivate the team to achieve results;
  • Product Oriented Mindset – understanding the concept of developing a complete product
  • The ability to widely analyze functionality - both from the point of view of convenience for the user and from the point of view of benefits for the client's business;
  • Good spoken and written English skills (Upper Intermediate at least);
  • Self-dependence (not in words, but in practice).


  • Daily communication with the clients;
  • Planning the launch of the development of new projects;
  • Task planning for the team;
  • Creating and maintaining the relevance of project documentation and specifications;
  • Participation in making important decisions regarding the development of the project;
  • Creation and adjustment of the product backlog in accordance with the project and customer goals;
  • Control over the progress of the project;
  • Control of the change management process;
  • Coordination of results with the client and company management;
  • Be an active part of a fast-growing team.

We offer:

  • Personal review once every 6 months, where we honestly and substantively discuss your career and financial prospects;
  • Systematic 1-to-1 meetings with a mentor (once every two months), where specific tasks and near-future prospects are discussed;
  • Ability to actively participate in the discussion of each project and all processes in general;
  • Professional and open to suggestions management, which is always looking for ways to improve work processes and conditions
  • Fully remote work;
  • Constant support and help to each other (pay attention to reviews about us :)

You will need to complete a test task so that we fully understand each other :)

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Our goal is to build high-performing and happy teams.

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Any questions? Talk to Tatiana, our HR Manager
Any questions? Talk to Tatiana, our HR Manager

Any questions? Talk to Tatiana, our HR Manager

+380 99 385 33

Meet your team in person

Q: What qualities should a Project Manager have?
First of all, a Project Manager should be self-organized, responsible, calm and systematic. Second, you will need a high level of English and communication skills. Also, you should be able to structure information and convey it to all the project participants. And last but not least, you will need strategic thinking and excellent planning skills.

Why join Codica?

Great clients and projects
We directly work with our clients, who are startups and established businesses from all over the world. Our projects are full-cycle, from the client’s idea to a working solution.
Friendly management
Our management is professional, friendly, open to feedback and suggestions, and always looking for ways to improve our working processes and conditions.
Strong engineering team
We strongly believe that a solid engineering team is our way to success. When you meet them, you get two for one: a high-skilled mentor and a supportive colleague.
Flexible working hours
We appreciate our employees efficiency, and create conditions for delivering best results. This is why we offer flexible working hours for our teammates. Students are welcome!
Personal development plans
Each of our team players wants to grow professionally. We make this process easy with ready development plans for each role. You can track the progress and see what skills you need to acquire.
Regular performance reviews
We regularly analyze your role inside the team, your skills level and help to realize your potential. As a result, your compensation will be competitive, and revised regularly.
Awesome teammates
We do not just hire someone who will have the required skills — we are looking for people who will become an important part of the team, who will share our values and spirit.
Work from anywhere
We work 100% remotely, so our teammates are free to change their location and working environment. This is possible thanks to our efficient communication and work processes.
Your opinion matters
You will have the opportunity to actively participate in each project discussion, suggest new technologies or your own way to implement a new feature.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.

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