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St. Valentine’s Day Special Edition Case Study

Learn how thanks to our clients, Codica found strength and motivation to grow. Working on our past and present projects helps us to develop sturdy expertise combined with creativity because of how diverse our projects have always been.
What helps us to be motivated
to grow and develop? Our top priority.
That's you - our clients. And today is a great time to say thanks to all of you.
You have always been a ray of sunshine, even on our darkest days. You helped us to stay on track and strengthen our motivation despite everything we've been through.
Today is a great time to say thanks to all the prominent people we worked with - to you! This case study is an ultimate appreciation and tribute to our beloved clients, without whom today's Codica would not exist.
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St. Valentine’s Day Special Edition Case Study | Codica

Domain:Work relationships
Location:Hearts and minds
Services:24/7 communication with our clients, regular ‘what’s up’ updates, tight step-by-step cooperation, regular project updates, fascinating flexibility.
Team:2 Founders, 6 Tech Leads, 14 Frontend developers, 15 Backend developers, 6 QA engineers, 10 Marketers, 4 Project managers, 2 DevOps, 1 Accountant, and 3 UI/UX designers.
Core Technologies:reliability, transparency, politeness, professionalism, result-aiming, open-minded working environment.
St. Valentine’s Day Special Edition Case Study | Codica
Serhii Tech Lead at Codica
Tech Lead at Codica

“I am proud to be part of a team that genuinely cares about each aspect of the product we build. We always do our best to not only bring our client’s idea to life but also to enrich it with our experience.

Thanks to the new clients we constantly meet, we have an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which has always been the best part of our work.”

Arpi Project Manager at Codica
Project Manager at Codica

“It’s a true pleasure for me to keep connected with our clients. Whichever project were on, I never had a bad experience communicating with each of our clients. On the contrary, our cooperation is all about generating thousands of thoughts in a glimpse of an eye, brainstorming through various ideas, and regularly checking if everything works correctly.

Hence, speaking on behalf of our team, we take each project personally to deliver the best result that we could ever think of. Thus, we highly appreciate the involvement of each of our clients.”

Mariia Marketing Team Lead
Marketing Team Lead

“Thanks to our clients and their various projects, my marketing passion has a limitless inspiration!

Being a Marketing Lead, I never got bored conducting diverse content, case studies, and blog articles inspired by the projects we built. Without a glimpse of a doubt, I would dedicate my Valentine’s greeting to our dear clients.”

Now and Before – Grow and Improve

Codica way started back in 2015. Since the foundation, from the very first day, we have had a purposeful growth visualization. Searching for cutting-edge projects was and remains our passion.
Thanks to the products we put our hands on, our expertise grew exponentially, attracting more startup founders, business owners, and prominent enthusiasts. Still, it would be impossible without you, our beloved clients.
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