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Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.
Codica team photo.

Join our expert team

If you are looking for a company where you could apply your existing skills and develop new ones, we would love to welcome you aboard. We have strong teams that will help you from day one, and complex projects that will definitely interest you from the technical point of view.
Diverse projects and domains
Professional growth
Latest technologies
Mentorship and mutual help
Build products from scratch
Team of experts
Serhii Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica

“I have been a part of Codica for more than 5 years, and I am very happy to be here. The team is amazing, and I like the management’s positive attitude.

I’m a web developer, so it’s also important to me that everyone can learn and use new technologies in our projects, and that we maintain high quality of code in all the solutions that we implement.”

Our expert team

We build web products that users love

We specialize in building custom online marketplaces and SaaS solutions. Our goal is to continue growing our team’s expertise and become a valued partner and advisor to our clients. Here’s our main principle: Build great web products that bring value to our clients and end users.

What working at Codica is like

Full-cycle software development

We don’t outstaff, but work directly with our clients, helping them design and develop their products from scratch. We specialize in custom online marketplaces, SaaS and PWA solutions.

All our projects start with the Discovery stage, where we clearly define the requirements of a client, and prepare project requirement documentation and product prototypes.

Our team is composed of all the professionals required for building a web product: frontend and backend developers, UX/UI designers, product managers, QA and DevOps engineers, marketing and SEO specialists. We use the Agile approach in project management.

All this allows us to effectively realize the full-cycle product development for our clients.

DevOps culture

We always use AWS.

We automate CI/CD when starting each project:

  • Run linters to check code quality (eslint, rubocop)
  • Run linters for security (trivy, git-secrets)
  • Run unit and integration tests
  • Run automated assembly and deployment on staging / production instances.

We use Docker to quickly deploy projects locally.

DevOps culture | Codica
Professional development and variety

We switch between the projects, not get stuck on one.

We regularly perform retrospectives, this allows continuous improvement for every team member. While everyone has the right to make a mistake, retrospectives help to avoid it in the future.

Thanks to our narrow specialization, we have strong teams of PM, QA, Rails, React, Vue, DevOps specialists.

Professional development and variety | Codica
Standards and clear processes

We use a set tech stack which allows us to grow expertise:

  • Rails for backend
  • React & Vue.js for frontend
  • PostgreSQL as RDBMS
  • ElasticSearch
  • AWS

We actively develop the culture of code writing and always perform Code Review.

We standardize and document our work processes, which guarantees the best results.

Our clear process of release preparation, testing and publishing allows us to minimize the amount of bugs on production.

New technologies

We continuously work on improving the quality of our work and implement new technologies. When working on new products from scratch, we use the following tech stack:

  • React or Vue for frontend development (no monolith)
  • TypeScript for React code
  • NextJS for products SEO
  • Redux Toolkit and React-Query for State management
  • The latest versions of Rails / React / Vue
  • Active use of Elastic
  • WebSocket for real-time tasks
New technologies | Codica

Open positions

We want you in our team! Choose the position that applies best to your skills and expertise and apply.
Inessa UX/UI Designer at Codica
UX/UI Designer at Codica

“I’ve been with Codica for over 4 years, and what I like most here is the great team. I’m happy to work with such understanding, interesting and simply awesome people.

I also like our streamlined design processes. Thanks to this, I can really dive into each product and understand its potential users. All this makes my work smooth and meaningful.”

Why join Codica?

Great clients and projects
We directly work with our clients, who are startups and established businesses from all over the world. Our projects are full-cycle, from the client’s idea to a working solution.
Friendly management
Our management is professional, friendly, open to feedback and suggestions, and always looking for ways to improve our working processes and conditions.
Strong engineering team
We strongly believe that a solid engineering team is our way to success. When you meet them, you get two for one: a high-skilled mentor and a supportive colleague.
Flexible working hours
We appreciate our employees efficiency, and create conditions for delivering best results. This is why we offer flexible working hours for our teammates. Students are welcome!
Personal development plans
Each of our team players wants to grow professionally. We make this process easy with ready development plans for each role. You can track the progress and see what skills you need to acquire.
Regular performance reviews
We regularly analyze your role inside the team, your skills level and help to realize your potential. As a result, your compensation will be competitive, and revised regularly.
Awesome teammates
We do not just hire someone who will have the required skills — we are looking for people who will become an important part of the team, who will share our values and spirit.
Work from anywhere
We work 100% remotely, so our teammates are free to change their location and working environment. This is possible thanks to our efficient communication and work processes.
Your opinion matters
You will have the opportunity to actively participate in each project discussion, suggest new technologies or your own way to implement a new feature.

An exciting place to work

Codica Team is not only about work. There’s so much more going on! So we’d better show you what life is like at Codica.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
  • Codica - an exciting place to work.
Maksym Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica

“I joined Codica almost 4 years ago, and I love working here. The company is constantly growing and changing, and I’m happy to contribute to this development.

There are many things that I like here: regular performance reviews, friendly and engaged team, cozy office, the overall atmosphere. Also, we work on interesting and diverse projects, and it’s a great opportunity to learn something new all the time.”

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Our goal is to build high-performing and happy teams.

Any questions? Talk to Tatiana, our HR Manager
Any questions? Talk to Tatiana, our HR Manager

Any questions? Talk to Tatiana, our HR Manager

+380 99 385 33

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