Product Discovery

Make your product exceptional and avoid risks from the start.

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Start your project right with product discovery

With project discovery sessions, we thoroughly analyze and validate your idea before you start building a real product. This way, you will be able to reduce risks, increase efficiency, minimize development costs and avoid rework.

Minimize risks
Statistics show that 90% of startups fail. In-depth research of the target audience, their pains and goals will help avoid building a failed product.
Save costs
Our experts will help you define the most efficient way to solve your users needs, remove unnecessary features and keep development costs low.
Make informed decisions
You will know the exact budget and timeframe you will need to build your initial product, and can decide whether you want to proceed or not.

A strong foundation for your future product

Dealing with numerous startups we defined how important it is to create a solution that faces the real needs of the final users. Thus during the product discovery phase, our priority is to define the unique value chain that the platform delivers.

Dmytro CEO at Codica
CEO at Codica

“They say that a product well started is a product half built. With the Product Discovery phase, we will help you get your project right from the start, validate your business idea and avoid failure.

Our expert team will analyze your idea and the problem you want to solve with your product, and define the most efficient and cost-effective way to build it. Being an experienced product discovery company, we will advise on the set of features you should include, and offer time and cost estimates.

Thanks to this approach, you will be able to make informed decisions right from the start and thus minimize risks.”

Why does your project need product discovery?

Starting with a product discovery process is not for everyone. Our experience shows that this approach works best for entrepreneurs who only have an idea of a product, and want to:

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What happens during the Project Discovery stage with Codica?

The new product discovery phase consists of several sessions (on-site or remote), during which our team will deeply emerge into your business idea and the users problem you want to solve. The number of sessions varies depending on the project complexity. Here’s what we will do during and after product discovery sessions:

Who is involved in Product discovery sessions?

To achieve the goals of the project discovery phase, both Codica team and customer representatives take part in the sessions. Active involvement from the client side is essential to success. Below we have listed the main Product Discovery roles.

Project Discovery results: what deliverables you will get

Once the project discovery stage is over you will receive a set of deliverables prepared by Codica team. These artifacts will help you make the right decisions about your future product.

Success stories

Why choose Codica for new product discovery

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