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Cloud App Development Services

Unlock the power of the cloud! You can transform your ideas into reality with our cutting-edge cloud application development services. Get started moving to the cloud today!

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Full-scope cloud application development services

As a software development company, Codica specializes in creating and deploying cloud-based apps that are optimized for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.Our services include cloud consulting and strategy, app design and development, migrating and integrating existing apps to the cloud, testing, and maintenance. Take advantage of this, and start your cloud app development journey with Codica!


We offer consulting and strategic guidance on leveraging cloud technologies to optimize business operations, reduce costs, and improve the scalability and performance of apps.

Cloud infrastructure management

Our cloud-based app development infrastructure management services involve setting up and managing the infrastructure required to develop and deploy cloud-based applications.

Cloud application design

We always create attractive user interfaces (UI) and best user experiences (UX) for cloud-based applications to enhance the usability and aesthetics of the products.

Cloud app development

Codica has expertise in cloud application development of native apps optimized for platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sentry, Dropbox, Hubspot, and other cloud providers.

Cloud migration

Our specialists assist businesses in migrating their existing solutions or data to the cloud by re-architecting applications to be cloud-compatible.

Cloud integration

We offer our clients to integrate cloud application services into their existing applications with cloud-based databases, storage, authentication, and other services.

Cloud application testing

QA testing services may include unit testing, integration testing, performance testing, and security testing to ensure the quality of the application development in cloud.


Our cloud app development support services involve providing ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting for cloud-based applications.

Different types of deployment models in the cloud we offer

In cloud mobile app development, four different cloud models are commonly used. Regardless of the model, cloud frameworks must provide dynamic scalability, growth, and deployment speed.

Public cloud

Users from anywhere globally connect to the cloud to manage computing resources in the data center through an open interface.

Private cloud

Infrastructure within one company, which cannot move to the public cloud, has its code. Access to the cloud is possible only within this company.

Community cloud

It combines several organizations or communities that have created a single cloud to solve specific tasks. It can be deployed both in private and in a public cloud.

Hybrid cloud

Three previous models are combined here. Most often, these are private and public clouds integrated through a VPN tunnel. This combination is used in different situations.
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Providing cloud development services for businesses of any scale

Our experience in developing excellent cloud solutions covers different business sizes. Also, as a cloud application development company, we thoroughly understand your project challenges, and we can help you overcome them by utilizing our advanced technologies.

Our cloud application development process

Codica’s specialists always follow a proven development process to deliver your project. This process covers different stages of development before you get a complete package of our cloud app development services.

Choose the best tech stack on the market

During the cloud-based application development process, our specialists work with different technologies and architecture patterns for creating advanced cloud-based solutions. Our choice depends on the peculiarities and features of each project to be built.

Essential benefits of cloud app development with Codica

As a mobile app development company, we combine our expert technical knowledge with best practices to create scalable, efficient, and secure cloud solutions. Moreover, we always ensure our projects meet all modern cloud application development standards.

Scalable and portable

We split applications into services or microservices and containerize them to reduce downtime significantly.

Modifiable and compatible

We employ a layered architecture and standardized APIs to make integration and updates seamlessly.


We use hierarchies of services and automated recovery that prevent application failure escalation.


We prioritize integrated security throughout the development lifecycle with strong encryption, SSL, and monitoring.


We carefully choose appropriate cloud-based services to minimize development efforts, timelines, and costs.


We encourage our developers to upgrade their skills for faster problem-solving and the creation of efficient solutions.

Featured case studies

We have a huge experience in creating cloud-based solutions

At Codica, we are an expert team of 60+ professionals ready to deliver your business idea. With over 50 exciting projects created for our clients, we guarantee our expertise regarding custom software development.

Read about Codica’s expertise from our clients

So, our clients have generously shared their experiences working with us, giving you an authentic glimpse into the impact Codica has had on their businesses. The Codica team had the opportunity of partnering with diverse clients, and we are proud to showcase their stories here.

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