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Codica will optimize your software development and deployment with a reliable DevOps engineering team on board.

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Grow your business with our DevOps team!

Our DevOps team automates repetitive tasks to reduce costs and optimize time.

Why do you need DevOps as a Service?

Web businesses that have not yet adopted DevOps services are currently facing the following problems:

How will DevOps benefit your business?

Help you optimize and reduce development costs
Our seamless workflow for software delivery reduces maintenance costs. With our FinOps services, we can help you obtain the maximum value from your business.
Enhance development speed and performance
Speed is everything. Web development teams that follow DevOps principles release projects faster, reducing time to market, and, besides, the solutions are more reliable.
Let the web development team be more productive
Since DevOps as a Service practices facilitate some of the processes for the team, this positively influences the workers' psychological state and efficiency.
Increase scalability and configurability of the system
Our DevOps engineers use practices that allow fast scaling of your infrastructure resources according to traffic spikes and fluctuations.
Keep your web information protected
Our DevOps experts use various data security measures according to data protection regulations. So, you will get a robust digital platform of great security.
Improve client and end-user experience
Adopting DevOps helps you to stay ahead of competitors by delivering top-quality services faster to the clients or end-users.

DevOps services we provide

Our DevOps specialists have an in-depth understanding of both operations’ and software development processes. Therefore, we will help you attain your business needs and make your software platform highly performed.

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Ivan DevOps Engineer at Codica
DevOps Engineer at Codica

“Our DevOps experts shares an overall goal — availability, security, and general product quality are the responsibility of everyone’s job every day. What drives the team working in the DevOps as a Service world and me? It is the desire to assist people on their development journey and the desire for new challenges.”

Our well-proven DevOps toolkit

You can rely on Codica as an experienced web development company and DevOps service provider. Over the years, we've curated a list of DevOps tools that help us build high-quality, engaging web products and help businesses scale. With our best DevOps tools, we will optimize development time and efficiency, make changes to the solution more cost-effective, and increase fault tolerance.

Codica is about the quality result and clients’ success

With our experience of 7+ years and professionalism, our team succeeds in developing awesome quality web projects. We have successfully built over 45 profitable software products, and the same number of clients were satisfied with the outcomes. This is our company's mission - to deliver reliable and attractive solutions that acquire users and improve the efficiency of your business.

Domain expertise you can rely on

Creating web projects for particular industries has allowed our team to grow in-house expertise which we share with our customers. We provide consultations on every stage of application development and build products following the best industry standards.

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Why should you build your application with Codica?

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