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IExpedition is Australia-based online Expedition and Adventure Travel company providing polar cruises to the edge of the world. Offering an unforgettable experience of the Arctic and Antarctic journeys, the company supplies fully equipped vessels and highly skilled tour guides, making travelers feel safe and secure.

IExpedition wanted us to implement their awesome and inspirational ideas into real life. The aim was to build a powerful portal with the convenient booking system and the large selection of destinations.


We had a lot of discussions with IExpedition team on the start. Finally, the product backlog looked as follows:

  • An enhanced web-presence
  • An advanced cruises search
  • A comprehensive booking system
  • A learning content
  • A powerful CMS to handle the data
Client iexpedition@2x
Ben Alexander
Director iExpedition 

“We started working with Codica in 2016, the team was brought on to help build a customized CMS  for a specialized online cruise agency.

Right from the beginning working with Codica and the entire team has been an absolute pleasure.  The team operate at the highest professional level, and communicating with them in English has been  a breeze. Everything is understood, their project manager is polite, diligent and communicates effectively. 

Our working relationship has been unique - I have personally worked alongside Codica more than with  the project team we have here in Australia. Building the relationship with Codica has been great.  They have built our platform from the ground up, so their understanding of the platform makes future  projects very easy. The platform that they delivered, over the past 7 months has exceeded our goals.  We have in fact processed twice as many sales as we were aiming to achieve during the first 12 months!  Further, the system is very responsive to search algorithms, with many of our pages appearing on page 1 already.

I highly recommend Codica team, and can honestly say that if it wasn't for Codica, I do not know if  I could have managed to bring the platform alive for the budget that we had.”


On accepting the task, we started to do it all from scratch. The following is how we did it.

Enhanced web-presence


Being your doorway to main website features, the homepage suggests frequently used options, including featured Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, available ships, and most popular destinations.

Travel booking website case study: home page

Complete information on each tour

Working on this solution, we understood that prospective customers would like to know everything about the tour they chose. We provided even the smallest details to describe your future traveling experience, from a comprehensive overview and map of itinerary to highlights and fuller description of the vessel. And of course, we couldn’t forget about vivid photo gallery to complete the full picture.

Travel booking website case study: case tour

Ship listing

IExpedition provides over 50 vessels to choose. To express all their diversity, we reflected the most comprehensive information on each of them. We showed all the vessel details, cabin options, not to say about the gallery. A traveler would certainly feel like being inside it.

Travel booking website case study: case ship listing

Cruises search functionality

Quick access to all available tours

The integrated tour listing comprises a good deal of key information for an adventurer, from destination to prices and duration. It represents a distinct user experience for community of travelers.

Travel booking website case study: case quick access

Advanced filters

Extensive navigation panel enables a prospective customer to choose the perfect match for adventure. Granting option to the selection, from regions to expedition activities, it will prepare an amazing traveling experience.

Travel booking website case study: case advanced filters

Comprehensive online booking system

The booking system offers a large variety of features, enabling to make a perfect choice. The majority of tours includes many additional options, from snowshoeing to swimming with dolphins.

Travel booking website case study: case booking

Learning content

We built the extensive information tree of the website, paying attention to each detail. The content was supposed to be both easy-to-use and informative.

Antarctica / The Arctic info

We gave our travelers an excellent chance to learn about the unknown territories they’re about to conquer. So we empowered the website with valuable information about the Antarctic and the Arctic areas. We didn’t overlook any detail and included everything, from destination info to history and facts, completing it with rich-colored photos.

Travel booking website case study: case learning content

Travel resources

We integrated a completed guidebook for our travelers. Information included contains all the essential paragraphs to prepare travelers for the journey, from flights and hotels to expedition checklist.

Travel booking website case study: case travel resources

Powerful CMS

Information on tours is rather extensive, so we had to manage it all. We integrated a wide range of features to handle all the records easily.

Travel booking website case study: case cms

Tech stack


Ruby on Rails













Thus, the result of our work appeared to be a decent one.

What did we introduce?

  • Powerful travel portal with a lot of options to choose
  • Convenient online tours search and booking system
  • Powerful CMS and Admin area
  • Informational resource for reasoned decisions

We still work with IExpedition team maintaining the platform we delivered for them.

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