Collaboration marketplace for Digital Village

Collaboration platform

Learn how Codica helped the Digital Village collaboration marketplace create a team-based project visualization tool and a smart contract system that attracted thousands of users worldwide.

Domain:Project management
Location:Sydney, Australia
Timeline:July 2019 - February 2020
Services:Prototyping, Front-end, Back-end,UX/UI design services
Team:1 Project Manager, 2 UX/UI Designers, 8 Software Developers, 1 QA Engineer
Core Technologies:Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React, Redux, AWS
Collaboration platform
Collaboration platform
“The Codica team have been terrific to work with. The ability to interpret business needs and apply them with little guidance has been of great value for our startup.”
Jason Hardie, Founder of The Digital Village Australia
Jason Hardie
Founder of The Digital Village Australia


Digital Village is an Australia-based online service marketplace bringing together entrepreneurs and developers for making excellent software products. Providing an enjoyable place for collaboration even locally, Digital Village uses bleeding-edge technology and work-life balance philosophy, paying particular attention to the importance of live communication.
The union contacted us for custom marketplace development. They wanted our specialists to build a convenient collaboration platform where an entrepreneur could find and cooperate with high-skilled designers and developers. Working in close-knit teams, all of them would experience simplicity and ease of use.

Business challenges

  • Establish a collaboration platform, combining the comprehensiveness of the web app and the transparency of the work processes.
  • Create a project management tool with a simple-in-use yet high-powered administration board.
  • Build an integrated control system that facilitates the coordination and management of the team.

Value delivered

  • Created a practical project management platform that incorporates one role for clients and three roles for specialists. All of these roles are divided by access to different functionality.
  • Integrated a general admin panel to simplify the management and database administration on the online marketplace website.
  • Implemented advanced search options in the Digital Village project for convenient collaboration between entrepreneurs, software developers, and designers.
  • Developed clear UI and smooth UX design of the online marketplace website to increase user engagement.

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Solution delivered

Example of an advanced search by collaboration marketplace

Advanced search for professionals

As a part of custom marketplace development, we created an advanced search to build a team. Besides the listing of professionals, the Search page contains search by keywords.
Also, it contains basic filters, such as Project and Hourly Rate of a specialist, and advanced, like their experience level and project interest. So, it becomes easier to find an appropriate team member.
Kanban board on the collaboration marketplace

Lean project management platform

Each project needs clear and transparent management. That’s why we provided the application with an integrated control system. It facilitates coordination and management of the team.
Also, we integrated the Kanban board. It represents a multifunctional but easy handling project management tool that allows tracking the development progress.
Example of account management by collaboration platfrom

Several user roles

Withmulti vendor marketplace developmentwe provided an option for users to sign up as a client or as a specialist. Fundamentally, there is one role for a client and three roles for specialists: active developer, core developer, and producer.
The Client is the business owner receiving the service provided by the smart Digital Village platform. When a user signs up as a Client, they create a project and submit it to a Producer.
A producer runs the project from start to finish. Active and core developers can participate in a project development via invitation from a Producer.
Rings case study
Example of a user profile by collaboration marketplace

Comprehensive specialist profiles

Working on the collaboration software development, we customized the profiles of users in such a way that they represent a full specialist’s background, including contact information, services they provide, and even records on a company they work in.
Example of channel administration by collaboration marketplace

Channel administration

Channel is a separate space where specialists collaborate to deliver software products.
As it often happens in the collaboration software development process, a team may need additional workers. Thus, a Producer can add new members to a channel or remove them when necessary.
Since there are many tasks for a project and subdivisions inside teams, we integrated channels for each of them. Thus, it keeps all the team members from the mess and saves from the discussion of issues that are outside the scope.
Admin part of the collaboration marketplace

Admin part

Working ononline marketplace development, we integrated a general admin panel. The general admin part is used to manage the content on the website. It is an open-source CMS (content management system) for developers.
Due to the ActiveAdmin solution with some Arctic Admin features, database administration of the collaboration marketplace appears to be incredibly comfortable and visually appealing.
Example of UI/UX design by collaboration platfrom

Enhanced UI/UX design

We built a robust online service marketplace with intuitive UX, as well as plain and simple UI design. The user interface allows clients to get smooth usage due to the adherence to well-defined UI/UX guidelines, developed by our team.
“It was an amazing experience to work on the Digital Village platform. We aimed to build a secure, scalable, and complex RoR web solution and contribute to its success.
At Codica, we apply core technologies that are proven by years, use the recent trends, and explore new tools to achieve the maximum efficiency possible.
For now, Digital Village is a tremendous development platform with a large variety of opportunities for both clients and development teams. It is still expanding its borders, and we expect it to become a real Village for Agencies and independent contractors.”
Serhii, Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails
Semantic UI
“The outcome of our Beta version is perfect for our needs and the technology foundation is there for future rapid growth.
A partnership of trust and respect is reciprocated and we look forward to working with Codica into the future.”
Jason Hardie, Founder of The Digital Village Australia
Jason Hardie
Founder of The Digital Village Australia
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