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Moving to the cloud? Become an industry leader with a cost-effective and highly scalable SaaS solution.

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Our SaaS application development services

Codica will help your business stand out from competitors with a unique, secure, and scalable SaaS solution. Whether you need to create a new cloud-based application for your business or manage an existing product, we are happy to share our expertise and passion for cloud solutions and help you solve any SaaS-related challenge.

SaaS consulting

Our SaaS consultants help overcome the lack of expertise in SaaS development and transform your vision into a ready plan.

New SaaS product development

We provide services to build SaaS solutions from scratch, from business needs analysis to SaaS deployment.

SaaS UX design

Our SaaS user experience design services consider both user and business demands, delivering the greatest product value to end-users.

SaaS UI design

User centric design for SaaS interfaces aims at making neat visual representations of SaaS projects’ functions.

SaaS architecture design

In building SaaS architecture design, we always apply our best development skills and techniques to deliver usable and profitable products.

SaaS application development

Experienced in a vast range of technologies, our engineers produce high-quality code to implement even your boldest ideas.

Tweaking an existing SaaS app

We will upgrade your existing SaaS solution for a great onboarding experience and provide value for more users.

Integration with 3rd-party services

Through maintaining third-party integrations, you can satisfy more specific needs of users and make them stay with you.

SaaS cloud application development and migrating

Our SaaS development experts will help you migrate your SaaS solution to the cloud, making it scalable and globally available.

SaaS testing

Our SaaS testers ensure we implement a solution that works and generates the best results for your business.

Maintenance and support

We provide a broad range of support and maintenance services to ensure your product works effectively after the launch.

We create remarkable SaaS solutions

With SaaS development services, we build high-quality single-tenant and multi-tenant SaaS platforms, applying the best industry practices.

CRM systems

Our robust customer relationship management systems will streamline sales pipelines and improve the customer experience.

ERP systems

Moving enterprise resource planning systems to the cloud enables businesses to work more effectively. So, you will see a quicker return on your investment.

CMS systems

SaaS content management systems are an amazing way to edit and customize your solution simply.

Inventory management

Our inventory management software enables managing inventory, expanding your sales, and staying updated on your stock.


SaaS eCommerce platforms include the benefits of on-premise and open-source solutions without any of their cons.

Payroll processing

Our payroll processing solutions are simple and streamlined, handling tax formalities automatically to enhance overall business productivity.

HRM systems

Saas human resource management systems we build are greatly customizable, offering clients flexible options for implementing functional or design changes.

Accounting apps

We provide SaaS accounting software that is secure and allows easy collaboration across devices and locations.

Productivity apps

Project management applications developed by Codcia offer powerful tools for effective project execution while promoting collaborative work.
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Trusted by businesses of any size

Having vast experience in SaaS development for startups and established enterprises, we know what challenges you address and how to solve them with technology. We are here to create a profitable SaaS product for you, whether a B2B, B2C, or C2C type of business.


Designing a prototype, building a new SaaS MVP, or scaling an existing one, you need to act fast. And we got you covered! Launch your product and test ideas quickly and within the budget with our efficient SaaS software development services.

Small & medium businesses

Codica’s programming team will help you move to the cloud with an efficient, secure, and scalable B2C or B2B SaaS product and start saving on hardware costs. We will also be happy to maintain, scale, and integrate your existing SaaS solution.


Our expert developers are ready to help you with SaaS model work. As an experienced SaaS development company, we understand your challenges and will help you automate business processes and save operational costs with a custom SaaS product explicitly crafted for your company’s needs.

Our experience in many industries drives results for clients

Our experience of custom SaaS solutions development for particular domains has allowed us to grow in-house expertise which we gladly share with our clients. We provide consultations on every stage of the project development and know how to build a successful SaaS app following the best industry standards.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces

Marketplaces offer products and services from many sellers at once. SaaS enables marketplaces’ ecosystems to be enriched by third-party products that improve the end-user experience.



SaaS eCommerce software comprises functionality, backups, hosting, and, also, technical support. With SaaS, you can significantly raise your eCommerce sales.



SaaS apps we developed help make trips simple, fast, intuitive, and pleasant. So, you will get a solution your users like.



We provide reliable and scalable SaaS application development solutions that allow automotive manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve and customers easily buy vehicles.



We create awesome SaaS projects for insurance businesses that offer a number of unique advantages that can drive your revenue results.



With Codica, you receive a profitable recruiting SaaS solution that makes the entire hiring process for recruiters more optimized and easy.



Rental apps we develop help you keep on top of your rental business. You will enhance bookings and increase revenue by letting users browse rentals and book online.



With the growing number of media platforms, users need app helpers to manage various social media accounts. We will provide a robust SaaS media app to skyrocket your business.



We apply modern technologies for SaaS healthcare app development to deliver a seamless user experience. So, you will engage more people with a credible solution.

The SaaS product development process

We are fans of an agile methodology when providing SaaS application development services. The latest tech practices and tools help us satisfy all our clients' needs. Here, we want to share our stages for an effective SaaS project development cycle. This is the core of developing a quality SaaS app.

Research and discovery
This stage of SaaS product development services helps our team understand your business goals and target group and suggest the best ways to address them.
Product design (UX and UI)
We create prototypes and UI for your future product. This helps us implement the user journey and build an intuitive custom app your users will love.
Product development
Our mature software developers build your SaaS custom software for different cloud environments. Your platform will be secure, scalable, and maintainable.
Optimization and QA
The next stage of SaaS development is quality assurance. We always put special effort into testing each SaaS site we create and optimizing the code.
Deployment, monitoring, and support
We monitor your SaaS platform once it’s deployed and solve any issues that may arise. We can take care of your app and support it on a regular basis.
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Perfect tech stack to develop a SaaS application

Over the years, we have picked a list of tools that help us build high-quality SaaS platforms. Together with our efficient development process and robust security measures, these tools enable us to keep the cost of SaaS software development within your expectations.

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Modern requirements for advanced solutions

Based on our extensive experience in web application development for SaaS business, we build robust and high-quality software as a service platforms that meet all modern web standards:

Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica


  • Easy navigation
  • Clean design
  • Responsive
Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica

PWA by default

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Connectivity independent
  • Discoverable
Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica


  • Installable
  • Push notifications
  • Conversion optimized
  • Tracking pixels enabled
Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica


  • Open in < 1 second on mobile
  • Prefetch soon-to-be-needed resources
Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica


  • Safe: served via the TLS protocol to prevent snooping
  • Free from vulnerabilities
Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica


  • FollowPRPL Pattern(Push, Render, Pre-cache, Lazy-load)
  • Flexible SaaS environment
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Discover our works

SaaS platform for CakerHQ
CakerHQ is an Australian SaaS platform for bakery businesses we developed from scratch. It is intended to optimize business administration and simplify the process of finding and booking desserts for customers.
User-friendly and attractive solution
Optimized for mobile and desktop devices
View case study
CakerHQ is an Australian SaaS platform for bakery businesses we developed from scratch. It is intended to optimize business administration and simplify the process of finding and booking desserts for customers.
“I saw first hand the frustrations that the baking business owners faced in the running of their businesses. I surveyed and researched for a few years before deciding on developing CakerHQ in its current format to help these small business owners.
Codica’s experts understood from the outset exactly what I was trying to achieve and worked with me to bring this vision to life.”
Founder of CakerHQ

Successful SaaS app development with Codica

Having collaborated with numerous SaaS firms, we know what challenges you are looking to solve in your business operations and how to address them with technology.

Applying our extensive development skills and vast domain expertise, Codica experts create highly customizable SaaS solutions that are secure, fast-loading, scalable on-demand, and easily integrated with third-party services.

We know how to design, develop, and maintain the single-tenant and multi-tenant architecture of SaaS platforms with zero downtime. We apply our profound technical expertise, the best industry standards, and DevOps methodologies.

Codica team members working on a new project
Services that suit your requirement

Why you should develop your SaaS application with Codica

Hiring a SaaS development company can be a big decision for the future of your business. Here are just some of the reasons why it is worth applying to Codica and how we can help you.

Save costs and launch quickly

We have built an efficient rapid SaaS development process, allowing us to create and deliver your platform on time and on budget.

Extensive cloud expertise

Having built multiple SaaS products, our SaaS application development company has accumulated profound market and industry knowledge.

Full control over product development

Our SaaS web application development process is fully transparent, which is guaranteed by timely reports and excellent communication.

Secure and scalable solution

Applying the best DevOps practices and cutting edge technologies, we ensure the high scalability and security of your SaaS application.

Enthusiastic team that cares

We are proud of our result-oriented team that values communication and flexibility and focuses on high-value relationships that last.

Support after launch

Our work doesn’t stop when your SaaS product goes live. Our reliable support team will ensure your SaaS app runs smoothly.

Deep SaaS development expertise

As we have vast experience creating successful SaaS projects, we will help you implement your business vision.

projects successfully delivered
8 years
as a reliable SaaS software developer
experienced SaaS developers on board
Mature designers who build excellent UI and UX that attract users
Project managers who know the keys to the successful delivery of any sized SaaS projects.
Serhii Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica

“When building SaaS applications, we focus on the needs and wants of end users. Our experience shows that mobility and security are the two major users’ concerns, be it your own employees or customers. Users simply want to be able to safely access the product anytime.

Being an expert SaaS development company, we understand this, and with the help of the latest technologies and modern web development approach, our team creates great SaaS apps that meet all end users’ demands.”

Why do you need a SaaS solution right now?

As more and more enterprises turn to subscription-based SaaS solutions, the demand for SaaS products is growing. These solutions are popular among businesses because they are cost-effective, scalable, accessible for users, and provide the ability to integrate with existing systems.

Revenue increase

The SaaS market is expected to rise to $10 trillion by 2030.

Market development

The cloud app market has grown unstopping year-over-year since 2013.

Value growth

SaaS domain value is forecasted to enhance by over 2 x in major European markets by 2025.

Our clients say about Codica

At Codica, we value our clients' opinions and suggestions. We aim to realize all your requests for the solution during its development.

Celso Prado Digital General Manager at the Adventures Group
Celso Prado
Digital General Manager at the Adventures Group

“One of the main projects I took on when accepting this role was to redevelop two of the business’s various websites. The Codica team seemed to have a clear process from the beginning. The initial sales contact was professional, and we got a real feel for the company when we involved some developers in the conversation.

We are in verticals where market leaders have hundreds of in-house developers and multi-billion dollars in annual revenue. And despite all of that, our lean team, with the help from Codica, is growing its market share year after year. They are like my secret weapon.”

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