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Need help building a SaaS product?

With SaaS development services, Codica will help your business stand out from competitors with a unique, secure and scalable solution. Whether you need to create a new cloud-based application for your business, or manage an existing product, we are happy to share our expertise and passion for cloud solutions, and help you solve any SaaS-related challenge.

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New SaaS product development
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Integration with
3rd-party services
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Tweaking an
existing SaaS app
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Data migration
(moving to the cloud)

High-quality SaaS application development

Having collaborated with numerous SaaS firms, we know what challenges you are looking to solve, and how to address them with technology.

High-quality SaaS application development | Codica

Applying our extensive technology skills and vast domain expertise, Codica experts create SaaS solutions that are secure, fast-loading, scalable on-demand and easily integrated with third-party services.

With end users in mind, we will help you to build an outstanding software-as-a-service platform, on time and on budget. Our expert team starts website design for SaaS with target audience and business requirements analysis, and suggests the best ways to address your needs.

We know how to design, develop and maintain both single-tenant and multi-tenant robust SaaS platforms with zero downtime. We apply our profound technical expertise, the best industry standards and DevOps practices.

Employee quote | Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer
at Codica

“When building SaaS applications, we focus on the needs and wants of end-users. Our experience shows that mobility and security are the two major users’ concerns, be it your own employees or customers. Users simply want to be able to safely access the product anytime.

We understand this, and with the help of the latest technologies and modern web development approach, our team creates great SaaS apps that meet all end users’ demands.”

Do you have a great idea for a SaaS product?

We will help to bring it to life.

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Create a remarkable cloud-based solution

We build high-quality single-tenant and multi-tenant SaaS platforms, applying the best industry practices.

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CRM systems
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ERP systems
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CMS systems
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Inventory management
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Payroll processing
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HRM systems
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Storage apps
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Accounting apps
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Productivity apps

Trusted by businesses of any size

Having vast experience in SaaS website development for startups and established businesses, we know what challenges you need to address, and how to solve them with technology.

Whether you need to design a prototype, build a new SaaS MVP or scale an existing one, you need to act fast. And we got you covered! Launch your product and test ideas quickly and within the budget with our efficient software development process.
Small & Medium Businesses
Codica’s programming team will help you move to the cloud with an efficient, secure and scalable SaaS product, and start saving on hardware costs. We will also be happy to maintain, scale and integrate your existing SaaS solution.
Our expert SaaS developers are here to help you with digital transformation. We understand your challenges, and will help you automate business processes and save costs with a custom SaaS product crafted specifically for your company’s needs.
Our results in numbers | Codica



Our results in numbers | Codica

raised by our Startup clients

Our results in numbers | Codica



Our results in numbers | Codica

experts on


Domain expertise you can rely on

Our experience of SaaS software development for particular domains has allowed us to grow in-house expertise which we gladly share with our customers. We provide consultations on every stage of the project development and know how to build a successful SaaS app following the best industry standards.

Secure and accurate solutions for financial analysis.
Easy-to use booking platforms to drive traffic and sales.
Robust platforms for vehicle rental and sale business.
Fast-loading e-commerce platforms that boost sales.
Accommodation rental
Engaging rental marketplaces to disrupt the market.
Innovative solutions to enhance your business.
We have built custom software for finance, travel, automotive,  e-commerce, accommodation rental and insurance domains | Codica

SaaS development lifecycle helping us deliver exceptional platforms

1. Research & discovery
This stage helps our expert team understand your business goals and target audience, and suggest the best ways to address them.
5. Deploy, monitoring
and support
We monitor your SaaS platform once it’s deployed, and quickly solve any issues that may arise. If you don’t have an in-house tech team, we will take care of your software and support it on a regular basis.
4. Optimization and QA
By putting special effort into testing each SaaS website we create, and optimizing the code, we are able to ensure high quality and efficiency of all the solutions our team delivers.
SaaS Development Lifecycle | Codica
2. Product Design
(UX and UI)
We do SaaS web design - create prototypes and UI for your future product based on the product goals and target audience. This helps us implement the user journey and build an intuitive custom app that your users will love.
3. Product (MVP) development
Our experienced software developers build your SaaS product based on the best industry standards. Your platform will be secure, scalable, and maintainable allowing to add new functionality when needed.
Customer review | Codica
Jason Hardie
Founder of
Digital Village

“The Codica team have been terrific to work with. Their ability to interpret business needs and apply them with little guidance has been of great value for our Startup.

The outcome of our Beta version is perfect for our needs and the technology foundation is there for future rapid growth. A partnership of trust and respect is reciprocated and we look forward to working with Codica into the future.”

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Modern requirements for advanced SaaS platforms

Based on our extensive experience, Codica team builds robust and high-quality custom software-as-a-service platforms that meet all modern web standards:

Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica

Clean UI

Easy navigation

Responsive layout

Enhanced UX

Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica

Open in less than 3 seconds

Prefetch soon-to-be-needed resources

CDN, cache, compressing HTML/CSS

Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica

Pre-built static generation

Follow PRPL Pattern (Push, Render, Pre-cache, Lazy-load)

DevOps best standards

Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica

SSL by default

Vulnerabilities free

Secure from main attacks (Injection, XSS, CSRF)

Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica
PWA by default


Connectivity independent

Discoverable and installable

Modern requirements for advanced digital products | Codica

Push notifications

Conversion optimised

Tracking pixels enabled

Perfect tech stack

Over the years, we have picked a list of tools helping us build high-quality SaaS platforms. Together with our efficient development process, these tools enable us to keep SaaS development cost within our clients’ expectations.

  • Front-end
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Vue.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Gatsby
  • Back-end
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Strapi
  • DevOps
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Gitlab CI
  • Databases
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • Firebase
  • Infrastructure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Digital Ocean
  • Heroku
  • Integrations
  • Stripe
  • Google Analytics
  • Paypal
  • Mollie
  • Hotjar
  • Sentry
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Uptime Robot
  • Skylight
Technical stack: Frontend, Backend, Infrastructure, DevOps, Databases, Integrations | Codica

Why you should choose Codica for SaaS product development


Save costs and launch quickly
We have built an efficient development process, allowing us to create and deliver your platform on time and on budget.
Extensive cloud expertise
Having built multiple SaaS products, our experienced team has accumulated a profound market and industry knowledge.
Full control over product development
Our SaaS development process is fully transparent, which is guaranteed by timely reports and excellent communication.
Secure and scalable solution
Applying the best devops practices and our vast expertise, we ensure high scalability and security of your SaaS application.
Enthusiastic team that cares
We are proud of our result-oriented team that values communication, flexibility, and focuses on high-value relationships that last.
Support after launch
Our work doesn’t stop when your SaaS platform goes live. Our reliable support team will ensure your application runs smoothly.

Our achievements

Customer review | Codica
Ronald Kok
CEO, Analist

“Codica built a responsive investment platform in Ruby on Rails and provides ongoing development. Thanks to Codica’s work, we now have a dynamic and flexible infrastructure. I’m thrilled with the quality of their coding.

This team delivers top-notch work on time and at reasonable rates. I’ve referred some Dutch companies to Codica a few years ago, and they still have ongoing business.”

Let’s build an outstanding SaaS product together

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  • 4. Our SaaS development experts will analyze your requirements and suggest the best ways to bring your idea to life.
Let’s build an outstanding SaaS product together | Codica