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Have a great idea for a revolutionary mobile app? We know how to build an app that your users will love.

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Our best mobile app development services

Growing experience and professionalism for almost 8 years, our team has succeeded in developing over 50 high-quality web products and solutions. This is our company's mission - to develop and create software that engages users and increases the efficiency of your business. We provide quality mobile application development services, and you receive quality results.

Mobile consulting

Our team will help you choose the right strategies, practices, and trends for a lucrative app.

Mobile app prototyping

Experts at Codica build mobile app prototypes that show how a project will operate.

Mobile app design

Our designers provide top usability, engagement, and overall great app user experience.

MVP development

With a minimum viable product, we test the early app’s version and collect user reviews.

Mobile application development

We provide mobile app development that keeps up with the relevant needs of your industry.

Mobile app testing (QA)

Our experts conduct high-level software quality assurance to ensure your app functions smoothly.

Maintenance and support

We provide mobile app development that keeps up with the relevant needs of your industry.

Mobile application development services for different platforms

At Codica, our mobile application development experts assist clients in realizing their business ideas by providing them with high-quality customized mobile solutions that attract users and increase sales.

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Mobile app development technologies we use

You can rely on Codica as an experienced mobile app development team. Over the years, we've curated a list of development tools that help us build high-quality, engaging apps and help businesses scale.

Swift mobile app development

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for creating incredible iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch apps.

Kotlin mobile app development

We like to use Kotlin for creating cross-platform and native apps. By the way, it is trusted by Netflix, Philips, Leroy Merlin, and other brands.

React Native app development

React Native is an open-source JS framework that is the best choice for hybrid and multiplatform app development.

Mobile app development with JavaScript

We use TypeScript in app development as it improves code reliability and organization and better tooling support.

TypeScript mobile app development

We use TypeScript in app development as it improves code reliability and organization and better tooling support.

We build projects that cover the needs of different audiences

At Codica, we can satisfy various business needs of our clients with our mobile app development services - from startup creation to redesigning existing solutions.

Development of applications for business in different industries

Providing mobile application development services for specific industries has enabled our team to maintain in-house expertise, which we share with our customers. These are industries we have significant expertise:

Our end-to-end mobile app development process

The Codica team has more than 7 years of experience in building custom software solutions. Our experts will do their best and make your journey from idea to finished app easy. For the entire time of our work, we have developed a universal algorithm for working on a successful project.

Eugene Front-end Developer at Codica
Front-end Developer at Codica

“The process of developing a mobile app seems complicated at first glance. Yes, you will have to make many important decisions as a client. But you can rely on the Codica team. Our team of specialists will be your assistant in solving various non-standard tasks quickly and efficiently.

Speed, usability, reliability, excellent interface design - this is all about the apps made by our team. In addition, we not just develop mobile apps but also provide high-quality support for them.”

Our key principles of mobile development


With our best practices and tools, we can avoid tech risks while writing the code and make it resistant to faults.


When writing code, we follow strict security principles to prevent vulnerabilities and build a reliable and secure IT infrastructure.


Our software developers build a powerful and stable server-side for your digital solution, so it runs quickly under any type of user load.


As a firm skilled in mobile application development services, we make aesthetically pleasing and usable interfaces.
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How will mobile application development benefit your business?

Custom mobile apps can be fully personalized to suit your business needs. Our application development experts have extensive experience working with different requirements and domains. Based on our rich background, we will be able to help you choose the best option to implement your business idea.

So, what benefits do you obtain with the custom mobile app development approach?

Instant updating

Custom mobile app development service delivers software that can scale and adapt to the changing needs of users.

Enhanced user experience

You will get high conversion rates due to the improved user experience.

High-security level

When developing a custom mobile app, the code belongs only to the customer and does not depend on third-party developers.

Fast launch to the market

Creating a minimum viable product makes it fast to test the product on real users and develop the solution further if needed in the initial stage.

Advanced customization

With custom mobile app development services, your ability to create features is only limited by your imagination. And business needs.

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