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We have helped successfully launch clients' projects of different stages: from product idea validation, MVP implementation to scaling, further development and support.

Online domain name trading marketplace platform

Dan is an online marketplace platform that allows you to buy and sell domain names simply and transparently.

Made a big Portfolio Management update. Developed new options for better platform use.
Delivered faster platform operations - less than 2 sec to load a page with 1000 domains.
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Online marketplace for selling collectibles

Learn how Codica created a collectible marketplace from scratch. The platform helps appraise and insure collectibles and is a place for social sharing.

Delivered a stable platform that processes many-sided transactions with collectibles.
Created a well-thought and responsive design facilitating user journey via the platform.
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SaaS platform for bakery business

CakerHQ is an Australian website for bakery businesses where cake makers sell flavorful desserts, and customers can book the confectionery easily and quickly.

Delivered an appealing and reliable SaaS solution from scratch.
Made the process of ordering and paying for cakes easy and secure.
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Multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform

This is the first online marketplace in Europe and the UK that allows users to buy and sell their services and products in one place.

Built a complex marketplace that includes B2C and C2C environments.
Created an enhanced design for all web solution’s parts to engage more users.
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Real Estate Portal

The SaaS allows for showing real estate listings with 3D virtual tours. The real estate portal lets users see an apartment on the screen as if they are already there. You can post a listing and change details if needed on the platform.

Our team developed a multi-page SaaS solution for real estate that connects homeowners, agents, and tenants.
The platform allows you to post and manage property details and view them with 3D tours.
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Time tracking software

TimeBot is a Slack bot in conjunction with the admin panel that serves as the project management tool. It automates monitoring the workflow and evaluation of the performance, boosting the team’s productivity.

Delivered a high-powered time tracking tool.
Implemented a transparent reporting system.
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Fitness Progressive Web Application

Impact is a fitness app that connects trainers and their clients via desktops and smartphones. The application allows for assigning and tracking personal training and nutrition programs.

exercises included in the application
workouts performed with this cross-platform app
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Recreational vehicles marketplace platform

TradeRVs is a leading marketplace in Australia where private sellers and dealers can sell or buy new or used caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, parts and accessories, and other recreational vehicles.

Redesigned the platform to make it user- and mobile-friendly.
Supply sides with third-party integrations.
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Online marketplace for boats

Trade A Boat is an Australia-based marketplace that helps organize the process of buying and selling new or used boats, and marine equipment.

Delivered a modern, robust and fast loading web solution.
Increased conversion rate thanks to UX and UI redesign.
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Online news portal DUMA™

DUMA™ is the #1 entertainment news website in Africa. It shares articles and real-time news about celebrities, fashion, sports, lifestyle, and more.

Implemented a high-load news aggregator with the ability to scale.
Improved the page’s load speed time by 2 times on mobile devices.
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Dental Imaging Management System

Ref Dental is a dental imaging management system that allows the imaging center to exchange referral forms and communicate with dental clinics.

Digitized cumbersome paper-based processes to help the dental imaging center save time and money on referrals management.
Built an online dental portal MVP to help the customer test the initial business idea and improve the product based on feedback from early users.
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Recruitment Progressive Web Application for RecruitEverywhere

RecruitEverywhere is a product of the Intelligence Group that specializes in talent acquisition and labor markets. The recruiting platform allows hiring specialists all over the world in a couple of clicks.

Created an online recruitment platform enabling organizations to hire staff members globally.
Helped the customer save on mobile app development by implementing the PWA approach.
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Intelligent Job Match System

Wowner is an online job search solution for the Netherlands market. It helps people to find new relevant jobs based on their preferences and skills.

Built a progresside web app to cut costs and time on native apps development and have effective solutions on all platforms and devices.
Developed a ready-to-the-market job search platform within a short time frame. Integrated 3rd party databases for accurate search results.
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Online Service Marketplace

PlanMyKids is a marketplace where parents can plan and book kids activities nearby. The platform offers a simple solution that connects parents with after-school programs and camps.

Delivered a scalable MVP on time and below budget. This way, we were able to mitigate the main software development risks.
Built a cross-platform progressive web app to enhance user experience for both desktop and smartphone users.
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Insurance Progressive Web App

Babel Cover is an early stage insurance technology startup. The goal of this project was to bring consumers closer to insurance products, and to enable them to access insurance services from their smartphones with the help of a cross-platform Progressive Web App.

PWA created allowing to save costs and launch fast
Blockchain integration for safe payments processing
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Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace

This is the first vehicle marketplace platform in Africa, and it consists of 90+ independent marketplaces, fully localized for each country. The marketplace was initially designed, developed and optimised with focus on mobile experience.

online marketplaces operating as part of the platform
traffic growth for the past 2 years thanks to SEO-optimised website
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Accommodation Search Website

This is a world-first service for finding long-term accommodation. The company set out to simplify the relocation process, and help people who move to Australia for work to quickly find new accommodation.

MVP delivered can be presented to investors and further scaled
Search wizard and Google Maps integration for improved UX
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Online collaboration marketplace

Digital Village is a platform in Australia that brings a job network of digital professionals together to develop software and solve business technology issues.

Built a complex service marketplace with team collaboration functionality.
Created simple and clear UI and UX for excellent user experience.
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Online travel marketplace

iExpedition is an Australia-based expedition and adventure travel company that offers polar cruises. The travel marketplace platform allows tourists to search and book Arctic and Antarctic trips.

$2 mln
worth of sales brought by the website within the first year
traffic growth for the past 2 years thanks to SEO-optimised website
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