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Timebot for Slack: Simple work hour tracker

Simple time tracking software | Codica

Learn how Codica created the workday time tracking tool with Node (NestJS), React, and PostgreSQL that boosted team performance and made reporting easier than ever.

Domain:Project management
Location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
Timeline:April 2019 - July 2022
Services:Front-end, Back-end,Custom software development services
Team:3 Software Developers, 1 QA Engineer
Core Technologies:Node JS, NestJS, React JS, PostgreSQL
Simple time tracking software | Codica
Simple time tracking software | Codica
“At Codica, our values are the high quality of products we deliver and transparent communication with customers. Therefore, our team needed a time tracking solution, to make sure our clients always get regular reports and know the status of each project or a particular task, when needed. So, our team decided to create our own tool, which would work exactly how we need it.”
Dmytro, CEO at Codica
CEO at Codica


Codica team started its way by having only two professionals onboard. During more than 7 years of our establishment, we have grown to 60+ employees.
Thus, we started looking for options to automate reporting and simplify the workday time tracking process.
We use Slack for corporate communication to discuss all project issues. The Slack App provides an opportunity to create different bots that help to automate everyday routine.
That is why we wanted to develop a time bot within the Slack platform.

Business challenges

  • Implement a transparent reporting system for the team and customers.
  • Provide employees with a simple and user-friendly time bot for personal project time tracking.
  • Develop an advanced administration panel to view the overall performance statistics on individuals, teams, and projects at any chosen time period.
  • Include Trello for the time bot to achieve the highest productivity of employees.

Value delivered

  • Created high-powered time tracking software. This work time tracker improved our team’s performance and velocity of internal company processes.
  • Developed a time bot with a transparent reporting system. It allowed project managers to get the exact data that each specialist (front-end and back-end developers, QAs) spent on a specific task related to a particular project.
  • Boosted time management. Thanks to this daily time tracker, project managers are more efficient in monitoring the team’s workload and redistributing the tasks.
  • Integrated our TimeBot for Slack with Trello. We customized seamless bundling with Trello to simplify the time tracking process.
“As a project manager, I firmly believe that time tracking is the key to keeping track of the team’s performance and its analysis, and setting accurate project estimates for future iterations. And that is what TimeBot is great at. By one click, I can access overall performance statistics on individuals, teams, and projects for any time period and at any time.”
Arpi, Project Manager at Codica
Project Manager at Codica

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Solution delivered

Auto-generated reports for work time tracker | Codica

Auto-generated reports

We customized our time tracking software with the administration panel. It provides visualized insights on what tasks and projects the teams or their members are working on.
We set up generating and sending reports according to set intervals and triggered tasks.
Moreover, this time attendance software allows our project managers to handle the teams’ performance across different projects and get accurate on-demand productivity reports.
Easy management for work hour tracker | Codica

Easy management

Our TimeBot for Slack was developed with an advanced administration panel. With its help, managers can easily create teams and add employees, get summary reports and see who is in and out.
Also, it allows project managers to avoid unnecessary employee monitoring and do better planning.
Besides, the reports that our work hour tracker provides help with client billing and communication.
Tailored timesheets for work time tracker | Codica

Tailored timesheets

We created tailored timesheets to make our TimeBot for Slack more efficient. Now, managers have better results with daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets for projects, employees, and clients.
Within each report, there is a possibility to categorize the entries and create customized data sheets that can be exported in CSV files.
Integration of work hour tracker with Trello | Codica

Integration with Trello

Trello’s tickets with attributes and statuses serve as a description of logged hours. We implemented this integration in our work hour tracker.
Simple absence tracking for work time tracker | Codica

Absence tracking

Our time tracking software, TimeBot, also simplifies keeping track of absences (vacation, sick leaves, public holidays) for the human resources department. Now, admins can easily access absence reports via the administration panel.
Workload monitoring feature for work time tracker | Codica

Efficient workload monitoring

TimeBot hours tracker reminds the employees about workday time tracking. Also, project managers can easily access the data about the balance between reported and estimated working hours.
As a result, project managers are getting more efficient in monitoring the team workload and redistributing the tasks.
Node JS
Nest JS
React JS
Material UI
“It is not a joke that software developers are lazy. We want to simplify things, to the extent possible. And this is also the reason we wanted to create our own tool, which would allow us to track time in the easiest possible way. Also, Timebot enables our project managers to create reports on numerous categories, and that makes things much easier for them.”
Serhii, Tech Lead at Codica
Tech Lead at Codica
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