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We develop insurance solutions that protect your business growth with convenience, accuracy, compliance, and safety.

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Insurance software development services we offer

We provide versatile services covering different insurance cases. Whether you need software for life insurance, business income coverage, or other types of insurance, our team will be your reliable ally on your project path.

Custom insurance software development

Our developers create robust insurance solutions within a secure infrastructure. We deliver insurance software that builds trust in your brand.

Claims and policy management software

Automate the processing of claims and policies and streamline policyholders’ onboarding. Provide policyholders with exceptional experiences and save operational costs.

Underwriting software

Such solutions help you streamline underwriting processes for insurance agencies. Your customers will be able to analyze pricing and rates, calculate premiums, standardize quotes, and more.

Insurance pricing software and algorithms

Assess customer information, coverage requirements, and risks. Streamline and expedite the pricing process for insurers to provide accurate price estimates.

Insurance document management

Optimize processes and save costs for creating, organizing, managing, and retrieving insurance documents. Enhance data accuracy and ensure regulatory compliance via a single system.

Risk mitigation software

We provide tools to identify, assess, monitor, and mitigate potential risks. The software helps you maintain stability, resilience, and security in insurance cases.

We guarantee the growth for businesses of any size

Codica is committed to elevating your presence in the insurance sector as a startup, a small to medium enterprise, or a well-established corporation. Our expertise sets us apart from other insurance software development companies. By comprehensively grasping your project requirements, we are dedicated to moving your enterprise toward prosperity.

For startups

We will ensure you get the maximum benefits if you start your business journey. With our cost-effective and scalable solutions, you can optimize your business operations and improve customer engagement.

For small and medium-sized businesses

As an insurance software development company, we cater to your needs to help you thrive. Providing top-notch solutions and updates, our team ensures that you get adaptable systems for market expansion and business productivity.

For large enterprises

Our insurance software safeguards your business flow and audience engagement. We ensure regulatory compliance, stringent security measures, and a personalized customer experience at any scale.

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Benefits of our insurance software development services

We provide you with solutions that move your business to success. With the unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and compliance of our software, you achieve maximum productivity and customer satisfaction.

Improved claims processing

With insurance solutions, including software development insurance, you can easily handle claim processing, from submission to settlement.

Efficiency with automation

Insurance software streamlines insurance operations and reduces errors. Insurers can deal with sophisticated tasks and bring customer service to a new level.

Elaborate customer experiences

Custom software creates intuitive and smooth interactions. Self-service portals and mobile apps allow policyholders, brokers, and agents to manage policy data.

Data analytics and insights

Insurance solutions provide valuable data that insurers can collect, analyze, and present to align operations, predict customer behavior, and reveal trends.

Risk assessment and underwriting

Elaborate underwriting tools help insurers assess risks more accurately, define premium pricing and policy acceptance, and make informed decisions.

Regulatory compliance and security

Tailored insurance software includes features that provide regulatory compliance and robust user data protection. Customers can entrust their data to insurers.

Custom insurance software development process

With over eight years of experience, we have refined the development process to deliver the best results. We use agile practices and regular progress checks to meet the project requirements and budget.

Product discovery
Thorough research helps you take the right direction. We conductproduct discoveryto evaluate your idea for the best results.
UI/UX design
With ourUI/UX design services, you get a solution that delights your customers and aligns with your brand identity.
We apply proven technologies and practices in insurance software development to create robust solutions and meet industry standards.
OurQA serviceshelp check if the insurance software works correctly and aligns with your specifications for exceptional results.
Maintenance and support
Codica’s team of developers, testers, and DevOps engineers will keep your insurance software running smoothly and make updates.
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Best insurance software development tech stack to build custom solutions

When providing financial & insurance software development services, we choose a proven tech stack. It helps us optimize the delivery on time and per requirements. Reliable technologies are tools to create insurance solutions that meet the industry’s complex demands and customer expectations.


Featured case study

Insurance progressive web app for Babel Cover
This app is part of Babel Cover’s insurance eco-system, aimed at sustainability, transparency, and rewards linking. The solution lets you purchase insurance policies, report incidents on the spot, and get cashback for an incident-free time.
Ultra-secure data storage and payment processing
Robust, accurate, and easy-to-use solution
View case study
This app is part of Babel Cover’s insurance eco-system, aimed at sustainability, transparency, and rewards linking. The solution lets you purchase insurance policies, report incidents on the spot, and get cashback for an incident-free time.
“Babel Cover is a revolutionary product in the insurance domain, and I’m happy we had a chance to contribute to its success. PWA technology simplified development, speeded up the launch, and reduced costs. The result is a scalable, reliable, and secure app.”
Ruby on Rails developer at Codica

Requirements for advanced insurance software

Digital solutions must meet the complexities and demands of the insurance industry. Such software should foster efficiency, compliance, innovation, and growth. The following are the properties of insurance software that deliver the best technical and usability results.

Ease to scale and adjust

Insurance software must scale to accommodate changes in the user base and transactions. Also, it should be flexible to adjust to business needs, regulations, and market trends.

Compliance and security

Insurance solutions should be built with relevant features and data encryption. Maintaining data integrity and confidentiality is a must-have for insurance software.

Integration capabilities

Insurance industry apps should be easily integrated with additional systems and third-party tools. APIs and middleware are also crucial for data exchange and interoperability.

Advanced analytics and reporting

To provide meaningful insights, insurance solutions should encompass advanced data analytics tools. Generating comprehensive reports is necessary for informed decision-making.

Customer-centric features

Enhancing insurance solutions is possible with self-service portals for policy management and claim submission. Such software can be personalized with offers and services.

Capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI and ML features make insurance solutions more user-friendly, versatile, and efficient for customer support, predictive underwriting, fraud detection, and claims assessment.
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We are delighted to help you with your project. Let our successful solutions showcase our expertise and commitment that brought our clients’ businesses to new levels and exceeded their expectations.

Why hire Codica insurance software development company

We provide tailored solutions, offering strategic advantages to your business. Our end-to-end development and continuous support will provide you with critical modernization and competitive potential.

Customized business consultation

Our team helps you analyze opportunities and bottlenecks for your insurance solution. We create personalized development strategies for each project and drive you to success.

Clear communication

We value your time and resources. That is why you can rely on us when you need to check the development progress or make adjustments.

Customer-centric approach

Our skilled experts focus on delivering smooth user experiences, from product research to launch and support. As a result, a solution delights your prospects and customers.

Dedicated professionals

As an insurance software development company, we take care of your project at each step using deep technical knowledge and the best practices in communication and collaboration.

Tailored software solutions

By delivering scalable solutions in the insurance industry, we ensure you can adapt to your users’ feedback over time.

Continuous innovations and updates

We help you create new insurance solutions and support existing ones to address market needs and sustain business progress.

Data-driven insights

As our team monitors your solution’s performance, we can provide you with analytics and reports for business decision-making and developing growth strategies.

Results-oriented approach

Having deep expertise in insurance software development, we bring tangible and measurable business outcomes.

Our credible experience in software development

With a proven track record, Codica is your reliable partner on your path to success.

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We are proud of having a skilled and reliable development team

With years of experience and dozens of successful projects, we know how to help you build an intuitive and robust insurance solution.

When you choose Codica, you can count on transparent communication, optimized development processes, and sticking to the timeline. We approach each project carefully to meet your specific needs and requirements within the planned budget.

The insurance industry has high compliance and security standards, a crucial aspect to consider. Our team follows the latest practices to build solutions that ensure sensitive data protection and the accuracy of payments. Partnering with us, be sure we will create the best architecture to implement your insurance solution, regardless of complexity.

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Our achievements

We are happy to share our accomplishments with you. The leading rating and review platforms have acknowledged our work for several years.

Our clients say

Genuine feedback from our clients is precious to us and inspires further progress. We invite you to explore the transformative business experiences of people who entrusted their projects to Codica.

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