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David Watkins Founder, PlanMyKids
David Watkins
Founder, PlanMyKids

“Working with the Codica team has been a great experience. All the value we thought they would provide during the selection process was met during the delivery.

When we got too ambitious with features, Codica team helped ground us with reminders of our MVP goals.

In the end Codica delivered our MVP under budget, which for a bootstrapped company was important.”

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David Watkins Founder, PlanMyKids
Leon Zinger Founder at RefDental
Leon Zinger
Founder at RefDental

“My experience with Codica has been outstanding. We have been working together on several projects for more than a year, and I can say that they are true experts in developing custom software products.

They will deliver exactly what your business needs, on time and within the budget. I highly recommend them.”

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Jason Hardie Founder of The Digital Village
Jason Hardie
Founder of The Digital Village

“The Codica team have been terrific to work with. The ability to interpret business needs and apply them with little guidance has been of great value for our Startup. The outcome of our Beta version is perfect for our needs and the technology foundation is there for future rapid growth.

A partnership of trust and respect is reciprocated and we look forward to working with Codica into the future.”

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Ben Alexander Director, iExpedition
Ben Alexander
Director, iExpedition

“We started working with Codica in 2016, the team was brought on to help build a customized CMS for a specialized online cruise agency. Right from the beginning working with Codica and the entire team has been an absolute pleasure. The team operate at the highest professional level, and communicating with them in English has been a breeze. Everything is understood, their project manager is polite, diligent and communicates effectively.

Our working relationship has been unique - I have personally worked alongside Codica more than with the project team we have here in Australia.

Building the relationship with Codica has been great. They have built our platform from the ground up, so their understanding of the platform makes future projects very easy. The platform that they delivered, over the past 7 months has exceeded our goals. We have in fact processed twice as many sales as we were aiming to achieve during the first 12 months! Further, the system is very responsive to search algorithms, with many of our pages appearing on page 1 already.

I highly recommend Codica team, and can honestly say that if it wasn't for Codica, I do not know if I could have managed to bring the platform alive for the budget that we had.”

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Ronald Kok CEO,
Ronald Kok

“We cooperate for many years with Codica and are very happy that we can let all our IT projects being developed by them, including our main product Analist.

We've been working closely with the dev team, and this is the key to the successful launching of our project.

These guys are up-to-date with the latest technology, and they know what they are doing, delivering quality code.”

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Galith Saada CEO, Galith
Galith Saada
CEO, Galith

“I had an excellent experience developing my e-commerce website with Codica team. Very straightforward, and efficient. Deadlines were respected at any time of the project.

Also, the post-project services were helpful, asking for news or help even after the delivery of the website.

I would recommend your services to anyone looking to develop a website.”

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CEO, Marketplace Investment CompanyLogo default

“We are very happy to collaborate with Codica. In conversation with the Codica team we decided to choose Ruby on Rails as a core technology, which turned out to be the best decision for our needs, and together we quickly launched an MVP for our marketplace. For now, we have been working with Codica for 3 years already, and the results have been great.

The initial website was perfect to raise investment, and we further developed it into a complex and high-performing marketplace platform.

Codica team continues to enhance our product, support and monitor it. The platform loads fast and it’s highly scalable - we’re adding more and more new websites. It’s also fully localizable - we can easily translate content, add new currencies and languages. In terms of UX the website is very user-friendly for both vendors and buyers.

These guys know how to deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget. I highly recommend Codica, the team is highly professional and very dedicated.”

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Bella Kapsheev
VP Investments at Veev

"Codica successfully built our portal, allowing the investment firm to take on over three times as many investors and improving the caliber of its investors.

The team at Codica feels like family because of their values.

They’re professional, organized, and meet every deadline. They’re a great team to work with."

 Geert-Jan Waasdorp Co-Founder of Wowner
Geert-Jan Waasdorp
Co-Founder of Wowner

“It’s not the only project we brought to life together with the Codica team. I’m glad that they supported our new idea really fast in rather challenging times of the pandemic and lockdown.

The initial idea of Wowner was to create a smart online job search for our local market, helping people working from home to find new relevant jobs. We were looking for a team to help us check the odds and launch in a few weeks, and decided to talk to Dmitry about our new idea.

Codica’s ability to start fast, professional approach to custom software development, clear communication, result-oriented team, and the final product delivered - all these proved that we made the right choice. We hope for new mutual projects in the future!”

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