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Multi-vendor vehicle online marketplace

Fast-loading multi-vendor car marketplace

Learn how Codica helped create the first auto marketplace in Africa and optimize it for mobile devices.

Location:Australia / Africa
Timeline:September 2018 - May 2021
Services:UX/UI design services, Front-end and Back-end development,MVP development
Team:1 Project Manager, 1 UX/UI Designer, 3 Ruby on Rails Developers, 1 QA Engineer
Core Technologies:Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS
Fast-loading multi-vendor car marketplace
“We are delighted to collaborate with Codica. In conversation with the Codica team, we decided to choose Ruby on Rails as a core technology for marketplace development, which turned out to be the best decision for our needs, and together we quickly launched an MVP for our automotive marketplace.”
CEO, Marketplace Investment Company, Australia
Marketplace Investment Company, Australia


The customer contacted us with a very ambitious project idea of creating the first online auto marketplace in Africa. The solution would cover multiple regions of Africa and South America and connect buyers with car dealers and private sellers.
The client’s request was to build a multi-seller marketplace where users could easily buy or sell cars, trucks, and motorbikes. The key requirements for the future solution were simple workflow, fast load, and mobile optimization.

Business challenges

  • Create a minimum viable product of an auto marketplace in a short time frame.
  • Build a scalable multi-vendor marketplace that would allow users: to sell their new or second-hand vehicles; to find the vehicle they need based on specific parameters.
  • Adapt themulti-vendor marketplace developmentmarketplace development solution for mobile devices with a weak Internet connection.

Value delivered

  • Created a working MVP solution on time and budget to raise initial investments. It was further developed into a complex and high-performing auto marketplace.
  • Developed an extensive platform with 90+ local vehicle marketplaces online successfully operating across Africa. 72 local currencies and 15 languages were implemented in the process of building and publishing new websites.
  • Built a progressive web application (PWA) to optimize the platform for smartphone owners. 80% of potential users go online via smartphones with a weak Internet connection. By implementing the PWA technology, we made sure that buyers and suppliers can easily access the platform even if the Internet connection is slow.
  • Created a fast-loading web solution. This way, users can freely navigate the website and explore its content on the go. Besides, high loading speed positively affected the number of viewers, thus increasing the platform’s traffic.
“Codica team coped with the task at hand perfectly. The platform loads fast, and it’s highly scalable - we’re adding more and more new websites. It’s also fully localizable - we can easily translate content, add new currencies and languages.
In terms of UX, the website is very user-friendly for both vendors and buyers. These guys are experts in building marketplace development solutions on time and budget. I highly recommend Codica; the team is highly professional and very dedicated.”
CEO, Marketplace Investment Company, Australia
Marketplace Investment Company, Australia

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Solution delivered

PWA for the car marketplace

Progressive web application

We implemented advanced PWA technology to provide both smartphone and desktop users with a seamless user experience. Thanks to their cross-platform nature, progressive web apps can meet the basic needs of the customers regardless of the device, be it mobile or desktop. Also, PWAs work great both on Android and iOS devices.
Multi-site automotive marketplace

Multi-site marketplace platform

The automotive marketplace delivered is noted for its scalability. It means that the marketplace development team does not have any difficulties building and publishing a new website for a particular country. Each website supports multiple languages and currencies. Apart from that, each site has got a number of specific settings, including logo, colors, etc.
Great UX/UI design of the auto marketplace

UX and UI

Our team focused on the creation of a marketplace, initially customized for mobile use. For this purpose, we made sure that the behavior, general marketplace functionality, and appearance of the platform were fully in line with mobile UI. In terms of UX, the marketplace development solution is very user-friendly and convenient for both buyers and vendors.

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Ad posting functionality on the car marketplace

Ad creation

In the process of vehicle marketplace development, our team focused on mobile usability. We carefully designed the most convenient Ad creation feature. The marketplace for vehicles enables sellers to create and publish a new ad within 30-60 seconds.
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Communication functionality on the car marketplace

Easy communication between buyers and sellers

We implemented a responsive Contact feature to enable buyers to contact the vendor of a chosen vehicle. Since theecommerce marketplace solutionis aimed at smartphone users, the Call option was added for immediate contact.
Advanced search filters on the car marketplace

Advanced search filters

This integrated feature helps buyers find the right vehicle from a large list of cars, trucks, and bikers. Users specify the key parameters such as price, make, city, and condition and choose the transportation facility that satisfies their primary requirements.

How it works

The video below explains how the online auto marketplace works. You can see cars available on the platform, filter search results based on specific parameters. Finally, you can choose the most suitable vehicle and contact its owner.
“We were excited to take up this ambitious project and build the first online auto marketplace in Africa. At first, we created a working minimum viable product so that the customer could present it to investors.
However, eventually, we turned the MVP into an extensive automotive marketplace with more than 90 local vehicle marketplaces online. It was a great and valuable project for our team, and we are happy to witness its growth and success.”
Maksym, Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby On Rails
Direct Pay
“For now, we have been working with Codica for 3 years already, and the results have been great. The initial multi-vendor app was perfect for raising investment, and we further developed it into a complex and high-performing online auto marketplace.”
CEO, Marketplace Investment Company, Australia
Marketplace Investment Company, Australia

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