Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace

The first vehicle marketplace in Africa



The presented platform is the first vehicle marketplace in Africa, offering a platform for a large number of users to sell and buy transport facilities online. It connects buyers, private sellers and dealers of new and second-hand cars, motorbikes, and trucks.

When the client contacted us, they wanted to create a powerful and convenient online marketplace for selling and buying vehicles online. The marketplace was supposed to provide a simple, fast and free solution for interaction between a customer and a vendor.


Analyzing users’ behavior in web environment of destination countries, we figured out that 80% use their smartphones, mostly Android devices, to go online. Proceeding from this information, we decided to build a solution initially customized for mobile use.

So the key criteria were:

  • Possibility to build and publish new websites, considering local languages and currencies
  • User-friendly multi-device platform with extended features:
    • Ad creation and publication
    • Ad search
    • Communication between a buyer and a seller
  • Page loading speed in 1-3 sec


The following is our approach to challenges.

Multi-domain trading platform

We developed a solution allowing to publish and manage all the websites for any chosen country. Now our team can release a new website for 2 hours. It drastically cut developers’ time.

Each website can support multiple languages and currencies. Besides, each of them has specific settings such as logo, colors, and others.

Case multi domein@blurred

Easy-to-use web-presence

As the platform offers a broader choice of vehicles, our application was aimed to reflect all the options easily accessible.


If prospective buyers haven’t decided yet what they’re looking for, the homepage provides them a faster way to choose. It reflects all the available vehicles with key details on them.

Case home page@blurred

Advanced search filters

This integrated feature enables buyers to quickly choose all the options that meet their requirements. Selecting cars, trucks, and bikes, they can specify what they need, including price, make, model, city, and condition.

Case search filters@blurred

Ad Listing

When creating the marketplace platform, we mostly relied on mobile experience. Therefore, behavior, functionality and appearance of ad listing is fully in line with mobile UI. The information shown for each vehicles reflects all key features and doesn’t overload the page with unwanted details.

Case ad@blurred

Ad creation

Focusing basically on mobile usability, we carefully designed most convenient Ad creation feature. The delivered solution enables sellers to create and publish a new ad within 30-60 seconds.

Case ad creation@blurred

Contact with a buyer

We integrated a responsive Contact feature so that a buyer could pick a chosen vehicle and get in touch with a vendor right away. As the application is more mobile, it supports Call option for immediate contact. It both facilitates UX for website visitors and enhances web and mobile presence for the client.

Case contact buyer@blurred

Admin part

As the marketplace offers a wide variety of vehicles, all the data should be handled properly. We integrated Active Admin with a large number of features to easily manage all the options.

Case admin@blurred

Enhanced performance

Focusing on the high capacity of the website on mobile devices, we tuned up servers, applied advanced caching strategy and optimized JS / CSS code.

Such developments led to a reduction of usual server response to 100-150 ms and page load in 1-3 seconds.

Case optimisations@blurred

Tech stack


Ruby on Rails










Direct Pay





The solution as a whole emerged to be multi-purpose, since Codica team succeeded to implement all of the client’s wishes and suggestions.

What’s the outcome?

  • 32 local vehicle marketplaces for African countries
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Easy-to-use web-presence
  • Regular server response is 100-150 ms
  • Average page load within 2-3 seconds

We collaborate with the customer on a regular basis, monitoring already delivered features and implementing new ones.

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