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Marketplace Development

Aim to be a winner in sales? We will help you to create a profitable multi-vendor marketplace with unlimited development opportunities.

Multi-vendor marketplace development services

Creating a multi-vendor solution is quite a complex task. That’s the reason why you should rely on software development professionals with strong expertise to accomplish it. With Codica’s quality multi vendor marketplace development services, you receive top-notch marketplace software.


You can turn to our consulting services to obtain instructions on refining your multi-vendor marketplace for more flexibility, reliability, and performance.

Online marketplace design

Our matureUI/UX designerswill develop an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and appealing multi-vendor marketplace according to your requirements.

Product discovery

Codica’s professionals will conduct a complete analysis of all aspects of the project implementation in order to test the idea and protect the client from unplanned costs.

Multi-vendor marketplace app development

With our bestmobile app development services, you will get an effective and fast-loading multi-vendor marketplace app that your users will adore.

Development of the multi-vendor marketplace

By hiring our multi-vendor marketplace developers, you can be sure your multi-vendor marketplace will be fully functional, highly secure, and unique.

Quality assurance testing services

Receive a fully custom and thoroughly tested multi-vendor marketplace website with low risks, wise costs, and no stress.

Get any of the features in your multi-vendor marketplace

At Codica, we are an expert team of software developers and know how to build solutions that people like. The following are the core features that are must-haves for a multi-vendor store to engage more users.

Easy store management
Monitor your inventory state, orders, sales, and deliveries with the store management system.
Convenient product listings
The convenience of listings influences consumers’ decisions to buy your product or service.
Stock management
Stock management software helps organize services or products for efficient business growth.
Advanced dashboard
With an advanced dashboard, vendors get a powerful feature set to trade confidently.
Easy order system
An easy order system maximizes the pros for you and your marketplace users.
Reviews & ratings
Considering ratings and reviews, users can find the most suitable products and services.
Delivery tracking
This feature helps vendors and shoppers view the delivery status of their orders conveniently.
Payment system
At Codica, we implement the most secure payment systems for safe financial transactions.
Customizable fees
You will manage your multi-vendor marketplace fees taken on each sale made on your site.
Messaging & notifications
Thanks to the convenient messaging and notification system, you will improve user experience.
3rd party integrations
With 3d party integrations, you get additional capabilities for your multi-vendor marketplace.
Custom features
Custom solutions we build are unique and scalable - ideal for complex projects.

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Business types we serve

Business size is about the scale of the enterprise's operations. At Codica, we have vast experience creating multi-vendor marketplaces for businesses of any size. So, we know how to close the issues of each business type.


The rise of multi-vendor marketplace startups is impressive. At Codica, we will help you develop and launch your solution quickly and with wise expenses. So, you will catch the eCommerce wave and get measurable results.

Small businesses

Creating a multi-vendor marketplace for small businesses helps strengthen your brand and provides greater control over it. This assists in building direct customer relationships and influences your business’s further growth.

Mid-scale businesses

Codica’s team of skilled specialists will develop a highly-responsive and attractive multi-vendor marketplace. For this, we use our proven tech stack and the best industry standards. Also, we are always ready to support your solution after launch and help to scale


If you have a multi-vendor marketplace, we are on hand to help your business develop and convert more leads into purchasers. With our services, you will attract a more significant number of users and drive sales. If you aim to be among market leaders, turn to us!

Multi-vendor marketplace development process

Choosing the custom multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace development lets you control your platform's functions. Also, you can add many tailored features. Our proven tech expertise and efficient development process enable us to build modern, scalable marketplaces that can launch fast.

Research and discovery
During theproduct discoveryphase, we plan the creation of your multi-vendor marketplace. We identify the target market, competitors, and product features.
Our designers create your marketplace’s interfaces. We design wireframes and prototypes to test the user journey to make an intuitive and convenient site.
At this stage, the coding takes place. Codica’s mature experts select the best tech stack for your requirements and use the latest industry standards.
Optimization and QA
We thoroughly test the multi-vendor marketplaces. This enables us to ensure seamless work and enhanced experience for your early users.
Deployment and support
Our engineers monitor your multi-vendor solution and solve any issues that may arise. We are glad to take care of your site and support it if needed.

Best tech stack for creating a multi-vendor marketplace

The right tech stack foronline marketplace developmentwill help you keep pace with modern trends. Also, it will allow you to provide the best service to your customers. At Codica, we will help you to choose the tech stack that ensures you have a secure, easy-to-use, and stable solution and achieve business success.


Team that will bring your idea to life

With Codica, you get an expert team on board who will do their best for your business.

Experienced project managers

Creative UX/UI specialists

Mature technical leads

Skilled developers

Qualified DevOps engineers

Expert QA specialists

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Featured case studies

Online boat-selling marketplace
This is a Trade A Boat, an Australian-based online platform to sell and buy new or used boats and marine equipment.
increase in lead generation performance
Robust, intuitive, and fast-loading platform
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This is a Trade A Boat, an Australian-based online platform to sell and buy new or used boats and marine equipment.
“We are in verticals where market leaders have hundreds of in-house developers and multi-billion dollars in annual revenue. And despite all of that, our lean team, with the help from Codica, is growing its market share year after year. They are like my secret weapon.”
Celso Prado
Celso Prado
Digital General Manager at the Adventures Group

Benefits of the multi-vendor marketplace development with Codica

A multivendor marketplace development requires superior technology skills and an experienced development team to begin the business at the right chord. Codica is the team you need for the best results.


At Codica, we build multi-vendor marketplaces that are easy to navigate, attractive, and fully responsive. With them, you can provide your customers with content based on their interests.


Our experts care about building safe multi-vendor marketplaces that meet all security and compliance objectives. Users will enjoy using them to sell or buy goods and services.


The high loading speed and overall performance of multi-vendor marketplaces are crucial for a positive user experience. This also influences search engine rankings.


Codica’s specialists can develop a powerful and scalable multi-vendor marketplace. We will do it in a cost-effective way and ensure to maximize your profit returns.


Our skilled experts will optimize your multi-vendor marketplace for search engines and target keywords. Thus, we provide the best SEO ranking for your solution.


At Codica, our experienced designers will create the perfect marketplace design. With an intuitive UX design and a beautiful UI layout, your business will engage more users.

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Why is it worth choosing Codica?

successfully delivered software projects
8 years
as a credible IT development services provider
mature experts on board
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Our achievements

We are fans of cutting-edge technologies. Codica is recognizable by many independent ratings and research organizations.

Leon Zinger Founder at RefDental
Leon Zinger
Founder at RefDental

“We are happy to have Codica as our technical partner in web app development services. They take the project as seriously as we do and really care about its success.

What we like most about working with Codica is their deep understanding of our business needs. They quickly grasped our initial idea and delivered our Minimum Viable Product within the specified time and budget.

Thanks to this, we could get user feedback fast, validate the idea, and now we are working together with Codica on further improving our web product.”

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Case studies

The Codica team has established itself as a top multi vendor marketplace development company. And our successfully completed software projects are proof of it.

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