We create software that rocks. Our philosophy is delivering great results and our process is genuine cooperation. We are really keen on helping businesses grow, and we’d be thrilled to help your one make a step forward and reach higher.

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We Provide

Web Application Development

We provide a full range of software development services, and love creating dynamic and stunning web applications that enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile API Development

Developing a mobile app? We have an experience in creating fast and powerful REST API for your application.

UI/UX Design

Design is always taste-specific and customer-specific. And that’s exactly what we do – creating web applications with a look and feel and functionality that are in line with the specifics of the customer’s business.

Technology Migration

Scaling up your app that is based on some antiquated technology can be a real hassle. This is something we understand all too well. Whatever your app, we can always help you migrate it to Ruby On Rails.

We are Experts at

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on rails
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • JQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • CoffeeScript
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL




Analist.nl is a platform that allows creating financial websites for any country and in any language. The platform’s powerful CMS provides the ability to create site sections and publish articles. The system’s background services collect financial data and publish it. There are currently several websites that have been created based on the platform, including Analist.nl,  Analist.be,  Valuefokus.de.

Technology stack: Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS, ActiveAdmin, Memcached, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Slim.



Fincake is a financial website, dedicated to the Russian exchange market. The key feature provided by this site is an ability to create and manage financial portfolios. You can try it out for professional trading using real-time data.

Technology stack: Ruby On Rails, MySQL, Memcached, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Haml.



The aim of the Fintech Africa website is helping to select best Fintech companies in South Africa. It has a complex CMS to manage all companies, votes and pages. A heart of the platform is a customizable newsletter system which allows creating a newsletters' campaigns.

Technology stack: Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Redis, RailsAdmin, Refinery, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Slim.



Accountancy Awards works on the base of the Fintech Africa website. The goal is helping to select greatest is accountancy companies in the Netherlands. The key feature here is a customizable newsletter system which helps to send different emails dependent on customer actions on the site.

Technology stack: Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku, RailsAdmin, Refinery, jQuery, Redis, CoffeeScript, Slim.

Our Team

Natalya Klimenko

HR Business Partner

Dmitry Chekalin

Founder and CTO

Nadia Larina

Business Development Executive

Our Methods


Open communication is key to the implementation of any project. All our clients can actively participate in the development process, and have 24/7 access to their project teams. We work in close cooperation with you to deliver your project as seamlessly as possible.

Agile Development Cycle

We love Agile, and use this methodology on a daily basis planning iterations and performing daily scrum meetings. This allows us to deliver your application incrementally, rather than making you wait for long periods and major deployments.

Benefit Driven Approach

We always sync our intermediate results with your expectations at each milestone in your project. We want to be sure that whatever has been done, has been done so that it is best for your business.

Test Driven Development

We believe that test-driven development is essential because it ensures that the code is maintainable and in good quality. When we release a new feature, we make sure that it doesn’t affect negatively on any previously created functionality.

Easy Deploy and Support

Most our projects use puma/passenger + nginx as the web server environment. Capistrano makes the deployment process seamless and easy.


Every two weeks we send our clients an invoice and a detailed report.


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