How to Integrate Elasticsearch in a Rails Web App | Codica

How to Implement Elasticsearch When Developing a Rails Web App

Information storing and searching are two of the most crucial aspects for any web application. They affect the overall success of your project. The same is true when you aim to develop a perfect Rails web app. 

A web product can contain tons of data, making its storage and search... 

How to Attract New Users to Your Online Marketplace: 7 Smart Strategies | Codica

7 Smart Ways to Overcome the Chicken and Egg Problem for Online Marketplaces

The chicken and egg problem has stopped being a merely philosophical dilemma. You may be surprised, but this expression is now widely used in the business world too. So what a chicken and egg problem is in e-commerce? 

In simple words, this term describes the situation when the o... 

3 Secrets of Efficient Communication With Your Remote Software Development Team | Codica

3 Secrets of Efficient Communication With Your Remote Software Development Team

George Bernard Shaw once said that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.  

This is particularly true for remote team management. Communication gets tricky when you don’t have the opportunity to meet your team in person and discuss ... 

How to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website | Codica

How to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website From Scratch

In the near future, the community expects a rapid increase in the number of marketplaces. The scope of online trading is growing every year. More and more people want to get their part of this pie. The main reason is that an e-commerce platform is a very profitable business. 

In ... 

6 Best Marketplace Monetization Strategies to Succeed | Codica

Best Monetization Practices to Build a Successful Online Marketplace

So, you have decided to build an online marketplace. You have chosen your platform business model, weighing the pros and cons. Now, it’s time to choose the proper monetization strategy, as it is one of the key factors... 

How UX Design Helps Solve Marketplace Issues | Codica

How UX Design Solves Online Marketplace Issues

Do you want to increase the number of visitors and transactions on your marketplace? Maybe, it is time to think about improving your UX design. Quite often, this step may help solve marketplaces issues. 

High-quality UX will not only improve your online marketplace interface. Wit... 

5 Powerful Tips to Become a Successful Project Manager | Codica

5 Powerful Tips to Become a Successful Project Manager

Working as a Project Manager can be challenging. You need to be able to manage your team’s workload and your own as well. A professional PM always knows what’s going on and is constantly in touch with all customers, and is responsible for the overall project success. This may sou... 

Top 5 Online Marketplaces | Codica

Top 5 Online Marketplaces: All You Need to Know About Leaders

According to Statista, the number of online buyers is growing year by year. In 2019, it is expected to reach the point of 1.92 billion customers. It means that consumers and merchants have both moved their interactions online. 

![Statistics: Number of digital buyers worldwide... 

Top Web Design Trends of 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss | Codica

Hot Web Design Trends of 2019

Nowadays, technology is moving at high speed. The number of websites is growing rapidly. They are progressing and transforming day by day, giving a designer a vast field for creativity.  

What is hot in web design in 2019? 

This year features a mix of bold experiments and fantast... 

4 Useful Git Commands That Save Time | Codica

4 Useful Git Commands That Will Make Your Life Easier

In the modern software development world, projects become bigger and it can be hard to manage and control the changes by multiple developers. It’s also difficult to find ways to simplify the process and make it more effective. That’s why using a version control system like Git is... 

Codica Listed Amongst Top Ukrainian Web Developers in 2019

Codica Listed Amongst Top Ukrainian Web Developers in 2019

At Codica, we offer custom IT solutions, utilizing an ever-growing skill set in Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Vue.js for web, and React Native for native mobile development.  

Our team is made up of expert software developers, project managers, QA engineers and UX/UI designers. ... 

5 Tips on Starting an Online Marketplace | Codica

How To Start Your Own Online Marketplace

The amount of online marketplaces increases every day. Both consumers and suppliers increasingly turn to online interaction. According to Statista, in 2019 e-commerce sales worldwide reached the point of $3.4 trillion, and this number is expected to grow further. 


Is an MVP the Same as a Prototype? | Codica

MVP and Prototype: What’s Best to Validate Your Business Idea?

Every startup needs to pass a number of stages to launch the final product. And one of the most important stages is idea validation. Both an MVP and a prototype approaches can help you with it but at different stages of product development. 

However, people often confuse these tw... 

How to Create a User-Friendly Website: 5 Key Principles you Need to Know | Codica

5 Key Principles for a User-Friendly Website

Do you know that it takes a person about 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay on your website or leave?  

So how about your website - does it make visitors stay? And how can you make them spend more time on your site? A beautiful d... 

How We Created a Slack Bot for Time Tracking with Vue.js and Ruby on Rails | Codica

How We Built a Slack Bot for Time Tracking with Vue.js and Ruby on Rails

Chatbots are viewed as self-serving tools helping users to get answers to their inquiries.  

Today, these bots are utilized for a variety of purposes. Apart from obvious cases - sales and support inquiries, sometimes chatbots are used by companies’ internal issues and solve orga... 

4 Main JavaScript Trends in 2019 | Codica

4 Main JavaScript Development Trends in 2019

Web development is constantly changing and overgrowing. And since JavaScript is the top choice for everyone in frontend development, JS trends is a hot topic every year. New technologies emerge: up to date, we can see dozens of JavaScript technologies( 

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product | Codica

How to Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

As an entrepreneur, you may eventually come to the point of planning a startup and launching your software product. Initially, you only have the idea of the project. What’s next?  

Statistics show that numerous startups continue failing because their application is not in demand ... 

How to Get Your Team to Estimate Better | Codica

How to Get Your Team to Estimate Better in 3 Simple Steps

Dealing with software development, have you ever faced the situation when your development team under- or overestimates the work?  

We are pretty sure that the answer is yes. Any software development process can involve issues at the estimate stage, which can influence the projec... 

How We Created a Multi-site Setup for a Vehicle Marketplace: Challenges, Solutions and Insights | Codica

How We Created a Multi-site Setup for a Vehicle Marketplace: Challenges, Solutions and Insights

For the past several years, the community demand for web development has been going up, and this trend is not going to stop. It includes creating complex applications like marketplaces that should cover all users’ needs and stand out from other web solutions. 

Today we want to te... 

Choosing Between Vue.js and ReactJS in 2019: What’s Best for Your Project? | Codica

Vue vs React: Choosing the Best Tool for Your Project in 2019

Nowadays, every company is targeting to create a high-quality web solution within a short period of time. To put it into practice, the developers community is able to choose from many JavaScript libraries and frameworks and debates to find the best one. 

If we look at Vue.js(ht... 

Chrome Dev Summit 2018: Event Highlights | Codica

Google Chrome Dev Summit 2018: Event Highlights

Google Chrome Dev Summit is held yearly, and it’s an opportunity for the Chrome team to provide updates on their latest work, share plans and get feedback from the community.  

At the same time, it’s equally a chance for everyone involved... 

40 Best Ruby Gems We Can’t Live Without | Codica

40 Best Ruby Gems That We Use

Nowadays, web developers are able to access ready-made solutions instead of writing the functions from scratch, which of course has great positive impact on the speed of development.  

When we look at Ruby from this point of view, it stands out due to extensive libraries called R... 

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps | Codica

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps

Mobile usage takes a huge part of our lives. Checking smartphones at least several times a day has become a routine for most of us.  

For years, the only way for enterprises to outreach mobile users was creating a native (or hybrid) mobile app. But today, the PWA technology has b... 

7 Reasons to build your startup with Ruby on Rails | Codica

7 Reasons to Use Ruby on Rails for Your Startup

Do you know what Github, Dribbble, and Shopify have in common? Being monsters in their niches now, all of them used great opportunities of Ruby on Rails for kick-starting.  

Why do so many startups and solid companies choose and continue using RoR as their technology platform? Th... 

Tools that will boost your remote team productivity | Codica

Working Remotely: Key Online Collaboration Tools for Great Results

No matter how we call remote work - telecommuting, offshore work or outsourcing, it’s rapidly gaining ground all over the world. 

With such factors as a growing desire to be independent and easier than ever communication from any point of the world, it’s not a surprise that tele... 

What are the benefits of progressive web apps? | Codica

What are Progressive Web Applications and How They Can Benefit Your Project

The number of mobile Internet users is growing yearly. According to the well-known web traffic analyzer StatCounter statistics, in December 2018, already 50% of users in the world were accessing t... 

Implementing Agile: Our Experience | Codica

Agile at Codica: How We Deliver Great Web Products

What is Agile and why should anyone care?  

Agile methodology is a popular and more recent approach in software and web development, and it has a number of benefits if compared to the traditional development process. 


Advantages of Test Driven Development | Codica

Why Use Test Driven Development: 6 Benefits for Your Project

At Codica, we apply various software development methodologies, depending on project needs and customer’s preferences. We decided to create a series of articles devoted to the project development approaches we work with, to show you our approach and provide a glimpse of our worki... 

How to Manage a Remote Team: 3 Key Tips | Codica

How to Set up Working Process of a Remote Team: 3 Key Tips

Let’s face it: every year is bringing more and more changes.  

For instance, could anyone expect remote work to become quite a common thing in 2018? I bet, you couldn’t even fancy that ten years ago.  

In this article, together with general recommendations, we will share Codica’s... 

Ruby vs PHP: which is the best choice for your project? | Codica

Ruby and PHP: which is the best fit for your startup?

So, you want to start a new project from scratch, and you’re looking for the best web development platform. When it comes to web programming languages, it’s not that easy to make a choice which complies with your requirements. 

In the following article, we're going to compare [Ru... 

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