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What are Progressive Web Applications and How They Can Benefit Your Project
What is a PWA: definition and facts You might be wondering what a Progressive Web Application is. Progressive Web Apps are web applications that load like usual websites but suggest such user options as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access. Traditionally these features...
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Why Use Test Driven Development: 6 Benefits for Your Project
At Codica, we apply various software development methodologies, depending on a project needs and customer’s preferences. We decided to create a series of articles devoted to the project development approaches we work with, to show you our approach and provide a glimpse of our working processes.
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Ruby and PHP: which is the best fit for your startup?
So, you want to start a new project from scratch, and you’re looking for the best web development platform. When it comes to web programming languages, it’s not that easy to make a choice which complies with your requirements. In the following article, we're going to compare Ruby vs. PHP in 2018...