6 Top Web Development Trends to Outline 2020

Do you want to build a successful and viable web solution? Implement the most recent web development trends in 2020 to increase engagement and grow your business.

The modern world is steadily developing and new web technologies emerge every day. These new trends offer a lot of opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to engage more users and stay competitive in the market.

In this article, we want to share the top 6 web development trends in 2020 that you should know about.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bots

AI assistants and bots can perform cognitive functions like learning, collecting data, or solving difficult issues. The community demand for AI-enabled communication will become more widespread this year.

Nowadays, we can see dozens of AI chatbots, virtual assistants (Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana), and voice bots as one of the web development trends. They greatly help businesses to engage and upgrade human interaction. These AI technologies enhance the digital customer experience.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft have created their personal assistance products. They help millions of people perform multiple operations faster by just using their voice. The Statista report shows that the approximate number of people using AI assistants will exceed 1.8 bln users in 2021.

Estimated number of users of virtual digital assistants worldwide 2015-2021

2. Single Page Applications

A single-page application (SPA) is a JavaScript-based web application. It avoids loading separate HTML pages from a server to show a certain page to a visitor. Instead, it loads only markup and data to dynamically render them on a single web page.

Using SPA technology, visitors feel like they browse a single page for all their needs. Among the most famous single-page applications, we can mention Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, and Twitter. Besides, SPA technology can boast of great cross-platform nature as it is supported by most devices.

The main benefits of SPA include:

  • Simplified and streamlined development
  • Increased performance
  • Reduced interferences related to page reloading.

It’s a perfect choice when you create responsive websites with the support of mobile, tablet & desktop apps. The latest developments on SPA are made using React and Angular frameworks that make it functional and suitable for hybrid apps.

All this makes single-page applications one of the top web development trends in 2020.

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3. Mobile-friendly website

The rapid growth of mobile users forces software engineers to consider the mobile-first development approach. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users will exceed the amount of 3.8 billion in 2021.

Number of smartphone users worldwide from 2016 to 2021

For this reason, the current web development trends for mobile-friendly websites also tend to grow. It allows businesses to cover the bigger amount of mobile users and boost conversions.

What does this technology mean? In fact, mobile-friendly websites’ content appears well not just on desktop computers but also on smaller mobile devices. That means that the text is easily readable, links and navigation are clickable, and it's easy to consume the content in general.

Apart from the user experience boost, mobile-friendly websites are well supported by search engines. Back to 2015, Google’s development team released a mobile-first indexing feature. This way, Google started the era of mobile-friendly websites and mobile development for entrepreneurs to engage more users worldwide.

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4. Blockchain Technology

Put it simply, Blockchain provides a two-sided transaction event. It means that each transaction is verified by a decentralized distributed network. This way, you will definitely know what data is verified and clear.

Blockchain is one of the rapidly growing web development trends, and it offers the following benefits:

  • decrease the financial business expense
  • lessen the quantity of transaction contract
  • enhance the cash flow provided by transparent records/data.

In terms of web development, Blockchain tech provides such advantages as:

  • Smart prediction system
  • High web pages interactivity
  • Data security
  • Safe transactions.

5. Progressive Web Applications

Among the top web development trends, we should mention PWA. It is an application that works as a website with an almost full native mobile app experience. It runs independently of the browser and interacts with the customer as a native application.

According to the Business Insider report, global monthly mobile data traffic will skyrocket at 700% by 2021. It means that people will start using their mobile devices more to satisfy different needs. And here comes the PWA technology that proves itself as an app-like experience solution, easier to install, launch, and faster than native apps.

Now let’s look into PWAs pros in more detail and see what positive changes they may bring to both users and businesses:

  • Reduced development and support costs
  • Quicker launch to the market
  • Easier distribution
  • Smooth installation
  • Saving device power and storage
  • Seamless maintenance and updating.

Below you can see an example of PWA built by Flipkart.

Progressive Web Application by Flipkart

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6. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet greatly influences our modern world and most spheres of life. According to Wikipedia, 81 out of 100 people use the Internet daily in developed countries. Considering the business aspect, most companies turned their operations into the digital sphere.

All these factors build new web development trends and start an industry called the Internet of Things (IoT). What does it mean? Actually, it means taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the Internet. Why is it important? The matter is that IoT-connected devices create constant data transferring. It allows companies to offer their services and users to see them and engage as fast as possible.

One of the most famous IoT device examples is Google Home Voice Controller. It is a smart IoT device that allows users to enjoy features like media, alarms, lights, and other functions just with their voice.

Does it make any sense for the web development domain? For sure, IoT will create advanced communication between website layouts and operational models. The trend has a broad intensity of things like sensors, cameras, and signaling equipment. It will ensure to solve client requests more effectively and offer the most relevant responses.

If you want to make sure that IoT is one of the most rapidly growing web development trends, take a look at the chart by Statista. It shows that IoT-connected devices will reach nearly 75 Billion by 2025.

IoT connected devices installed base worldwide 2015-2025

The IoT trend offers the following benefits:

  • Scalability

It assures data distribution and collection but doesn’t depend on the volume of data.

  • Reliability

Considering data collection and delivery, the technology provides accurate results without delays and errors.

  • Support and security

IoT provides powerful security technologies that help protect both business and user data.

Final words

Web development trends in 2020 transform the way businesses can interact with their users. Virtual Assistants, Blockchain, PWAs, and other technologies greatly boost engagement and conversions. These factors force entrepreneurs to implement the latest trends. This way, they can stay competitive in the market and offer the best user experience to their visitors.

We have listed the top 6 web development trends in 2020. Are you looking for a custom software development partner to help you implement them? Our Codica team will be glad to transform your ideas into reality and boost your business. Contact us to discuss your project, and our experts will help bring it to life.

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