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MVP Development

With our MVP development services, we help entrepreneurs quickly validate business ideas and save time and budget.

MVP development services bespoke at Codica

Codica is a one-stop-shop for minimum viable product development. Whether you need a web solution or a cross-platform one, we got you covered.As an MVP development company, we have a team of 60+ seasoned experts to help you with all the stages of MVP creation.

MVP consulting

With Codica, you get mature professionals behind you that provide quality consulting services on MVP development to help your business meet all of your needs. We apply best practices and methods to improve and lead your MVP solution, even from surviving to thriving.

Product discovery

Product discovery is an essential MVP development service. We conduct market research and test different hypotheses. This enables us to build the MVP that brings the most value to your business and your customers.

MVP product design (UI/UX)

Quality minimum viable product design with Codica builds trust. To stay in game, you should have a product with effective UX and UI. With us, you get a usable and appealing digital product that can be transformed into a profitable venture.

MVP web development

The proven and efficient technologies are the core of the MVP product development with Codica. Our expereicned specialists help you build a secure and high-quality product within a short time. So, your product will be released as quickly as possible.

MVP app development

At Codica, our mobile app development specialists assist our clients in implementing their bold business ideas. We provide clients with top-quality MVP mobile solutions with core functions that satisfy users and strengthen customers’ awareness of your brand.

MVPs for different industries

Our team has built many successful MVP products for various businesses from all over the world. Thus, we have accumulated multi-domain expertise that we apply to every new project.

Online marketplaces

To save our clients time, money, and intellectual resources, we recommend starting marketplace development with market testing. For this, we develop quality marketplace MVPs.


MVP is a “quick track” of eCommerce deployments. We focus on developing key features for your business to operate. This helps us to enhance and add new features in phases.


With an MVP, you can test the solution concept and drive a primary audience. Then a travel MVP can be further transformed into a complex application for broader audiences.


If you plan an automotive business, we will help you with our MVP development services. So you will be able to test your idea and improve the solution if needed.


Users pick an insurance business firm that can look out for their best interest. With the MVP development service, we can find out more about your users and satisfy their needs.


The best way to start your rental business is to implement the major features to the MVP, test them on your target audience, and then analyze the result.


Building a rental custom solution with Codica will be the best choice regarding efficiency, customization, and customer experience.


The quality MVP development services we provide for the media business can help you win the hearts of your users. Also, you will evaluate strategies for the product’s further growth.


We create reliable and efficient MVPs for the healthcare domain. So you can ensure your solution benefits people, brings business value, and has growth potential.

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Who will benefit from MVP in product development?

As a result of the MVP development process, you will have a basic web solution, which can be further developed into a fully-functional product. MVP model works perfectly for any enterprise type, be it a startup looking for potential business opportunities or an established firm launching a new product.

MVP development for startups

Concerning minimum viable product development services for startups, our experts put maximum effort into market analysis and planning. The aim of the MVP development service is to check your idea and manage it with the relevant market needs. We’ll create the right MVP for you, so, you will get all chances to attract interested investors and grow your business.

MVP for small businesses

You may think that growing a small business can be a challenge. However, if you begin your business with MVP development, it will facilitate moving to the next level. At Codica, we always pick the optimal development course and proven tech stack to provide a great customer experience with less handwork, saving your time and budget.

MVP development for mid-scale business

The minimum viable product development services for any business need quick delivery for a cost-effective investment. Our agile approach helps us manage the development process carefully, reducing the risks of defects. We provide the MVP and full test coverage before the product launch to enhance purchasers’ experience and save you from any resource losses.

MVP development for enterprises

We create MVPs for enterprises, focusing on the particular corporate IT and its characteristics. Our experienced specialists can transform MVPs into complex and fully-functional products that will be relevant on the market. Moreover, we create usable UI and UX designs to attract people who will try your MVP and help keep them with you.

How your business benefits from MVP development

MVP (minimum viable product) is the best approach for new product development, allowing you to test a hypothesis fast with no significant investment. MVP means a product with just enough features to satisfy early users. Therefore, you can quickly build your core product and launch it, substantially reducing time-to-market.

Launch quickly

You don’t have to spend much time and build a fully-fledged product. Only the core functionality is created.

Minimize costs

Less functionality means less development effort and a smaller budget. It’s the best way to validate your idea for an affordable price.

Test idea fast

Get feedback from early adopters, and decide whether to expand your product further or abandon the idea.

Codica’s MVP development process

Thanks to our efficient development process, we build high-quality web products within a short period of time. Creating a minimum viable product usually undergoes the following stages:

Product discovery and analysis
This is the first stage of developing an MVP. It helps our expert team understand your idea and the problem you want to solve.
Product UI/UX design
At this stage, we create your MVP product interfaces. Designing prototypes helps us implement the user journey and make an intuitive app.
Minimum viable product development
This is where programming takes place. We pick the best tech stack and build the MVP based on the latest industry standards.
Quality assurance and optimization
Thorough testing of an MVP website and optimizing the code allows us to ensure stable work and satisfaction for your early users.
Deployment and support
We monitor the software once it’s deployed and solve any issues that may arise. Our team can take care of your app and support it on a regular basis.

Agile development approach: from MVP to a full-scale product

Based on our experience, we recommend our startup clients work with agile. Thanks to this methodology, you will see results early, easily make changes as you go, and, most importantly, reduce the price of MVP software development services.

Weekly sprints

Dividing the process into sprints helps us to be aware of outcomes at each development stage.

Daily standups

In everyday meetings, we share results and set the next efforts in sprint delivery.

Strong communications

Broad engagement with clients helps us to build great solutions that meet clients’ needs.

Constant retrospectives

At the end of each sprint, we analyze gained results and set actions for future improvements.

Skilled project manager

In-house PM helps control the development process so a client gets a successful product.

Transparent development process

With our best practices and tools, we can avoid tech risks while writing the code and make it resistant to faults.
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Launch your product faster with Codica

Being an MVP software development company, we love technology and innovation. Helping startups bring their ideas to life is our biggest passion.

One of the most common reasons for startup failures is the lack of market need. Therefore, for each and every startup, regardless of the industry and background, there is a common pain: how to validate your hypothesis within a tight budget and deadlines.

The Codica team understands your concerns. When providing MVP development services, we apply our vast multi-domain expertise. Thus, we skip the learning curve and deliver your minimum viable product within your budget and timeframe expectations.

When building MVPs, we apply the build-measure-learn approach, which is part of the lean startup methodology. With its help, you can eliminate uncertainties, save costs and release your product faster.

The BML Feedback Loop is an approach used in Codica company when working with MVPs
Dmytro CEO at Codica
CEO at Codica

“MVP model is a great approach to launch a new digital product on the market, and it’s proved by many successful businesses. Such world-famous companies as Airbnb, Facebook,Amazon, Buffer, Uber, Dropbox started with creating a Minimum Viable Product, which included only a core set of functionality.

Speaking about Codica’s experience in MVP software development, we are proud to say that our startup clients raised more than $32 mln of investment. And we would love to help your company be the next to achieve success”

Codica is a reliable MVP development partner

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Minimum viable product development technologies we use

At Codica, we incorporate a number of modern technologies and tools to provide high-quality MVP development services. Applying our deep expertise in MVP software development and cutting-edge tech stack, we make your business grow and scale.



Our clients like partnering with us for their leading digital projects.

Why you should choose Codica for MVP development?

Save costs and launch quickly

Our vast expertise and efficient MVP development process allow us to deliver your product on time and on budget.

MVP development expertise

Having built numerous MVPs for multiple industries, our team offers the best solution for your business challenges.

Enthusiastic team that cares

Our result-oriented team loves solving challenges with technology and innovation and treats each project as a game-changer.

The right solution for your needs

Client success is the priority of our top MVP development company. We carefully align your business requirements with software functionality to ensure the best value.

Full control over development

Based on the agile development approach, our work process is flexible and fully transparent, with daily and weekly progress updates.

Support after launch

Our work doesn’t stop when your MVP website goes live. We are here to support or help you further develop your product.

Our achievements

Our expertise in web development is confirmed by ratings and research companies.

Richard Gunter Founder of Impact Personal Training
Richard Gunter
Founder of Impact Personal Training

“Coming from a gym environment, I had no idea how to build, create, and develop an app. Everything I needed to do was explained to me in layman’s terms. Nothing I asked for was too much.

I was always up to date with where they were at on the project itself, which I found really helpful. And you know, it’s the app itself that has improved our business.”

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