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Minimum Viable Product Development

We help entrepreneurs to quickly validate business ideas and save time and budget.

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How your business benefits from MVP development

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the best approach for new product development, allowing you to test a hypothesis fast with no significant investment. MVP in software means a product with just enough features to satisfy early users. Therefore, you can quickly build your core product and launch it, substantially reducing time-to-market.

Launch quickly
You don’t have to waste time and build a fully-fledged product. Only the core functionality is created.
Minimize costs
Less functionality means less development effort and smaller budget. It’s the best way to validate your idea cheaply.
Test idea fast
Get feedback from early adopters, and decide whether to further evolve your product, or abandon the idea.

Launch your product faster with Codica

Being an MVP development company, we love technology and innovation, and helping startups bring their ideas to life is one of our biggest passions.

Dmytro CEO at Codica
CEO at Codica

“MVP model is a great approach to launch a new digital product on the market, and it’s proved by many successful businesses. Such world-famous companies as Airbnb, Facebook,Amazon, Buffer, Uber, Dropbox started with creating a Minimum Viable Product, which included only a core set of functionality.

Speaking about Codica’s experience in MVP software development, we are proud to say that our startup clients raised more than $32 mln of investment. And we would love to help your company be the next to achieve success”

Who will benefit from MVP in product development?

As a result of the MVP development process, you will have a ready basic web solution, which can be further developed into a fully-functional product. MVP model works perfect for any enterprise type, be it a startup looking for potential business opportunities, or an established firm launching a new product.

Full-cycle MVP development services

Codica’s approach on MVP development

Domain expertise you can rely on

Our team has built multiple successful MVP products for various businesses from all over the world. Thus, we have accumulated multi-domain expertise which Codica’s experts apply for every new project we are working on.

Codica’s MVP development process

Thanks to our efficient development process, we build high-quality web products within a short period of time. Creating a Minimum Viable Product usually undergoes the following stages:

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Why you should choose Codica for MVP development

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