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Our Approach

Our effective development approach is built on experience creating dozens of projects across various domains. It’s our priority to establish a process that keeps you informed on every stage of software development when we create something awesome for you.
We are eager to become a full-fledged partner for you, develop your businesses, help your web product scale, and boost revenue.
Our Approach
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Our agile mindset

At Codica, we apply the flexible agile methodology to develop highly-effective and profitable projects.

Weekly designed sprints

We divide the process into sprints to see specific results at the early stage of development.

Daily standups

Daily meetings help share gained results and coordinate the next efforts in sprint delivery.

Strong communications

We believe that broad engagement with clients is the fundamental key to project success.

Regular retrospectives

At the end of each sprint, we overview results and identify actions for following improvements.

In-house project manager

Our PM bridges the gap between the dev team and a client, helping to get the expected results.

Fully transparent process

Transparency helps us to foster communication and collaboration during development.
Dmytro CEO at Codica
CEO at Codica

“I’m proud to say that Codica is a team with product-oriented thinking. Having an expert development team on board, we deliver great code quality, but this is not our only goal.

From the start of our collaboration, we focus on the value we deliver to each project. Applying our domain and technical expertise, we advise on the most efficient ways to make your product successful and profitable.”

Software development best practices

At Codica, we use leading technologies and practices to create successful web projects.

Acceptance tests

It’s an essential practice serving to achieve app compliance with business requirements.

Following coding standards

Developers follow consistency by using standardized styles and formats for code writing.


We regularly review our project’s codebases and refactor them to avoid any technical debt.

Software development best practices | Codica
Pair programming

This method helps us a lot in delivering the right architectural solutions and gaining quality code.

Code reviews

Constant code quality reviews guarantee stable, fast-acting, and high-quality solutions.

Test-Driven Development

Tests before implementation enhance coding, testing, and product design.

Reliable team for project success

A skilled software development team is the most vital part of the success of any business. And we put together the best professionals!

Project managers
Project managers
Project managers
Project managers
They manage the agile web development process from the beginning to finish.
UX/UI specialists
UX/UI specialists
UX/UI specialists
UX/UI specialists
Build the custom user interface and guarantee an enhanced user experience.
Technical leads
Technical leads
Technical leads
Technical leads
These experts define the tech development vector and evaluate the rightness of tech solutions.
Bring ideas into a code, guided by the design and prescribed tech requirements.
DevOps engineers
DevOps engineers
DevOps engineers
Their responsibilities are to automate tasks related to configuring and deploying applications.
Quality assurance specialists
Quality assurance specialists
Quality assurance specialists
Quality assurance specialists
They enhance the web development processes and detect errors in the digital product.
Maksym Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica

“I am proud to say that our team truly cares about each project we are working on. It is our priority to make sure that custom products and apps we create bring the best results to our clients.

To achieve this, when providing customized software development services, we begin with careful analysis of business requirements. We further align the requirements with possible solutions, and advise on the most efficient way to proceed.”

Tools helping us here

These are the top tools that help our specialists to keep productive and work efficiently.

Tools helping us here | Codica
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Our proven web development process

At Codica, we have all skills and tools to execute an optimized and seamless software development process.


Research & discovery

At this stage, we form a vision of the future software product.

Product design (UX & UI)

We create a user journey and make intuitive software that end-users will adore.

Product development

Our developers build the project according to the most cutting-edge practices and standards.

Optimization and QA

At Codica, we always test the project we made to deliver efficient and quality software.

Deployment, monitoring, and support

As a full-cycle software development firm, we support your digital solutions on a regular basis.
Our development process | Codica

Best tech stack to power software development

Picking the right technologies is a crucial factor in the project’s success. At Codica, we adopt the most efficient and modern technology stacks to make your web solution very competitive and fulfill all your business requirements.


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Excellent results with our approach

Custom software development for travel marketplace
iExpedition is an Australia-based expedition and adventure travel company that offers polar cruises. The travel marketplace platform allows tourists to search and book Arctic and Antarctic trips.
$2 mln
worth of sales brought by the website within the first year.
traffic growth for the past 2 years thanks to search engine optimization.
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iExpedition is an Australia-based expedition and adventure travel company that offers polar cruises. The travel marketplace platform allows tourists to search and book Arctic and Antarctic trips.
“I highly recommend Codica team as a proven software development company. And I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Codica, I do not know if I could have managed to bring our product alive for the budget that we had.”
Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander
Director, iExpedition

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