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Best results delivered are only possible when all the team members love what they do. 
Our experience proves it.

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Agile mindset
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Weekly designed sprints

To make the process effective, we divide it into short sprints. This way, everybody sees specific results at the early stage of development.

Daily standups

We use daily meetings to share gained results and coordinate next efforts in successful sprint delivery.

Strong communications

We have a broader engagement with our clients. We believe it is the fundamental key to project success.

Regular retrospectives

At the end of each sprint, we overview results and identify actions for following improvements.

In-house Product Manager

At Codica, our product manager is always bridging the gap between the dev team and a client, helping to get expected results.

Fully transparent process

We support the transparent development process, using best industry practices and always looking for new approaches.

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Acceptance tests

It's an essential practice serving to achieve application’s compliance with the business requirements.

Code reviews

This is one of our fundamentals. Fresh eyes on the code quality guarantee stable, fast-acting and high-quality solution.

Test-Driven Development

Writing tests before implementation helps us to get better results in following coding, testing, and product design.

Pair programming

This method helps us a lot in delivering right architectural solutions and gaining quality code.

Continuous Integration

Thanks to Continuous Integration, all our code gets fully-tested to main codebases and production servers.


We regularly review our projects’ codebases and refactor them to avoid any technical debt.

Workflow phases

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Research & discovery

The essential part at the initial stage of cooperation. This process includes stakeholder interviews, insights on users’ needs, workshops, brainstorming, use cases, and prototyping.

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Product design (UX & UI)

We build clickable wireframes and mockups so you could understand how your product will look like and behave. Following human-centered approach, we care about the end customers and deliver products they would enjoy.

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Product implementation

In a nutshell, this is the most fundamental part of development. After planning all the project for short sprints, we start engineering itself. We always use a right tech stack which fits your project needs.

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After developing, we have to be certain that resources were used effectively. So we carry out code review, refactoring and optimization. At this point we make sure that there are no bottlenecks in the code and app runs flawlessly.

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Quality assurance

Before delivering the project, we have to be confident that each feature works as it should do. Our QA engineers perform manual and automated tests, studying all the users' stories.

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Deploy & monitoring

The final piece of development. Here we deploy everything we built previously. In fact, at this point, our project goes public. Typically, we maintain the cooperation with you after product delivery and assist at each stage of your business development.

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