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AI Development

Discover the power of AI to drive growth and efficiency. Our AI development services will help you stay on the innovation frontier and delight your customers.

AI development services we provide

Our expertise ensures that you obtain stable and reliable AI-driven tools. Using the latest development techniques and practices, we create AI solutions that help you thrive.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

With AIaaS, you will gain scalable infrastructure even for computationally intensive solutions. At the same time, you will save time and resources for in-house development and maintenance.

Automation solutions

As a dedicated AI software development company, we specialize in building and integrating automation tools. We use robotic process automation (RPA) and other similar technologies to streamline workflows for businesses.

Natural language processing

Our experts know how to integrate NLP into your solution to help you process text or voice data and make sentiment analysis.

Expert systems

These AI solutions, including recommendation engines and diagnosis tools, help businesses improve performance and user engagement.

AI design

Our artificial intelligence development services include AI design, such as creating chatbots. By conceptualizing and planning AI systems or solutions, we make them humane and user-friendly.

Neural networks

We implement neural networks capable of performing various tasks and giving invaluable insights. Our AI engineers will help you create a neural network and train it through deep learning.

AI security

As we provide AI security services, our experts ensure your solutions are protected against cyber threats and vulnerabilities based on the latest cybersecurity standards.


By visualizing logs, metrics, and performance data, our AIOps specialists ensure continuous and optimized workflow for solutions and teams.

Industries we implement

We understand the specific demands of various industries. With a solid commitment to industry-specific insights, our team offers cutting-edge AI services that drive innovation and transformation.

Online marketplaces

Empowered with enhanced user experiences


Driven by personalized experiences and immediate customer support


AI-assisted bookings and real-time support


Insights into pricing and demand trends with AI


Streamlined claim processing and risk assessment


Automated routine tasks and informed hiring decisions


AI-powered rental solutions for property sales and management


AI-driven tools reshape the delivery of stories


Quick and reliable access to medical guidance

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Take advantage of a reputable Artificial Intelligence development company

As a full-cycle artificial intelligence software development company, we have expertise in delivering solutions that bring substantial, quantifiable results. Our team will help you surpass the limits and strengthen your business with future-proof AI solutions.

Custom approach

Each project for us is unique. So we take meticulous care of each of them. Knowing your needs and solution vision, we find the best ways to help you on your way to excellence.

Tangible business outcomes

We help our clients get the most out of AI technologies with measurable results, such as cost savings, revenue growth, and return on investment.

Exceptional expertise

Professionals in our company are well-versed in artificial intelligence app development services. From the project idea to the support, you will get top-notch results from our specialists.

Track of successful projects

So far, we have delivered 50+ successful projects in various industries. Our solutions help our clients delight their customers and build trust in their brands.

Data security and compliance

Following security standards and regulations is our top priority. Thanks to our experts, your AI solution or integration will be protected against vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

Support and maintenance

Our team provides continuous updates and troubleshooting to keep your solution running seamlessly. We remain dedicated to addressing your needs and maximizing your solution’s efficiency.

Our personalized approach to AI application development services

At every step of working on an AI project, our specialists provide unique, customized solutions, considering your technical requirements and industry specifics.

Evaluating your requirements
We prioritize your business goals and challenges. By assessing your needs, we know how to deliver the best AI solution for you.
Collaboration with you
At every step of our AI software development services, we prioritize communication with you. Your feedback is a valuable source for us to adjust as we proceed with the project.
Our personalized approach to AI application development services| Codica
Attention to project vision and timeline
As we deliver an AI solution, we care about your unique needs. Our team follows the requirements to keep your app within the set time and budget frame.
Suggestions based on the latest tech standards
Our team analyses the product requirements and chooses the optimal techniques to deliver your AI solution. If there is an opportunity for improvement, we suggest it to you.
Our personalized approach to AI application development services| Codica
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Bringing your idea to life: our AI development process

As an experienced AI application development company, we have a refined development process that ensures the best results. With our research and development approach, every team member contributes to the fast and quality delivery of your project.

Product discovery
This crucial step helps us define your product’s vision, team composition, and resources. Thanks toproduct discovery, we mitigate risks and plan the project delivery timeline.
UI/UX design
Our designers deliverUI/UX design servicesto align their views with yours and make your AI solution appealing, convenient, and accessible.
We build AI solutions with enhanced productivity and personalization based on advanced algorithms and techniques.
Quality assurance
With ourQA testing services, you get a stable AI solution that works correctly and as required.
Support and maintenance
Our team provides you with ongoing services to ensure that your AI solution stays up-to-date and aligns with your business needs.

Leveraging AI for your solution?

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How will artificial intelligence development benefit your business?

AI solutions and integrations create a return on investment (ROI) from the start. With AI technologies, you gain precise data to understand your audiences and empower your app or website with automation and personalization.

Low customer acquisition costs

AI will analyze your customers’ preferences and behavior so you can keep them engaged and attract new ones.

Forecasting revenue and sales

By identifying patterns in your historical data, AI can predict revenue outcomes for your product.

Consistent and data-driven decisions

Based on rational data, AI solutions provide you with comprehensive analytics. Thus, you can make rational and productive decisions.

Better customer service

With AI capabilities, you will provide a personalized experience for your customers, leading to better engagement with your app.

Saving operational costs

Streamlining routine tasks with AI technologies allows you to focus on innovation and development.
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Our case studies

We are delighted to share our experience with you. See our portfolio to discover more about the projects we have delivered so far.

Our case studies | Codica

Benefits of developing your AI software & application with Codica

Hiring us will ensure that your AI solution will be enjoyable and stable. Our versatile expertise in Artificial Intelligence services and solutions will help you with timely project delivery per your requirements.

Dedicated and experienced team

Over the past eight years, we have helped businesses of any scale reach their goals and even exceed their expectations.

Applying the latest standards and practices

With thorough knowledge of the latest techniques and trends in software engineering, we are ready to help you overcome any challenge.

Comprehensive approach to new and existing solutions

Our team delivers new projects, supports ongoing ones, and optimizes existing solutions.

Optimized development processes

We follow the agile methodology as a proven method for an optimized development process with regular progress discussions.

Support for you at all steps of development

Mutual understanding and regular communication bring excellent results in AI solutions development.

Our happy clients say about Codica

We have helped our clients to reach their goals and open the opportunities they seek. Their testimonials are a precious source of inspiration to us.

Ben Alexander Director, iExpedition
Ben Alexander
Director, iExpedition

“Codica team is highly competent in travel software development. The platform they delivered has exceeded our goals over the past 7 months. In fact, we have processed twice as many sales as we were aiming to achieve during the first 12 months!

I highly recommend Codica team as a proven software development company. And I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Codica, I do not know if I could have managed to bring our website alive for the budget that we had.”

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