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UI/UX Design

We help entrepreneurs quickly create a user-oriented desktop and mobile app design for all their business ideas and save time and budget.

Benefits you gain from design development with Codica’s UI/UX services

Improve your customers’ experience - raise the number of new clients and achieve your business goals.

Stand out from competitors with design
Stand out from competitors with design
The unique corporate identity of your web product helps clients to remember the company better. Thus, it stimulates further interaction. Corporate colors, fonts, and branded UX and UI design elements will help to increase brand trust and establish contact with customers.
Validate an idea with clickable prototypes
Validate an idea with clickable prototypes
Prototypes help showcase the web product and visualize in detail how your platform will work and how your customer will interact with it. With prototypes, UX/UI designers show the main pages of the future website and the client's path through them.
Full-stack team of professionals
Full-stack team of professionals
With us, you get more than custom web design services. We will take care of all details of your web design, working together with project managers and developers. Our specialists can always clarify all the technical nuances and advise on the optimal solutions.

Difference between UI and UX

What tasks do the user interface (UI) designers perform:
  • Create the website style
  • Consider the state and appearance of all user interface elements and the font hierarchy
  • Develop a guideline to collect all the elements above for ease of development
Difference between UI and UX | Codica
What tasks do user experience (UX) designers perform
  • Study the market features
  • Execute a portrait of the target audience
  • Conduct user research
  • Build a working high-fidelity prototype of the software

Services by UI/UX design development experts

Our professional design team knows how to create an eye-catching and user-friendly website that your users will love.

Design is another essential phase of the software development life cycle.

The custom design solution is more about recognition, involvement, and wow effect. It meets the brand's requirements as much as possible, as opposed to the templates. At Codica, our UX and UI designers have colossal experience designing custom software products.

The client shares his vision of the product that he would like to see at the end of development, and we turn this vision into reality.

Codica team members working on a new project
Services that suit your requirement
Inessa UI/UX Designer at Codica
UI/UX Designer at Codica

“Each project is a new challenge of how to make a beautiful and user-friendly interface. There is much work, analysis, and reflection behind the design screens in Figma. Research, logic creating, making prototypes, and visual style are the stages that we spend a lot of time on to get a good product.

We love what we do and improving our skills all the time.”

Do you need a user-friendly design for your project?

We will help to bring it to life.

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Our case studies

We are always glad to share our successfully completed case study projects that can inspire you and give a vision of our UX/UI design services.

Our case studies | Codica

Steps of our UI/UX design process

Our iterative design development process ensures the team follows standard protocols to deliver projects consistently while meeting the company’s quality standards. Below we have listed the main UX/UI design development steps we follow at Codica.

At this stage, the client shares with us their vision of the product they would like to see at the end of development and we study the subject area of the project. We learn who our users are and what the problems they face are.
Also, we analyze similar web products. Based on the results, we offer implementation ideas. Our designers are always keeping up with the latest trends in web design.
Next, we move on to prototyping. Prototypes are created before the development of the visual part to focus attention on the project’s architecture without distraction by color and font.
Therefore, prototypes are not colored but gray-blue. We think over the logic of the future user roles and make a flow for each of them (user journey or flows). After that, we make clickable prototypes and demonstrate them to the client.
We collect references for inspiration. We make a logo if the client does not have one and choose fonts and color schemes. So, we create several design options and approved the style of the project with the client.
It is an obligatory part of our working process to discuss the outcomes with the client at every stage of web development.
Based on the visual part, we draw up a guideline that details the heading sizes, font, button colors, and other elements of design. Thanks this guideline, developers get an idea of how the whole solution should look.
Then, we design all pages, including mobile app and desktop versions.,

Featured case study

Custom E-commerce Solution
The first online marketplace in Europe and the UK that allows users to buy and sell their services and products in one place.
Built a complex marketplace that includes B2C and C2C environments.
Created an enhanced design for web solution parts to engage users.
View case study
The first online marketplace in Europe and the UK that allows users to buy and sell their services and products in one place.
“We turned Codica with a request to build a complex marketplace from scratch. The Codica team made us feel involved every step of the way from the beginning and was focused on our needs.
As a result, we received a robust and easy-to-use web solution with all desired features.”
David Watkins
E-commerce Marketplace Company, United Kingdom

Deliverables you will get at the end of the design phase

The efforts of the UI/UX specialists can be translated into a list of deliverables of the custom web design services. Below are descriptions of artifacts that will help you understand what you will get as an outcome when you partner with the Codica team.

Clickable prototypes

The prototypes display the project’s structure, logic, and main flows. You can always return to them and add new functionality, considering the existing features.

Website visual style

The UI/UX design team develops a unique visual style for the entire web project. Later, it can be used for marketing purposes.


Everything related to the visual style (fonts, buttons, their states, and much more) is included in the guideline that developers use. In the future, the guideline may be supplemented if new functionality appears.

Design (mobile and desktop versions)

The client has access to Figma and all designs. You can leave comments and, if necessary, download designs in any convenient format.

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Web design expertise for different domains you can rely on

Our experience in creating web solutions for particular industries has allowed us to grow our UI/UX expertise. We provide consultations on every stage of the project development and create products following the best web design practices.


Clear and accurate solutions for financial analysis.


Easy-to-search e-commerce platforms that boost sales.


Convenient booking platforms to drive traffic and sales.

Accommodation rental

Engaging rental marketplaces to disrupt the market.


User-friendly platforms for vehicle rental and sale business.


Innovative solutions to enhance your business.

Featured case study

Online Service Marketplace
PlanMyKids is a service marketplace where parents can plan and book kids’ activities nearby. The platform offers a simple solution that connects parents with after-school programs and camps.
Ensured great user experience on both desktop and smartphone with a PWA.
Delivered a scalable MVP on time and below budget.
View case study
PlanMyKids is a service marketplace where parents can plan and book kids’ activities nearby. The platform offers a simple solution that connects parents with after-school programs and camps.
“Working with the Codica team has been a great experience. All the value we thought they would provide during the selection process was met during the delivery. In the end Codica delivered our product MVP under budget, which for a bootstrapped company was important.”
David Watkins
David Watkins
Founder of PlanMyKids

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