UI/UX design development

We help entrepreneurs quickly create a user-oriented desktop and mobile app design for all their business ideas and save time and budget.

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Benefits you gain from design development with Codica's UI/UX services

Improve your customers’ experience - raise the number of new clients and achieve your business goals.

Difference between UI and UX

Services by UI/UX design development experts

Our professional design team knows how to create an eye-catching and user-friendly website that your users will love.

Inessa UI/UX Designer at Codica
UI/UX Designer at Codica

“Each project is a new challenge of how to make a beautiful and user-friendly interface. There is much work, analysis, and reflection behind the design screens in Figma. Research, logic creating, making prototypes, and visual style are the stages that we spend a lot of time on to get a good product.

We love what we do and improving our skills all the time.”

Our case studies

We are always glad to share our successfully completed case study projects that can inspire you and give a vision of our UX/UI design services.

Steps of our UI/UX design process

Our iterative design development process ensures the team follows standard protocols to deliver projects consistently while meeting the company’s quality standards. Below we have listed the main UX/UI design development steps we follow at Codica.

Deliverables you will get at the end of the design phase

The efforts of the UI/UX specialists can be translated into a list of deliverables of the custom web design services. Below are descriptions of artifacts that will help you understand what you will get as an outcome when you partner with the Codica team.

Web design expertise for different domains you can rely on

Our experience in creating web solutions for particular industries has allowed us to grow our UI/UX expertise. We provide consultations on every stage of the project development and create products following the best web design practices.


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