Dental Imaging Management System

Online dental platform Ref Dental

Learn how Codica helped the customer create a dental portal, and streamline the collaboration between the dental imaging center and clinics.

Timeline:January 2021 - present
Services:Product discovery, Prototyping,UX/UI design, Front-end and Back-end development,MVP development services,PWA development services
Team:1 Project Manager, 1 UX/UI designer, 1 Backend Developer, 2 Frontend Developers, 1 QA Engineer, 1 DevOps Engineer
Core Technologies:React, Rails API, AWS, Gitlab CI, Redis
Online dental platform Ref Dental
Client review
Customer review about online dental platform Ref Dental

Leon Zinger, Founder at RefDental

“What we liked most about Codica team is their deep understanding of our pain points and requirements. They quickly grasped our business idea and helped us define the basic features for the Ref Dental project. As a result, we could build the referral management software pretty fast and present it to real users.
Later, when we got feedback from early users, Codica team helped us with adapting the dental portal to satisfy the users’ primary needs.”


The customer is an owner of a dental imaging center located in Israel. It works with dental clinics that send their patients to the center for dental imaging and CT/Panoramic/Periapical.
The staff was scheduling patients’ appointments in an old-fashioned way by the phone and entering their data in local software installed at the center. In addition, the dental imaging management system was not digitized but paper-based.
So the customer started looking for ways to improve their working protocols. The decision was made to create a dental website that will help the dental imaging center to move to digital referrals management.
Our collaboration with the customer started with MVP development. After launching the minimum viable product and getting initial feedback from early users, the customer decided to improve the dental imaging management system by adding new functionality.

Business challenges

  • Build an MVP of a dental portal to allow the customer to verify the business idea with minimum investment and effort.
  • Create patient referral management software for the dental imaging center to enable the client to save time and money with digitized image management.
  • Advance an MVP development project with extra functionality based on real feedback from end-users.
  • Make the website for dental practice user-friendly and convenient for Israeli users.

Value delivered

  • Built the primary version of the product with core functionality. By investing in MVP development services, the customer was able to test initial business hypotheses.
  • Created a healthcare referral management software for seamless communication between the dental center and clinics. Now clinics can fill in the referral form and send it straight to the dental imaging center for further scheduling. The center no longer needs to schedule appointments for patients imaging via phone.
  • After the customer got the feedback from early adopters, we started improving the referral tracking management system. Thus, the decision was made to add a new platform role - a patient and implement the convenient booking system.
  • Made the referral management software convenient for Israeli users by providing the solution version in the Hebrew language.

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Solution delivered

Online platform for the dental imaging center

Online dental portal for the dental imaging center

For the convenience of both parties, the referral tracking management system has an intuitive dashboard. The statistic shows the number of clinics and referral forms, both new and completed. Here the dental imaging center can add a new form with one click and send dental images to clinics via these forms. Clinics, in their turn, can check the current status of referral forms, whether it is pending or completed.
Simple referral form management

Referral tracking management system

Initially, clinics used to send patients to the dental imaging center with a long paper-based form. We digitized the existing form and optimized it for all screen sizes and resolutions. With the healthcare referral management software, clinics can fill in the form they are used to, but in a faster and more convenient way, and send it to the dental center. Furthermore, the referral form contains a Messaging section, where the assigned clinics can privately exchange messages with the center in the form of a chat.
PWA for the dental portal

Progressive Web Application

The customer found it crucial to enable users to access the dental imaging management system with one click. For this purpose, we turned the website into a progressive web application. PWAs work as native mobile apps and have the “Add to the Home Screen” feature, which makes using the app more convenient.
Synchronization of the data between the website and the PWA offers an enhanced user experience. Currently, we are working on the push notifications functionality which will inform both the center and clinics about all interactions with the online dental platform.
Intuitive booking management system

Booking management system

Currently, ourcustom software developersare working on implementing the patient scheduling system. The idea is to allow patients or the center to schedule the imaging appointment online. We plan to add a calendar functionality where a patient can choose the preferred date and time slot. This way, we will reduce the number of phone calls and time spent on them.
Consequently, we will both provide a better and simpler experience for all users, and help the dental center save costs on processing the calls with convenient patient scheduling software.
Online dental platform for Israel users

Localization for Israeli users

We used Material UI and React-intl for localization purposes. Material UI supports right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, so we used it to change the direction of the web page components.
Apart from that, React-intl helped us translate the web content into Hebrew and customize the dental imaging management system for the Israeli market.

How it works

This video shows how a dental clinic representative can fill in the referral form and send it straight to the dental imaging center for further scheduling. You can see all the fields that need to be filled in in order to proceed with the appointment.
“It was amazing to work on such a project as Ref Dental: we basically witnessed how the product was developed from an MVP to a fully functional solution. As a result, our client (who was also extremely pleasant to work with) received the digitized process of exchanging the dental images between his imaging center itself and the clinics.
And Ref Dental is only getting started - the client now receives feature requests from real users, and we’re here to help to implement them to further enhance the dental imaging management system!”
Maria, Project Manager at Codica
Project Manager at Codica
Rails API
Gitlab CI
Whatsapp API
“We are happy to have Codica as our technical partner in web app development services. They take the project as seriously as we do and really care about its success. Together we are working on improving the Ref Dental platform to make it helpful for our dental imaging center, clinics, and patients.”
Leon Zinger, Founder at RefDental
Leon Zinger
Founder at RefDental
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