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In the Codica UI/UX design blog, you will find information on how to deliver the best user experience and interfaces with a digital solution. With a profound knowledge of UI/UX services, our designers share their expertise on how to make your solution appealing, responsive, and accessible to users.

Read our UI/UX design blog about improvements and benefits UI/UX design can bring to your platform.

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Decoding PoC and MVP: Know the Crucial Differences | Codica
7 min
February 16, 2024
PoC vs MVP: Understanding the Differences
Gain Clarity on the Distinctions Between PoC and MVP in Our Insightful Guide ✓ Understand Their Unique Roles in the Development Process.
MVP development
Unveiling the Variances: Prototype vs MVP Explained | Codica
6 min
February 13, 2024
Prototype vs MVP: Understanding the Differences
Delve into the Difference between Prototypes and Minimum Viable Products ✓ Discover How Each Serves a Unique Purpose in Product Development!
MVP development
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How to Build a Winning Minimum Viable Product Design | Codica
11 min
February 10, 2024
Minimum Viable Product Design: How to Build a Successful MVP
Learn the Essential Steps, Top Strategies, and Expert Tips for Creating a Successful MVP design!
MVP development
Best UI/UX Trends to Look Out in 2024 | Codica
17 min
December 11, 2023
Top UI/UX Trends to Follow in 2024
Check out the Top UI/UX Design Trends in 2024 and Beyond ✓ Our Expert Review of Dynamics and Accessibility in Web Design to Reach Wider Audiences!
The Best Colors Palettes for Web Design | Codica
17 min
September 01, 2023
Colors for Web Design: Features of Use and Main Trends
How to Choose a Vivid Color for Your Website? Real Examples of Web Color Palettes in Well-Known Companies ✓ Tips, Color Schemes, and Color Psychology!
E-commerce Website Design Guide: Benefits & Steps | Codica
17 min
August 21, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Website Design
How to Create an E-commerce Website Design? ✅ Step-by-step Guide that Makes Your Website Stand Out. Check All Design Tips for Better Conversion!
UI/UX Design Tools: Best Examples | Codica
15 min
July 24, 2023
Amazing UI/UX Design Tools to Make Your Life Easier
What are the UI/UX Design Tools for Various Purposes? Top Online Design Tools Examples & Their Significant Features!
Mobile First Design: Guide and Best Practices | Codica
17 min
May 22, 2023
Mobile-First Design: What Is It and How to Implement It
What is Mobile-First Design? Stages to Implement Mobile-First Design on Your Website ᐉ Tips and Strategies from an Experienced Team!