Custom marketplace for trading domain names

Custom marketplace for trading domain names

Learn how the Codica team helped the customer to redesign old functionality and develop new significant features for the Dan platform for selling domain names.

Domain:Online domain trading
Timeline:September 2021 - Ongoing
Services:Front-end, Back-end development,Online marketplace development
Team:3 Front-end Developers, 4 Back-end Developers, 2 QA Engineers, 1 Project Manager, 1 Back-end Teach Lead, 1 Front-end Teach Lead
Core Technologies:Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, Typescript, PostgreSQL, AWS, Redis, Sidekiq, Adyen, Docker, Docker Compose
Custom marketplace for trading domain names
“At Codica, added to our portfolio of successful projects. Thanks to our help, this domain platform is at a new level in the market.
This domain website is famous for the convenient functionality our team has guaranteed. It is about new features, options, filters, pop-ups, categories, columns, toolbar, a price calculator, infinite scroll, and much more. All these new elements ensure fast, seamless, and convenient use of the platform.
The Codica team is always eager to cooperate technically with similar projects and their founders. Moreover, it is important to us to guarantee business owners the high quality of their products.”
Dmytro, CEO at Codica
CEO at Codica

Background is a user-friendly and trustworthy domain sale website. It is a platform where users can buy or sell already registered domains quickly and efficiently.
Themulti-vendor marketplace developmentplatform has mainly 3 roles. Buyers can only purchase domains and manage payments using the Buyer control panel page. Sellers can import their domains and manage everything related to them - prices, buying options, or conversations with buyers.
Admins allow buyers and sellers to buy or sell the domain names, like processing the requests/questions from all users, domain transferring, transactions, etc.
With the old technology stack, it was challenging to integrate new features and redesign the UI part of the Portfolio in the way the client planned, so we built the new Portfolio from scratch. The client chose our Codica team since we are specialists in the required technologies, and we can develop a product of any complexity using them.

Business challenges

  • Make editing the domains in the Portfolio table more comfortable without wasting time. Also, make it possible to renew many domains with just one click.
  • Process vast data simultaneously and optimize search, filters, and sorting mechanisms. Moreover, implement an infinite scroll that allows operating with thousand domains on one page instead of complex pagination.
  • Create a pixel-perfect UI of the Portfolio page and improve the whole navigation bar of the platform for a better user experience.
  • Test the functionality very thoroughly. The Portfolio is the website’s core that is connected with all other valuable parts of the online marketplace platform. To totally avoid releasing complex functionality with critical bugs for 4 million active users per month.
  • Adapt the aftermarket domain names platform for all screens of devices. Make all desktop functions available on mobile/tablet versions.

Value delivered

  • Implemented a valuable toolbar for bulk changes. Added the ability to edit domain options, which were previously not available in the portfolio. Now, there is no need to go to another page to edit parameters.
  • Significantly improved overall platform optimization. Optimized search algorithm and made it possible to combine your existing search query with the filter options and sorting. Moreover, customized a quick infinite scroll instead of endless pagination. Also, accelerated bulk changes, import, and export of domains.
  • Provided UI redesign of all components on the page. Redesigned the navigation bar and made it expandable to take up less space on the domains marketplace.
  • Completely revamped the mobile designs to provide the best user experience. It is now easier to manage your domain portfolio directly from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Added a feature to create domain categories and then share them on the public page of the seller. Buyers can filter by this category the seller’s domains.
“Our goal was to update the existing portfolio management feature without letting down the thousands of users who were used to the old version. We used Ruby on Rails and React as a new tech stack. It was challenging but was done smoothly.
We managed to get the job done and got many positive reactions on Twitter. We’re proud of our work and the results. It was a great example of how we can improve an existing product in a way that is helpful to the users. We made sure the new version didn’t disrupt the user experience.
We look forward to taking on more projects like this in the future.”
Serhii, Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica
Ruby on Rails Developer at Codica

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Solution delivered

Mobile design for selling domain platform

Best UX with revamped mobile designs

You can now easily manage your portfolio of an online marketplace for domains trading directly from your mobile phone or tablet etc.
Therefore, mobile and tablet versions have the same functionality as desktop ones. You can use the settings and toolbar functionality. For example, you can add filters and categories or export selected domains.
Redesigned left navigation panel for selling domain platform

Portfolio UI upgrade

With our help, the platform for selling domain names started working much faster and became more convenient. Compared with the previous design, the left navigation panel has expanded and offers more dropdowns now.
After scrolling in this sector, you can choose the filter for domains - rented, sold, deleted. Also, you can immediately select or create a category of domains to direct the search to a specific niche more efficiently.
Moreover, the table, header, footer, all models, and popups have also receivedUI redesign. Now all these elements have acquired a more attractive appearance and convenient use.
Custom domain categories for selling domain platform

Custom domain categories

Domain categories have appeared in the left navigation panel of the online portal for selling domain names.
You can choose existing domain categories or create your custom domain category. In addition, it is worth mentioning another interesting feature our team added - Sharing custom domain categories.
Enhanced checkbox for selling domain platform

Added toolbar for bulk changes

The toolbar for bulk changes deserves special attention. By selecting specific domains in the checkbox, a panel will appear at the bottom of the domain names marketplace. You can find Pricing, Sales page, Distribute, Ads, and Delete sections among the existing bulk actions.
So, we facilitate the ability to edit all pricing options and public domain Sales page simultaneously in one pop-up for thousands of domains. This also applies to enabling and disabling Ads.
Moreover, with the calculator in the Pricing section, you can easily calculate the amount of the domain if you want to add or subtract specific parameters.
Improved table design for selling domain platform

Enhanced table functionality

Our team has added a "Domain extension" column to the main table so that users can easily choose credible and trustworthy domain extensions. Also, "Template" column appeared in the sale section of the domain sale website. It is about default, standard, brandable, and minimalistic domain layouts.
To make users of the domains marketplace as happy as possible, our specialists have added new domain filters and options. Therefore, with our updates, you can edit new fields in the table and sort and hide columns. Most interestingly, we added a convenient infinite scroll instead of complex pagination of domains.

How it works

The video below shows you how this domain names marketplace works. We made several crucial changes to redesign the Portfolio from the old view to the new one.
“I was delighted to work on the Portfolio redesign project with our team! We managed to address major customers’ pains. So, we made their domain management experience much more convenient by implementing new valuable features and optimizing the whole Portfolio. Moreover, the implemented responsive design enabled users to manage their domains in Portfolio on any device easily!
The cohesiveness of our team and structured collaboration with the client made the initially designed idea real in several months. Consequently, our result was highly appreciated by millions of real users.”
Andrii, Project Manager at Codica
Project Manager at Codica
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