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Are you looking for a profitable project? The Ecommerce marketplace platform is distinguished by attracting a large audience, which is an important condition for running a successful business.

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Ecommerce marketplace development services

Codica is about custom online marketplaces and SaaS products development. We already have more than 50 successful projects delivered by our 60+ specialists.Our specialists also develop high-quality Ecommerce platforms for customers worldwide. With ecommerce marketplace development services, our clients always get profitable and highly engaging products.

Consulting services

We thoroughly study what average customers would need, what problems they might have, and how the marketplace can help to solve them.

UI/UX design services

Our UI/UX experts are always keeping up with new design tendencies to make your marketplace trendy and easy to use.

Ecommerce marketplace development

We meet the unique marketplace requirements with front-end/back-end development, database and payment gateway integration, and customization.

QA testing services

Our QA specialists perform various testing procedures to ensure the smooth operation of your business idea.

Support and maintenance

We provide regular updates, fix issues, and perform optimizations to ensure your marketplace stays secure, stable, and up-to-date.

Various formats of ecommerce marketplace development solutions

We are specialists in a broad marketplace profile. Our team can help create your B2B, B2C, or multi-vendor marketplace. Codica will deliver a fast-loading and scalable custom platform your users prefer.

B2B marketplace

Provide a solution for business. Trade to prominent players. Be the first in your domain.

B2C marketplace

Offer multiple goods or services. Provide the brands. Make conditions for competition.

C2C marketplace

Offer goods or services. Present own UVP. Build a community of consumers.

P2P marketplace

Intended for shoppers and sellers, where sides can switch roles. Overcome the chicken and egg problem.

Multi-vendor marketplace development

Allow vendors and manufacturers to connect with many customers more simply and satisfy their requirements.

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Top must-have features we will deliver for your ecommerce platform

We advise our clients to carefully select the critical online marketplace features for buyers. Hence, the best features can attract new customers to your Ecommerce marketplace solution and help your business thrive.

Sign in/sign up

Dispute resolution system

Push notifications

Registration through social networks

Admin analytics and data dashboards

User profile and private data management

Search functionality and filtering options

Wide range of currencies and languages

Reservation/order process for clients

Smooth, attractive interface

Quick re-order function

Landing pages for buyers/sellers

Feedback and rating system

Regular inventory updates

Shipping and tracking system

Payment methods

Affiliate and referral programs

Commission control

Client service features

Chat management system

Seller-specific dashboards

Listing management

Business types we serve

Our mission is to help clients create successful web products, regardless of the size of their business idea. At Codica, we have many years of experience creating effective Ecommerce marketplace solutions.


We can help startups develop a prototype, create a new MVP, or scale an existing one fast and efficiently. Therefore, we launch products and test ideas quickly and within the budget to deliver intuitive and convenient functionality.

Small & mid-scale businesses

With Codica’s Ecommerce marketplace development services, our specialists will help make your business platform highly responsive and visually appealing. Moreover, you can rely on our expert support after the launch of your solution.


When you already have an Ecommerce marketplace software solution, you may need help with maintenance and support. We are ready to help you effectively cope with any challenges, including the automation of business processes and cost savings.

Ecommerce marketplace development process

The Ecommerce marketplace development is a complex step-by-step process. Codica helps our clients at every development stage, from idea analysis, up to its post-launch support.

We can explore the subject area, identify bottlenecks, and develop prototypes. Also, our experts create the roadmap and provide project cost and time estimates.
UI/UX design
Our skillful designers deliver attractive and user-friendly custom software products. We use lovely color palettes, trendy fonts, intuitive icons, and a straightforward interface.
Product development
We create the MVP based on the latest industry standards. With Ruby on Rails, React, VueJS, and other technologies, we quickly develop secure and quality solutions.
Optimization and QA
Our QA engineers consider their top priority in quality control and software testing for the best results for the final product. We do our best to ensure everything works correctly.
Deployment and support
With our maintenance and support, you get bug fixes, backup, monitoring, redesigning, improvement, and updating of systems, and constant support.

Codica’s development experience by numbers

successfully delivered marketplaces
mln generated by our clients
realized marketplace discoveries
years in marketplace development

Best tech stack to build ecommerce marketplace

The need to keep up with the times dictates the steady development of technologies. Today your platform is convenient and fast, but tomorrow there may be a breakthrough in IT, and you will need updates. Therefore, it is crucial to predict the development of technologies to be on trend now and in the future. At Codica, our experts are eager to help you to choose the most advanced technologies to leave your marketplace competitors far behind.


Benefits of the ecommerce marketplace development with Codica

So, how does Codica stand out in a competition of Ecommerce marketplace website development? We can solve your business development challenges with our skilled team and best technology practices.


We develop Ecommerce solutions per SEO requirements, allowing customers to increase positions in the results of search engines.


Our clients receive attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate finished marketplaces. These platforms guarantee convenient interaction for both sellers and buyers.


Protecting confidential data is an essential aspect of ouronline marketplace development services.We use built-in security tools to make your platforms resilient to threats.


The Codica team develops robust and scalable solutions. We help clients cope with the growing user number and increased platform workload.


We are passionate about the best user experience. We use the top-notch technologies for high loading speed and overall marketplace performance.


Our experts offer a cost-effective model that suits your project best. We make perfect marketplaces for any business under budget.
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Our case studies

Caravan-selling platform
TradeRVs is a leading marketplace in Australia where private sellers and dealers can sell or buy new or used caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, parts and accessories, and other recreational vehicles.
Made platform user- and mobile-friendly.
Deliver the third-party integrations.
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TradeRVs is a leading marketplace in Australia where private sellers and dealers can sell or buy new or used caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, parts and accessories, and other recreational vehicles.
“During the work on the project, Codica’s experts showed great communication skills and a high level of professionalism. They performed the work with high quality, taking into account all our requirements, and delivered the solution within the agreed time frame.”
Celso Prado
Celso Prado
Digital General Manager at the Adventures Group

Codica’s expertise in marketplace development

For more than eight years, we have been creating innovative software products to develop our clients' businesses in various industries and scales. Thanks to the highest quality services provided to our clients, Codica was already listed among Top Developers by Clutch in 2019-2023.

Top E-Commerce Developers in Ukraine 2020
Top Developers in Ukraine 2021
Top Ruby On Rails Developer in Kyiv 2023
Clutch Global 2023
Clutch Champion 2023

Our happy clients

At Codica, we take pride in delivering top-notch software solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and help them achieve their business goals. Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common - their satisfaction with our services.

David Watkins Founder of PlanMyKids
David Watkins
Founder of PlanMyKids

“I am happy to recommend Codica as a reliable team that can deliver unique and powerful software products. They used all their expertise when building our application, and often advised on the best way to implement a particular feature.

Also, we were (still) impressed by the team’s genuine interest in our product success. Codica became an integral part of our team, and we are very satisfied with our collaboration.”

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