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Tech Journalist
Kateryna Tech Journalist | Codica
Kateryna aims at creating engaging and attention-grabbing blog articles. She is passionate about sharing the latest insights of custom software development.

Author’s articles

7 Reasons to build your startup with Ruby on Rails | Codica
7 Reasons to Use Ruby on Rails for Your Startup
Date of modified of the articles23 Oct 2018
Article reading time13 min
Tools that will boost your remote team productivity | Codica
Working Remotely: Key Online Collaboration Tools for Great Results
Date of modified of the articles10 Oct 2018
Article reading time15 min
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Implementing Agile: Our Experience | Codica
Codica Way
Agile at Codica: How We Deliver Great Web Products
Date of modified of the articles07 Sep 2018
Article reading time11 min

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