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Digital Content Strategist
Evan strives for comprehensive growth and contribution to the global digital industry. He reveals pertinent business topics in the digital sector with engaging and resultant stories.
About author
In my work, I like it when you, as a reader, find what you search for. Every topic is a tool that helps businesses discover new opportunities, pivot challenges, and find solutions. My experience in digital communications helps me understand what you, as a business owner, need and give you answers to your questions through comprehensive content.

List of author’s articles

Navigating Online Gun Sales in the US: Key Aspects Unveiled | Codica
15 min
June 20, 2024
Main Aspects for Online Gun Sales in the US
Explore the crucial aspects of online gun sales in the US. From legal compliance to market dynamics, this article uncovers the essential elements vital for success in the digital firearm retail landscape.
Marketplace development
How to Find Investments for Online Marketplace Startups | Codica
12 min
May 30, 2024
How to Find Investments for Online Marketplace Startups
Check the 5 Best Methods to Find Marketplace Investors for Your Online Startup ✅ Main Stages of Raising Funds for an Online Marketplace!
Marketplace development
How to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website | Codica
20 min
May 27, 2024
How to Create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website
Want to know all about multi-vendor marketplace development? Find out, from finding your niche to promoting and growing an online multi-vendor marketplace platform.
Marketplace development
How to Create a Website Like Alibaba: Timeline, Features, Cost | Codica
10 min
May 25, 2024
Alibaba Clone Website: How to Build a Similar Multi-Vendor Marketplace
Do you want to build an e-commerce website like Alibaba? Our specialists prepared a thorough step-by-step guide to help you repeat the success.
Product guides
How to Build a SaaS Product in 2024: Step-by-Step Guide | Codica
38 min
May 15, 2024
The Ultimate Guide How to Build a SaaS Product in 2024
Discover Development Cycle, Essential Tips, and Best Trends to Empower Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Developers in Creating Effective and Scalable SaaS Solutions.
Saas development
How to Select the Perfect SaaS Hosting Provider for Your SaaS Application | Codica
6 min
May 13, 2024
Choosing the Best SaaS Hosting Provider for Your SaaS App
This Article Delves into Critical Considerations and Expert Insights to Help You Guide the Complex Landscape of SaaS Hosting Solutions.
Saas development
SaaS Marketing Strategy: 5 Key Steps for a Successful Start | Codica
11 min
May 06, 2024
SaaS Marketing Strategy: How to Promote a SaaS Startup
Newcoming SaaS companies need an efficient marketing strategy to grow. Read this thorough article to find SaaS marketing strategies that will help your business evolve.
Saas development
SaaS SEO: The Complete Guide and SEO Tips | Codica
17 min
May 02, 2024
SaaS SEO: Maximize Your Business's Online Visibility
What is SaaS SEO and How to Build a SaaS SEO Strategy? Check This Guide on SEO for SaaS to Increase Your Organic Traffic and Conversions!
Saas development
How to Create a SaaS Startup: A Step-by-Step Guide | Codica
8 min
April 29, 2024
How to Build a SaaS Startup in 10 Smart Steps
Learn How to Start Your Own SaaS Business with Our Detailed Guide ✓ We Provide the Essential Knowledge and Practical Tips You Need.
Saas development
Cloud Applications Development: Full Guide for 2024 | Codica
8 min
April 25, 2024
The Ultimate Guide About Cloud Applications Development: Types, Cost, and Timeline
This article is a full guide on cloud app development. Here we will discuss cloud types, key features, and development costs.
MVP Magic: 5 Reasons Your Startup Needs it in 2024 | Codica
7 min
February 22, 2024
Why You Need MVP Startup Software Development: 5 Key Benefits in 2024
Discover the game-changing benefits of MVP software development for your startup in 2024 ✓ Unlock the secrets to success and stay ahead of the curve!
MVP development
10 Reasons Why Startups Need MVP Development in 2024 | Codica
6 min
February 19, 2024
10 Main Benefits of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development for Startups in 2024
10 Reasons Why Startups Need MVP Development in 2024 | Codica Description: Dive into the World of Startup Success with Our Guide on the 10 Key Benefits of Building an MVP for Startups in 2024!
MVP development
Decoding PoC and MVP: Know the Crucial Differences | Codica
7 min
February 16, 2024
PoC vs MVP: Understanding the Differences
Gain Clarity on the Distinctions Between PoC and MVP in Our Insightful Guide ✓ Understand Their Unique Roles in the Development Process.
MVP development
Unveiling the Variances: Prototype vs MVP Explained | Codica
6 min
February 13, 2024
Prototype vs MVP: Understanding the Differences
Delve into the Difference between Prototypes and Minimum Viable Products ✓ Discover How Each Serves a Unique Purpose in Product Development!
MVP development
How to Build a Winning Minimum Viable Product Design | Codica
11 min
February 10, 2024
Minimum Viable Product Design: How to Build a Successful MVP
Learn the Essential Steps, Top Strategies, and Expert Tips for Creating a Successful MVP design!
MVP development
MVP Agile Methodology: A Simple Guide to Building Awesome Products | Codica
6 min
February 07, 2024
The Essence of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Agile Methodology
Explore the Power of MVP Agile Methodology in This Easy-to-Follow Guide ✓ Uncover the Best practices and Vital Advantages of MVP Agile Software Development.
MVP development
Smart Testing: 17 Top Ways to Perfect Your MVP Idea | Codica
14 min
February 04, 2024
Testing an MVP: 17 Best Ways to Test Your Idea
Dive into Testing with Our Guide on the 17 Testing Types to Validate Your MVP Idea ✓ Discover Effective Strategies to Ensure Your Concept is Robust!
MVP development
Our Year in Software Development: a Look Back at 2023 | Codica
10 min
December 29, 2023
2023 for Codica: a Year in Review
Explore the key moments in our software development company in 2023. From exciting tech advances to successful collaborations, join us in reflecting on a year of innovation and growth!
Company News
26 SaaS Innovations That Will Redefine Profitability in 2024 | Codica
25 min
December 19, 2023
26 SaaS Application Ideas for a Profitable Product in 2024
Discover 26 top SaaS app ideas, unlocking the next wave of solutions revolutionizing business in the digital age ✓ Explore the advanced SaaS landscape with our detailed list!
Saas development
How to Create an Online Marketplace like Etsy: Tips & Costs | Codica
24 min
November 24, 2023
How to Build an Outstanding P2P Website Like Etsy
6 Steps In-Depth Guide on Development Steps, Main Features, and Cost Estimates of Website Like Etsy ✓ Start Building Your P2P Marketplace in 2024!
Product guides
Node.js vs Ruby on Rails: Ultimate Comparison Guide | Codica
15 min
November 14, 2023
Powerful Duo of Node.js vs. Ruby on Rails: The Best Backend for Web Development
Explore the Key Differences Between 2 Dynamic Backend Frameworks to Choose the Best for Your Startup ✓ Here is All about Speed, Security, and Quick Implementation!
Podman vs. Docker Difference - Which One to Choose? | Codica
13 min
October 05, 2023
Battle of Containerization Titans: Podman vs. Docker
Comparing the Docker and Podman Containerization Tools ✓ Comprehensive Features, Key Differences, and Benefits & Drawbacks.
How to Build a Job Matching System: Features, Tech Stack & Costs | Codica
16 min
September 11, 2023
Job Matching System Case Study: How We Delivered Hiring Platform for Wowner
Step-by-Step Guide on Hiring Platform Development ⭐️Codica’s Experts Give Practical Insights How We Created a Job Matching System for Wowner.
Product guides
The Best Colors Palettes for Web Design | Codica
17 min
September 01, 2023
Colors for Web Design: Features of Use and Main Trends
How to Choose a Vivid Color for Your Website? Real Examples of Web Color Palettes in Well-Known Companies ✓ Tips, Color Schemes, and Color Psychology!
Best Tech Startup Ideas 2024 with Minimal Budget to Start | Codica
20 min
August 24, 2023
23 Best Tech Startup Ideas 2024
Unveil the Top Tech Startup Ideas of 2024 ⭐️ This Article Reveals Innovative Concepts that Promise to Shape Tech Startups' Future Worldwide
App Design Process: Insights for Startupers | Codica
17 min
August 10, 2023
What Should Every Startup Know About the App Design Process
What are the Main Tips for Business Founders in App Design? Key Steps in App Design Process & Selecting App Design Team!
UI/UX Design Tools: Best Examples | Codica
15 min
July 24, 2023
Amazing UI/UX Design Tools to Make Your Life Easier
What are the UI/UX Design Tools for Various Purposes? Top Online Design Tools Examples & Their Significant Features!
PWA Development Cost: Breakdown and Hidden Costs | Codica
13 min
June 13, 2023
Breaking Down the Cost of PWA Development: Insights and Best Practices
What is the Price of PWA Development? Cost of Every Stage of PWA Development ⭐ Guide to Optimize the Progressive Web App Development Cost.
Quality Assurance vs Quality Control: Key Differences | Codica
17 min
May 19, 2023
Quality Assurance vs Quality Control: Definitions and Key Differences
What are Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Software Testing? Find out All the Similarities and Differences Between QA and QC!
Tech Stack for Mobile App Development (Best for 2024) | Codica
19 min
March 14, 2023
Best Technology Stack for Mobile App Development in 2024
How to Choose the Technology Stack for Mobile App Development? ᐈ Most Popular Options for Native, Cross-Platform, or Hybrid App Development!
How to Make an App Like Snapchat: Tech Stack & Costs | Codica
17 min
March 01, 2023
How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App Like Snapchat
Learn how to build an app like Snapchat from scratch. This guide covers everything from ideation to launch.
Product guides
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