Codica Named a Top E-commerce Web Development Company by Manifest

August 26, 2021
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Codica is a professional team that provides software consultancy services to all-sized businesses. We have been building unique and complex custom web solutions for more than six years, helping our customers reach their business goals and prosper.

Codica team specializes in the following services:

We have all the needed resources and expertise in-house, so we are a one-stop-shop for our customers. Our team consists of experienced software developers, PMs, QAs, and creative UX/UI designers. Focusing on our customers’ business needs, we bring best practices to all our projects and deliver effective software solutions.

In this article, we want to share what our customers and independent experts say about our work and how we stand out in the competition with other vendors.

Clients say we deliver on Clutch and Manifest is an independent, trusted B2B rating platform with headquarters in Washington D.C. It helps find the top service providers based on real customers’ feedback. Thanks to the highest quality services provided to our clients, Codica was already listed among Top Developers by Clutch in 2019 and 2020.

Three Clutch awards for top web development, B2B companies in 2019-2020

Project delivered: Assessment Management App for Energy Company

Speaking about reviews from our clients. Last year, Sergey Ustimov, the Delivery Manager of the UK energy company, wrote an online review that featured five-star ratings. And we would like to tell more about the project our team completed for Sergey.

When managing large teams, it сan be hard to see what they're working on and track their progress. The assessment management services help businesses manage their staff remotely. So having a customized app will help your company in many ways.

The Codica team developed such an assessment management system for the mentioned client. Our task was to provide a bigger picture of company operations. We provided UX/UI design and the project architecture for the first iteration. The second iteration is still ongoing. Below are some words of our customer about work done on the project:

They did a great job on the discovery sessions with us. Both UX/UI design and development were good. We liked most about the Codica team because of their deep understanding of the product goals and our business needs - Sergey Ustimov, Delivery Manager of the UK-based energy company

Take a look at the entire review from Sergey on the Clutch review platform:

Review from Sergey on Clutch

Codica in Manifest listings

Manifest, a Clutch’s sister website, is also a business news platform. Our Manifest profile ranks among the top 60 e-commerce app development companies in Ukraine and Top apps Developers.

Codica is named Top App Developers 2021 by the Manifest

We are very proud that industry professionals acknowledge our e-commerce marketplace development services. Moving forward, we want to see what we can further improve on to rank even higher.

Ukrainian IT market overview

The IT sector in Ukraine was affected but was not killed by the pandemic. Currently, we are witnessing a promising boost of IT services in the coming years. Let’s see what's happening in the Ukrainian IT market and what the perspectives for building an e-commerce platform with a Ukrainian development partner are.

As per recent research, Ukraine started this year with over 200 thousand tech experts and a 20% IT Services market growth. More than 90% of Ukraine’s tech companies shifted to remote work after the strict quarantine in March 2020. As of 2021, most companies are returning to office spaces or offer flexible work-from-home conditions to employees.

Overall, the government's Tech Ecosystem lists 858 service vendors and over 1,140 product companies in Ukraine.

Startups with Ukrainian roots

Being home to so many tech talents, Ukraine can boast multiple prominent startups founded by Ukrainians, some of which have become unicorns.

In 2019 the most significant funding rounds in the history of Ukrainian IT took place. During such rounds, startups raise capital for further development. For example, GitLab raised $268 million. As you might know, it is owned by an entrepreneur from Kharkiv, Ukraine. The same year, Grammarly raised a $90 million round of funding.

Finally, in August 2021, raised $100m and reached a $1.1B valuation.

Startups with Ukrainian origin Grammarly Gitlab Restream Looksery

Source: 2021 Tech Market Report: Ukraine: the Home of Great Devs by Beetroot

What’s next in the Ukrainian IT field?

As per a recent forecast by PwС, the Ukrainian IT market is rocketing rapidly. It will reach over 242 thousand tech experts and $8.4 bn worth of export in the coming years. The tech sector is leading among the top contributors to the country’s economy. Below is a chart of Ukraine's IT services market growth from an export volume and talent pool perspective.

Diagram of Ukraine's IT market growth from 2016 to 2025E export value and talent pool

Source: 2021 Tech Market Report: Ukraine: the Home of Great Devs

According to, one of the main spheres where Ukrainian IT vendors work is e-commerce.

Industry focus among Ukrainian software development companies


Considering this specialization, the coming years bring many opportunities to Ukraine-based e-commerce experts. The demand for e-commerce marketplace development is growing, and Ukrainian technical vendors are ready to provide high-quality services to clients from all over the world.

Let’s have a more detailed look at how the users’ behavior changed and what are the new ways for businesses to profit from e-commerce web development.

E-commerce platforms and their nearest future

E-commerce has seen a surge of activity and new consumers recently, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses had to shut down their physical offices and put their employees and operations online. Online purchases have become demanded by customers, from the at-risk groups and beyond.

If your business has not gone online yet, it’s high time to think about it and move in full swing.

We have gathered some catching statistics as per the current state of the e-commerce domain and its perspectives.

Offline strategies are no longer working

As per the Catalyst Digital report, in-store sales and offline ads are no longer equally effective compared to the Internet search or e-commerce marketplace or website. Have a look.

The comparison of Online and Offline business strategies

Customer behavior has changed

Under the pandemic circumstances, users' behavior has dramatically changed and requires new approaches. The online strategy proves the efficiency of ‘I saw an email ad,’ ‘went to an e-commerce platform,’ or ‘I did an Internet search’ actions.

The changes in customer behavior as per Catalyst Digital report

Source: Catalyst Digital report

Cross-platforming is essential

Regardless of the target, your audience may be switching devices. So it’s wise to provide users with a convenient option to buy online from anywhere. As per recent statistics, 60% of online shoppers own a smartphone, and over 50% buy from a tablet. On the whole, more than 50% of active shoppers have more than one device with online access.

While users use different devices for online purposes, it’s more feasible to provide users with cross-platform solutions instead of native apps. A great option here is creating a Progressive Web Application, and more and more companies are taking advantage of a PWA. Progressive web apps that provide end-users with a native, app-like experience are customized for any device.

Below is a list of top brands that have already implemented PWA technology and their results in numbers.

Companies that have successfully implemented the PWA technology

For example, we built a cross-platform web application for our client from the Netherlands. The solution is an Intelligent Job Search Platform that provides end-users with an efficient mobile experience.

With the PWA technology, we managed to quickly deliver this cross-platform solution and helped our customer save costs on mobile app development. Here’s what our client says about our work:

Client quote from Geert-Jan Waasdorp Co-Founder of Wowner

Codica’s expertise in e-commerce marketplace development

For all our customers who are thinking of starting a prosperous marketplace like Amazon, or eBay, or, let’s say, Etsy, we prove it’s a brilliant idea. Online e-commerce marketplaces are on the rise now. For instance, according to the recent Statista research, eBay generated $11 bln of revenue in 2020.

Still, one of the biggest concerns for our customers, both new to the marketplace domain and those who are researching the market to compare, is how much does it actually cost to create a marketplace in 2021? If you are looking for rough numbers, read our guide about marketplace websites costs. As per our calculations, it will take about 972 hours to build an online marketplace with our team.

Daily meeting of the Ukrainian development company

And when we are talking about building an online marketplace, we advise selecting custom software development services. In such a case, you can define all the needed functions and count on personalized business logic.

As for the tech stack, we recommend tools to make your product scalable, and secure. Consider Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ElasticSearch, Redis, MySQL, for server-side and JavaScript, React, Vue.js HTML5, CSS3, for front-end.

To show you an example of a marketplace website that Codica delivered, take a look at our recent project, PlanMyKids, an online service marketplace for a US startup.

Online Service Marketplace for PlanMyKids

The solution allows busy parents to book after-school activities for their kids. For this particular client, we were able to deliver an MVP below the required budget, thanks to our marketplace development expertise and the technical solutions our team suggested.

Take a look at how we were working on this activity booking marketplace or check more of the marketplace platforms that our team created.

Emphasizing the high quality of work

Finally, how does Codica stand out in a competition of marketplace development? We are very proud to be recognized among e-commerce web development leaders in Ukraine by expert communities for several years in a row. Along with that, our clients rank high Codica’s expertise and commitment to the project’s success.

We are happy to share the review from our client, David Watkins, Founder of PlanMyKids. In this video David talked about his experience of creating an activity booking marketplace platform with the Codica team.

We also welcome our customers to check the quality of our code by visiting our GitHub profile.

Summing up

Codica continues to deliver high-quality e-commerce platforms for customers worldwide. What’s important, our clients don’t want just regular cost-effective online marketplaces. Aiming high, they are looking for profitable and highly engaging products their end users will love.

That’s where Codica helps. Our team provides expert consultations on every stage of development and advises the best-suited solutions for every unique case.

We are always happy to share our customers’ reviews about our work, team, and expertise. You can also find out more about other Codica’s industry recognitions on the Awards page.

Are you looking to work with an internationally renowned company? Get in touch with Codica, and let's get to work.

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