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This custom software development blog explores recent and proven technologies for developing digital solutions. Software professionals from Codica have been delivering custom software development services for years in different industries. Thus, you will find articles on the essential aspects of building, deploying, and supporting custom solutions.

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Top 15 Web Development Trends in 2024: Expert Guide | Codica
23 min
December 05, 2023
15 Burning Web Development Trends to Follow in 2024
Unlock the Future of Web Development Trends with Our Top Expert Guide ⭐️ Stay Ahead with Insights into the Latest Innovations for a Dynamic Online Presence
Weaviate Integration: An Introduction to AI Search | Codica
18 min
November 27, 2023
Getting Started with Weaviate: A Beginner’s Guide to AI Search
Need More Flexible Search on Your Website? Read Our Expert Article on Vector Search and Databases! ✔️Our Experience in Integrating the Weaviate Vector Search Engine!
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How to Create an Online Marketplace like Etsy: Tips & Costs | Codica
24 min
November 24, 2023
How to Build an Outstanding P2P Website Like Etsy
6 Steps In-Depth Guide on Development Steps, Main Features, and Cost Estimates of Website Like Etsy ✓ Start Building Your P2P Marketplace in 2024!
Product guides
Node.js vs Ruby on Rails: Ultimate Comparison Guide | Codica
15 min
November 14, 2023
Powerful Duo of Node.js vs. Ruby on Rails: The Best Backend for Web Development
Explore the Key Differences Between 2 Dynamic Backend Frameworks to Choose the Best for Your Startup ✓ Here is All about Speed, Security, and Quick Implementation!
Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce: Main Insights and Advantages | Codica
15 min
November 01, 2023
AI in Ecommerce: Statistics, Use Cases, and Benefits
Explore the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce ✓ Discover the Numbers, Use Cases, Advanced AI Tools, and the Benefits It Brings.
React SEO: Tips & Best Practices | Codica
15 min
October 10, 2023
React SEO: Challenges and Pro Tips
How Can You Create an SEO with React JS? Check This Guide where We Collect React SEO Best Practices for the Web Solutions Coming from Our Experts!
Building a Classifieds Website Like Craigslist: All You Need to Know | Codica
17 min
September 26, 2023
Building a Classifieds Website Like Craigslist: All You Need to Know
Do you want to know how to build a website like Craigslist? Check this detailed guide from our expert team on building a classifieds website.
Product guides
9 Best Marketplace Payment Solutions for 2024 | Codica
21 min
September 15, 2023
9 Best Payment Solutions for Online Marketplaces in 2024
How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Marketplace? Our Expert Team Has Collected All the Tips About Choosing Top Payment Solutions + Comparison Table.
Marketplace development