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Frontend Developer
Dmytriy is an expert in frontend and backend. He creates high-performance solutions by harnessing the power of React and Node.js.

List of author’s articles

Node.js vs Ruby on Rails: Ultimate Comparison Guide | Codica
15 min
November 14, 2023
Powerful Duo of Node.js vs. Ruby on Rails: The Best Backend for Web Development
Explore the Key Differences Between 2 Dynamic Backend Frameworks to Choose the Best for Your Startup ✓ Here is All about Speed, Security, and Quick Implementation!
React SEO: Tips & Best Practices | Codica
15 min
October 10, 2023
React SEO: Challenges and Pro Tips
How Can You Create an SEO with React JS? Check This Guide where We Collect React SEO Best Practices for the Web Solutions Coming from Our Experts!
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