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15 Top SaaS Startups for Your Inspiration in 2023

Today, the SaaS industry is gaining momentum. According to the recent SaaS report, 80% of businesses already use at least one SaaS application. Surely, now, startuppers face challenges regarding the competition in the market.

But SaaS solutions are those that can constantly evolve. So, by using the right tools and finding your niche, you will accomplish the best business results. Hence, building a SaaS company is currently a working business idea with which you can receive generous funding.

To help you find inspiration and launch the best SaaS startup ever, in this article, you will find 15 great examples of SaaS startups you can learn from. All of them produce valuable products that show fast growth for now. Likewise, Growthlist and AngelList marked them as promising SaaS solutions of 2023.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them. as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Food delivery

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States

CEO: Arsen Stepanyan

Fundraised: No information at present

Statistics say that 60% of Americans order food delivery, and 31% use third-party food apps at least twice a week. is just a SaaS company with a location in the US helping restaurants to benefit from this. integrates popular delivery services into one system. It allows a restaurant owner to manage all the menus and incoming orders using only one device. With the web service, a user can also easily create your own smart ordering site. looks like one of the best SaaS startups for its timely idea to help restaurants adapt to the new food environment today. This digital startup shows fast growth in the market.

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Adwisely as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Fully automated ads service

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, US

CEO: Pavlo Matviienko

Fundraised: $4.2 million

Adwisely is an e-commerce SaaS platform that assists online stores in managing ads efficiently. This solution helps online stores’ owners engage new customers with the help of the network effect. This startup was launched in 2018 by Ukrainian founder and CEO Pavlo Matviienko and co-founder Volodymyr Vorobei.

Adwisely optimizes the performance of ads, not just creates them. This web solution runs A/B tests and scales the business-performing advertisements and many others.

Below we placed a short video that shows how Adwisely can benefit stores.

Adwisely went through a long path before gaining success on the market. From the very beginning, this startup was called RetargetApp. The brand founders have been working on the initial version of this app since 2015.

Pavlo says that just community channels have assisted in startup growth. He notes LinkedIn and Facebook groups, e-commerce forums, etc. Also, Pavlo states that sharing valuable information with entrepreneurs helps to build personal relations, and engage new users.

Notably, in its first work year, Adwisely got $1 million ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) without involvement of the investor.

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Virtually as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Online learning platform

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, US

CEO: Ish Baid

Fundraised: $1.9 million

Virtually is a SaaS platform with a location in the US that provides all you need for online learning. This web solution has student management tools and rich chatting options. It also offers simplified payment processing. Here, you can hold any kind of online program: from live classes to training camps and even more.

Virtually is fully customizable. Users are free to opt for branding, custom domain, or search for personal color schemes. Being an inclusive solution Virtually is a great SaaS project for online schools nowadays.

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Hyperhuman as one of the top saas businesses

SaaS product: Fitness video platform

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Bucharest, București, Romania

CEO: Bogdan Predusca

Fundraised: €800,000

Hyperhuman is a SaaS startup for the fitness field that shows fast growth now. It is a web platform that helps instructors, trainers, and coaches make high-quality video workouts very fast. Users of the website can do it without special skills in video editing. The features of this app enable create these videos automatically.

A user just needs to upload videos of themselves doing exercises with the help of the company’s mobile application. The Hyperhuman app edits the videos of clients into reusable clips automatically. Also, users can add their audio instructions. Furthermore, users can publish their workout videos on social media or anywhere else.

Nowadays, this SaaS solution has a high growth of popularity in the digital market.

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SaaS product: Conversion tracking automation

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware, US

CEO: Sherif Ali

Fundraised: $75,000

Funnelll is a software platform to track conversion and streamline marketing campaigns. With no coding, it bonds your ad accounts with analytical tools like Google, Facebook, or Slack and shares your clients’ activity data.

Also, we should mention another one of the Funnelll’s great features. It is the option of customer journey visualization. So, a user promptly sees the gaps in their campaigns and search for profitable or useless ones among them.

Helping to keep your eye on the ball, Funnelll is one of the best SaaS startups to save money on marketing.

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Qobra as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Automation for commission calculations

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Paris, France

CEO: Antoine Fort

Fundraised: €5.1 million

Qobra is a promising SaaS startup that helps you automate your sales commission calculations. You can set counting rules, manage disputes, and control approval workflows using it. This helps you to save on human resources and time resources a lot. Also, Qobra includes personal award dashboards for sales team members.

This web platform is helpful for strategic planning as well. With Qobra, you can forecast future money revenue depending on a compensation plan.

A great mix of tools for operational and strategic purposes ranks Qobra as one of the top SaaS startups.

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RightBound as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Sales automation

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Kirkland, Washington, US

CEO: Ran Oelgiesser

Fundraised: $27.5 million

RightBound is a SaaS company offering an all-in-one solution for sales optimization. It automates customer research, segmentation, and multi-channel outreach of your prospects.

RightBound has special features to optimize the work of your sales agents. It provides them with real-time notifications about a prospect’s engagement stage. Also, it gives previous customer info and personal follow-up rules.

Since RightBound covers a bulk of sales’ routine legwork, it makes it one of the best SaaS startups in this field.

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Yac as one of the promising saas startups

SaaS product: Voice messaging service

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Kissimmee, Florida, US

CEO: Justin Mitchell

Fundraised: $11 million

Yac is a growing SaaS platform for team voice communication. It lets you shorten calls by voice messaging with async screen sharing at the right time for all the crew. Also, Yac has an audio transcription to help you search and find needed messages quickly.

This excellent solution for different time zone teams makes Yac one of the best SaaS startups in this area.

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Zeevou as one of the promising saas startups

SaaS product: Hospitality business management platform

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

CEO: Na'ím Anís Paymán

Fundraised: €250,000

Zeevou is a SaaS platform that streamlines the hospitality business process. Managing guest vetting, booking, communication, and accounting can become challenging. To fix this point, the startups offer you a software-as-a-service tool to manage everything in one place. The features of Zeevou can deal with everything from booking to accounting.

Undoubtedly, Zeevou is one of the brightest growing SaaS startups. The proof of this is obtaining the Best Channel Manager Award – Shortyz 2020. For today, the Zeevou business has received 250,000 euros from the Payman Group investor.

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ModernLoop as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Employees recruiting operations platform

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US

CEO: Lydia Han

Fundraised: $12.1 million

During the period of economic turbulence, the recruiting process slows down. However, hiring at companies hasn’t stopped entirely. Still, HR departments are being asked to complete more with fewer employees, according to the work strategy.

ModernLoop is a software platform that automates and optimizes interview coordination. It is developed to provide an excellent hiring experience. ModernLoop offers tools to assist HR teams in booking interviews across various time zones. Moreover, this software automatically sends email invites to interviewees with video meeting links.

In August 2022, ModernLoop obtained $9 million in Series A funding. By the end of 2022, ModernLoop is $12.1 million in total funding.


Hopin as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Virtual event management platform

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

CEO: Johnny Boufarhat

Fundraised: $1 billion

Hopin is one of the top SaaS startups in 2023 to help you conduct engaging virtual events that connect people worldwide. The main goal of this company is to allow users to form meaningful connections, irrespective of physical distance.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of this SaaS solution became evident. This software allows people and businesses to carry on and hold meetings and events, even in a period of social distancing.

Established in 2019, Hopin has already become one of the SaaS companies with high growth. Founder and CEO Johnny Boufarhat aims to keep the growth of his startup with the priority to make live events “available to all.”

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SaaS product: Cybersecurity platform

Founded: 2021

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

CEO: Enrico Faccioli, Matt Holland

Fundraised: $760,000

Founded in 2021, is a cloud-native cybersecurity platform. It assists enterprises in reducing the risk of data leakage. This one of the top SaaS startups in 2023 analyzes the clients’ web solutions. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to search and identify invisible threats.

This type of service secures businesses from cyber-attacks before they can happen. With its one of the best growing SaaS products, the company has received great seed investments for now.

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Fuse Autotech

Fuse Autotech as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Vehicle transactions automation

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Minnesota, US

CEO: Colton Ray

Fundraised: $13.5 million

Fuse Autotech was founded in 2020. This one of the top SaaS companies in 2023 is an interactive and new form of vehicle dealership. The cloud-based platform helps auto dealerships and customers choose the vehicle, buy it and pay online. Fuse Autotech aims to provide a seamless experience of the car buying process for users in onsite and online modes.

This one of the successful SaaS startups revealed that it handles over $1 billion in vehicle transactions annually. By the way, it caters to more than 100 dealerships in the US.

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Phyllo as one of the top saas startups

SaaS product: Data integration platform

Founded: 2021

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US

CEO: Akhil Bhiwal

Fundraised: $17.8 million

Phyllo is another example of one of the top SaaS companies in 2023. This startup with location in San Francisco focuses on providing APIs to access the data from the creators' economy. Based on this data, enterprises and other creators are able to tweak their efforts.

This one of the best SaaS solutions in 2023 is useful as a metric system. It helps to measure the performance of content generated by Tiktokers, Instagrammers, and others. For example, influencers can use this SaaS solution’s features to discover the right figures and to make more informed decisions.

With one of the best SaaS products, Phyllo has raised $17.8 million through seed investment and hit $594,000 in revenues for 2023.

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SaaS product: Copywriting tool

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee, US

CEO: Paul Yacoubian

Fundraised: $11 million

Everybody knows that copywriting is quite a time-consuming process. is an excellent example of a cloud-based startup. This one of the top SaaS companies aims to help customers quickly generate written business content. For example, this AI-powered creativity tool can deliver a blog post draft based on a few sentences or even generate a slogan for a company.

Using this one of the best SaaS solutions in 2023, digital companies, copywriters, and e-commerce brands can save time and be more productive.

Notably, around 380,000 people used to write marketing copy in the first year after launch. It is one of the SaaS startups with high growth that received $2.4 million in annual revenue. In 2021, the startup raised $11 million through seed investment. And in 2022, announced the next Series A funding.

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Our SaaS startups development experience

At Codica, we have more than seven years of experience in software product development, including SaaS projects. And feedback from our clients proves our expertise better than we do.

In this brief video, we demonstrate to you an Australian cloud website for bakery businesses created by our team. This digital project is a CakerHQ, a SaaS startup. With this software, bakers sell great desserts. In turn, clients can book the confectionery quickly and easily.

The founder of startup, Liza, decided to create this solution when she saw management problems with which baker business owners faced. After reviewing our portfolio and meeting with CEO and Business Development Manager, Liza stopped the choice on Codica.

Below you can watch a video of what product we developed for Liza.

We built this website for the bakery industry from scratch. Eventually, the client got convenient, eye-pleasing, and secure software. In addition, this web solution operates its best on both mobile and desktop devices.

Bottom line

As you see, trendy SaaS app development services vary greatly today. You can come up with mind-blowing SaaS products for totally different areas. They can differ from healthcare apps to productivity tools.

We hope our list of the top SaaS startups will help you get an idea for your own best SaaS startup development.

When you’re ready to build your own SaaS startup, the Codica team will eagerly help you with the SaaS launch. Let us turn your excellent web project into a secure and scalable cloud solution! Contact us, and we will discuss your idea!

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