Today, the SaaS (software as a service) industry is gaining momentum. As the global economy moves through the ebbs and flows of the recession, witnessing the concurrent boom in the SaaS market is intriguing.

If you’re planning to build a SaaS product, learning from examples is the best way to start. So, in this piece, we will satisfy the intrigue by overviewing fastest growing SaaS companies. However, we’re sure you've already heard of those all-time favorites in the SaaS industry, like Figma, Canva, PayPal, and others. Therefore, we focused on the other side of the industry, namely on top growing SaaS companies. So, let’s see.


This SaaS solution offers a comprehensive platform that combines various features such as phone services, texting capabilities, scheduling tools, reminders, payment processing, and review collection.

With Weave, users can streamline their operations by automating tasks, managing schedules efficiently, accelerating payment processing, gathering more reviews, and much more—all within a single platform.

In 2023, Weave experienced remarkable growth, which is evident after looking at dozens of their awards. Thus, it is pretty much safe to assume that with such solid growth in 2023, Weave will be more than successful in 2024.

List of Weave's awards in 2023


Among other successful SaaS startups on our list, there is Liberis, a prominent embedded finance platform. With a commitment to delivering accessible and responsible finance solutions to small businesses worldwide, Liberis equips partners with cutting-edge technology and financial services. It uses hyper-personalized and easily accessible funding options, empowering small business customers to boost their revenues and achieve growth.

Financial SaaS platform example

So, why is it on the list of the best SaaS startups? Well, as a startup, it boasts some outstanding numbers. For instance, Liberis team claims it worked with tens of thousands of businesses over the years, resulting in over 60,000 transactions. Through these transactions, Liberis delivered over $1 billion in funding.


Adwisely as one of the top saas startups in 2024

Being an ecommerce SaaS platform, Adwisely assists online stores in managing ads efficiently. This high-growth SaaS company helps online stores and their owners engage new customers with the help of the network effect. This startup was launched in 2018 by Ukrainian founder and CEO Pavlo Matviienko and co-founder Volodymyr Vorobei.

Adwisely optimizes the performance of ads, not just creates them. This web solution runs A/B tests and scales the business-performing advertisements and many others.

Below is a short video that shows how Adwisely can benefit stores.

Adwisely went through a long path before gaining success on the market. From the very beginning, this startup was called RetargetApp. The brand founders have been working on the initial version of this app since 2015.

Notably, in its first work year, Adwisely got $1 million ARR (annual recurring revenue) without the investor's involvement.

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Next up is another prominent SaaS startup called Uncapped. Essentially, it is a funding platform, investing in businesses that strive to change the world.

But what makes Uncapped special? While providing no-security and no-equity investments from £100k - £10 million to founders and companies, Uncapped doesn’t require pitches and tedious offline meetings. Instead, the solution shifts everything online, allowing founders to apply and receive funding without leaving their houses.

Founded only in 2019, Uncapped extended its presence to 18 countries. With that in mind, the total number of investments surpassed the 500 mark. Thus, Uncapped is an interesting niche initiative for those looking to fund their ideas.

Uncapped as a funding SaaS startup


In businesses, operating with money takes time and management efforts. Pivot product eliminates this issue with an intuitive procurement platform.

It offers several substantial features. For instance, it greatly simplifies procurement requests and policies, allowing teams to streamline the process. Furthermore, it allows you to clarify and ease collaboration with vendors. Lastly, it has the functionality to integrate with dozens of other products, including Microsoft Dynamics, Payfit, Jira, Notion, Anaplan, DocuSign, and more.

Wait, just one more thing before we wrap up. With Pivot, you can also get real-time, AI-powered spending insights into your company. Needless to say, how comfortable it is. This all-in-one approach allows businesses to organize all their financial operations in one place!

Spendings dashboard by Pivot


Targeting the digital banking niche, Meniga aims to change completely how those entities operate. Thus, Meniga is a comprehensive solution that provides three types of benefits:

  • Maximizing value from data;
  • Providing the perfect UX (user experience);
  • Building personalized engagement.

Overall, Meniga analyzes current operations in digital banking apps and seeks ways to improve them. Is it successful, though?

Seems like it. With over 165 banks worldwide, Meniga boasts over 90 million digital banking customers and a 300% increase in credit card sales.

Here’s how Meniga works and what it has to offer.

Robin AI

Robin is an AI-native platform that enhances the way you operate with contracts and legal papers. Basically, Robin AI offers three services:

  • Draft. Helps maintain a consistent language and provides oversight across teams with permissions, controls, and approvals.
  • Review. Uses AI to optimize the writing, remove manual routine tasks, and instead focus on consistency and speed.
  • Query. Utilizes AI capabilities to analyze documents, differentiate them, and reveal crucial information that can be missed.
Performance of Robin AI's SaaS


Meet Persefoni, a climate management & accounting platform (CMAP) that helps businesses and financial institutions handle and report on their impact on the climate. Thus, it offers real-time tracking, analysis, and disclosure of climate-related data.

An example of SaaS platform called Persefoni

In fact, Persefoni's software makes it easy for companies to meet climate disclosure requirements while ensuring trust and transparency. Think of it as the Carbon ERP (enterprise resource planning), which provides a central and reliable source of information for carbon emission-related activities in an organization, just like financial transactions.

With the newest introduction of AI, Persefoni became an even more potent solution. This feature greatly enhances the capabilities of the platform. For instance, PersefoniAI can help you detect statistical anomalies, as well as provide support on the topic.

Luma Vision

With this SaaS startup, we’re entering a socially responsible realm, as Luma Vision works with interventional cardiac imaging. They aim to improve imaging systems to allow businesses to deliver more insightful results to patients.

Luma Vision SaaS product

Thus, the entire purpose of the solution is to enable cardiologists to save lives through exceptional decision-making accuracy. Luma Vision reimagines and delivers medical devices, systems, and interfaces to provide coherent, accurate, and actionable data.

Traditional question: why is Luma Vision on the list? There are several reasons. First, in December 2023, they secured $22 million in funding, signifying that the solution is worth developing and moving forward. Additionally, they partner with the world’s leading health-tech investors which also looks extremely promising.


Unlike others on this list, Soldo simplifies financial management. It aims to streamline the financial side of things, allowing users within an organization to control finances without any hassle. Soldo is also good at analysis, providing real-time dashboards to analyze the company’s financial side.

Example of a dashboard by Soldo

Regarding its usefulness, Soldo provides its services in several ways. For instance, it offers:

  • A full-scale mobile app to monitor everything on the go, track expenses and capture receipts;
  • A dedicated management platform, which is the primary tool to control and operate all your company’s spending;
  • Integrations, allowing businesses to connect their financial systems.
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Ex Sendinblue, now renamed Brevo, is an all-in-one email marketing and CRM SaaS tool. With quite a handy toolkit, Brevo provides businesses with the functionality to manage customer relationships using email, SMS, and other channels.

As of today, it offers several products, including:

  • Marketing platform that allows businesses to set up campaigns and automation;
  • Sales platform to accelerate revenue growth;
  • Conversations platform to provide top-notch customer service;
  • Customer data platform to unify data and accelerate business’ time-to-value.


AI dominance in the software world seems boundless, thus, meet our next example. InstaDeep is a SaaS product that delivers AI-powered solutions for businesses of various scales. This solution aims to improve businesses in many niches, like logistics, design, biology, etc., by enhancing their operations with artificial intelligence.

InstaDeep AI-oriented SaaS

With GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning, and reinforcement learning, InstaDeep helps businesses tackle complex issues, save time on routine tasks, and optimize their operational efficiency.

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Furthermore, InstaDeep earns a lot of reliability points thanks to its detailed and rich history. They have a public, multi-purpose roadmap, showing users and investors that the product is stable and growing.

For instance, in 2023, InstaDeep was acquired by another company and opened an office in Rwanda. Moving to 2024, their documentary was released, and more news is coming. All these things signify one thing: InstaDeep grows constantly and is a stable product now.


Meet the last but not least startup on the list, Causaly. Like many others, it is centered around AI, yet it aims to enhance life sciences. Thus, it provides insights into scientific research and automates knowledge obtained.

Causaly AI-centered SaaS solution

As of today, Causaly offers solutions in three areas:

Disease biology

Causaly streamlines understanding of complex disease biology, facilitating confident project advancement. It pinpoints critical pathways and targets essential for disease progression, improving target prioritization and enhancing therapeutic success.

Biomarker discovery

Causaly expedites biomarker discovery, accelerating drug development timelines and increasing market approval rates. Its AI solution streamlines biomarker identification and validation, optimizing experimental design and mitigating the risk of missing potential candidates.

Target identification

Causaly enables efficient target selection, enhancing focus in discovery programs by swiftly identifying validated targets and exploring new possibilities. It manages biomedical data growth, minimizing bias and enhancing research productivity by up to 90%, fostering innovative drug discovery approaches.

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Bottom line

That’s a wrap for now… We’re glad you stayed with us up to this point. If that’s the case, feel free to check other articles in our blog (they’re as interesting as this one, and that’s a promise). Additionally, if you ever need help, please refer to our SaaS development services, where we deliver top-notch solutions from scratch.

Exploring prominent SaaS startup companies doesn’t end here, however. Today’s market is so big that it thrives with startups we could have missed. Hence, feel free to explore on your own, as learning from real-world examples is the best way to success. Once you’ve learned enough and feel ready to start your own startup, contact us and we’ll do our best to make this happen.

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