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Do you want to make your solution a top choice for your customers? Then, this blog on web development trends is for you. Here, you will find comprehensive coverage of the latest trends shaping SaaS, marketplaces, design, technology, and other industries. Read on to learn more about the web development trends in your industry and stay on top of the game.

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How to Create an NFT Marketplace: Using Blockchain and Magic | Codica
11 min
May 04, 2022
NFT Marketplace Development: What is it and How Much Does It Cost?
Non-fungible tokens are a hot topic among digital art fans. Check our article on how to build an NFT marketplace to satisfy this specific audience.
Marketplace development
How to Build a Website Like Upwork: Smart Tips to Save Budget | Codica
12 min
May 03, 2022
How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website Like Upwork?
Online freelance marketplaces have been popular for years🙀Learn how to develop a platform like Upwork and what business model to use🤑
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10 Ideas to Solve Chicken-Egg Problem for Online Marketplace | Codica
9 min
April 29, 2022
10 Smart Ways to Solve Chicken and Egg Problem for Online Marketplaces
How to solve the chicken & egg problem for online marketplaces? Find out in this article 10 best strategies for growing successful marketplaces platforms.
Marketplace development
10 Top Programming Languages 2022 | Codica
14 min
January 31, 2022
Top 10 Programming Languages of 2022 for Software Development
What are the top programming languages you should know in 2022? Check our article for the latest programming languages trends.
How to Get Your Team to Estimate Better | Codica
6 min
February 07, 2019
How to Get Your Team to Estimate Better in 3 Simple Steps
Many claim incorrect estimates happen due to developers’ incompetence. But do you think it really depends on professional skills? How can one learn to estimate?
Tools that will boost your remote team productivity | Codica
10 min
October 10, 2018
Working Remotely: Key Online Collaboration Tools for Great Results
Managing a remote team may be challenging. However, choosing the right online collaboration software will make your work smooth and easy.