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How UX Design Solves Online Marketplace Issues
Do you want to increase the number of visitors and transactions on your marketplace? Maybe, it is time to think about improving your UX design. Quite often, this step may help solve marketplaces issues. High-quality UX will not only improve your online marketplace interface. With a simple and smooth...
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Hot Web Design Trends of 2019
Nowadays, technology is moving at high speed. The number of websites is growing rapidly. They are progressing and transforming day by day, giving a designer a vast field for creativity. What is hot in web design in 2019? This year features a mix of bold experiments and fantastic digital effects...
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5 Key Principles for a User-Friendly Website
Do you know that it takes a person about 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay on your website or leave? So how about your website - does it make visitors stay? And how can you make them spend more time on your site? A beautiful design or interesting content is great, however, this is not always...