How to Integrate Elasticsearch in a Rails Web App | Codica

How to Implement Elasticsearch When Developing a Rails Web App

Information storing and searching are two of the most crucial aspects for any web application. They affect the overall success of your project. The same is true when you aim to develop a perfect Rails web app. 

A web product can contain tons of data, making its storage and search... 

4 Useful Git Commands That Save Time | Codica

4 Useful Git Commands That Will Make Your Life Easier

In the modern software development world, projects become bigger and it can be hard to manage and control the changes by multiple developers. It’s also difficult to find ways to simplify the process and make it more effective. That’s why using a version control system like Git is... 

How We Created a Multi-site Setup for a Vehicle Marketplace: Challenges, Solutions and Insights | Codica

How We Created a Multi-site Setup for a Vehicle Marketplace: Challenges, Solutions and Insights

For the past several years, the community demand for web development has been going up, and this trend is not going to stop. It includes creating complex applications like marketplaces that should cover all users’ needs and stand out from other web solutions. 

Today we want to te... 

Choosing Between Vue.js and ReactJS in 2019: What’s Best for Your Project? | Codica

Vue vs React: Choosing the Best Tool for Your Project in 2019

Nowadays, every company is targeting to create a high-quality web solution within a short period of time. To put it into practice, the developers community is able to choose from many JavaScript libraries and frameworks and debates to find the best one. 

If we look at Vue.js(ht... 

40 Best Ruby Gems We Can’t Live Without | Codica

40 Best Ruby Gems That We Use

Nowadays, web developers are able to access ready-made solutions instead of writing the functions from scratch, which of course has great positive impact on the speed of development.  

When we look at Ruby from this point of view, it stands out due to extensive libraries called R... 

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