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How to Get Your Team to Estimate Better in 3 Simple Steps
Dealing with software development, have you ever faced the situation when your development team under- or overestimates the work? We are pretty sure that the answer is yes. Any software development process can involve issues at the estimate stage, which can influence the project success. Many claim...
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Working Remotely: Key Online Collaboration Tools for Great Results
No matter how we call remote work - telecommuting, offshore work or outsourcing, it’s rapidly gaining ground all over the world. With such factors as a growing desire to be independent and easier than ever communication from any point of the world, it’s not a surprise that telecommuting has gained...
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How to Set up Working Process of a Remote Team: 3 Key Tips
Let’s face it: every year is bringing more and more changes. For instance, could anyone expect remote work to become quite a common thing in 2018? I bet, you couldn’t even fancy that ten years ago. In this article, together with general recommendations, we will share Codica’s tips on successful...