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GoodFirms lists Codica as a Top Software Development Company

Codica is a software development consultancy that provides progressive and user-friendly solutions, helping our clients solve complex issues.

Since 2015 we have been a reliable partner for brands throughout the world, including Australia, Europe, and the USA. Our team is passionate about delivering high-quality software combined with advanced technology and innovation.

We pay special attention to product UX/UI design and strategy, which helps us build successful custom expandable solutions, PWAs, SaaS, and online marketplaces. We are happy to be featured among the top custom software development companies in Ukraine.

Ukraine on the world IT map

The tech world knows Ukraine as the country with the booming information technology industry, experienced developers, and a great number of reliable companies.

The statistic data published by AIN.UA, a Ukrainian online magazine on IT business, technologies, and startups, reported that Ukraine provided IT service transactions for $2.07 billion by the end of 2018.

The software industry in Eastern Europe in numbers | Codica

Source: AIN.UA

In 2019, almost all businesses need web development services, as online presence is a necessity in the digital era when users search online for everything.

GoodFirms provides its visitors with ratings and reviews from software vendors’ clients, analyzes the services they provide, and creates lists of the best custom software development companies.

With the comprehensive range of identified parameters, GoodFirms chooses the most reliable and demanded digital firms on the market.

Codica among top software agencies

GoodFirms listed Codica among top software development companies in Ukraine | Codica

We started our way with only two professionals onboard. During almost 5 years of our establishment, we have grown to 30+ employees and helped companies within numerous industries – from finance to travel agencies – to meet their business requirements, providing them with top-notch solutions.

We strive to build strong partnership relations with our customers and give a full range of services at all development stages.

We masterfully manage all the steps of the software development process – from product idea validation, MVP implementation to scaling, testing, and support. As a result, our clients get high-quality and unique products that meet the demands of the competitive market.

Thanks to our expertise, hard work, and experience, GoodFirms recognizes and names us as one of the [top software development companies in Ukraine] (

GoodFirms evaluation parameters

GoodFirms is a B2B online research and review platform that links IT service seekers to web agencies experienced in producing exclusive services.

With the experts’ analysis, the platform evaluates these registered firms taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Outspread on the market;
  • Customers’ satisfaction;
  • Overall experience.

The prime software agencies secure a position in the ranking list in their respective categories.

The crucial criteria that are taken into account during the GoodFirms evaluation process are Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

The all-round research process classifies the web development firms, improves their online reputation, and helps potential clients to choose the most suitable technology partner that surely meets their business requirements.

Based on the parameters described above, GoodFirms publishes our company on the list of top software development companies.

Core principles of our work

We believe that the key principles we follow have greatly helped us deserve this title.

1. Our priority is helping our customers reach their business goals and making their end-users satisfied.

Collaborating with the proper software agency is very important for any project success, be it developing a new web product, or improving an existing one. Our team of professionals knows the specifics of your domain and perfectly understands your business demands.

With the emphasis on our clients and their consumers, we pay attention to delivering the best solutions that will surely meet our partners’ requirements and expectations.

To deliver digital products that will bring value for both companies and end-users, we manage all the development stages – from analyzing our clients’ demands and building an MVP, to product further enhancement, support and maintenance.

One of the happy clients has shared their review of our software development services. Take a look:

A client's review on GoodFirms | Codica

2. We love creating high-quality web products that both our clients and our team can be proud of, applying the best industry practices and technologies.

At Codica, we use the most progressive technologies, including Ruby on Rails, React, Vue.js, and others. With their powerful features and advantages, they help create successful, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and reliable products.

Thanks to test-driven software development (TDD), we get excellent results in coding, testing, and product design.

Along with TDD, we apply other practices such as Code Review or Refactoring that are aimed at strengthening the final code.

Our teams of highly-skilled software programmers pay keen attention to code reviews as we consider that maintaining code quality ensures high-quality solutions to the clients.

In its turn, refactoring helps us regularly review our project’ codebases and improve them. This makes our code bug-free, clean, elegant, and easily maintainable.

We believe that products should be easy-to-use. So, we do our best to create manageable and visually appealing products designed with our clients’ requirements and end-users in mind.

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3. We believe that communication is the key to a successful software project.

Communication plays an important role in the development process. With the help of online collaboration tools, we keep customers updated on each stage of building a project.

Besides, our in-house product managers are always eager to invest effort in delivering a product that customers will love.

Daily meetings and constant keeping track of the projects’ status, helps our teams stay organized and set effective communication between all the members of the development process.

4. We make the development process transparent, and encourage all our clients to take part in each step of the development process.

The product development methodology is of primary importance as well. At Codica, we believe that the agile approach helps reduce custom software development costs for our clients.

With the method, we can get feedback from our clients almost immediately. Thus, improving the existing feature or adding a new one takes less time.

It should be mentioned that our teams operate with weekly sprints and regular retrospectives. As a result, we get a fully transparent development process. Therefore, our clients always stay informed and can check the status of their products at any time.

By choosing the best online collaboration tools, we have managed to boost the productivity of our development team and make the working process easy, efficient and open for our customers.

Services offered by Codica

Thanks to our experience in providing a wide range of services, we have the reputation of delivering effective and scalable solutions for startups and other types of businesses.

Our team specializes in delivering the following services:

We are professionals at building fast-loading and scalable online marketplaces of any complexity that connect buyers and sellers from all over the world.

For example, we have created a complex multi-vendor vehicle e-commerce platform and optimized it focusing on the mobile experience for users.

Multivendor vehicle marketplace case study | Codica

Together with the disciplined Agile delivery, the tech toolkit we apply makes our company stand out on the software development market.

Thanks to SaaS licensing model, users can get access to the software from any device with a web browser connected to the Internet. Companies that switch to SaaS software development find this approach cost-effective as they no longer have to purchase expensive hardware.

Other benefits of the software-as-a-service model include fast setup and deployment, easy updates, scalability, and data security.

Extensive technology skills combined with the vast domain expertise allows us to build fast loading, scalable solutions that are easily integrated with other third-party services.

We build tailor-made solutions and deliver successful projects with a deep understanding of modern technology and strong expertise in multiple business industries. Our custom software developers implement comprehensive projects and deliver high-end web applications.

We deliver custom software for multiple domains, including finance, travel and others.

  • Progressive web apps development (PWA)

Along with the already mentioned software services, we provide our customers with progressive web apps development services.

We believe that progressive web application development is the future of the web. Its reliability, fast loading, rapid installation, push notifications and network independence help businesses improve user engagement and boost conversions.

Further reading: What are Progressive Web Applications and How They Can Benefit Your Project


Thanks to our passion for technology and innovation in building software products, we are proud to be named one of the top custom software development companies in Ukraine by GoodFirms.

We have been providing high-quality software solutions for a lot of businesses worldwide. We are happy to be highly appreciated by our clients and surely will not stop on these achievements.

If you want to know more about the services we provide, please take a look at our case studies and feel free to contact us.

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