How to Choose the Right Marketplace Development Company?

Do you want to build a marketplace app but cannot choose the right marketplace development company? There are dozens of web agencies, and their services seem to be quite similar. So how can you know whether you can trust a software provider?

We have a solution for you. In this article, we have prepared the most important factors you need to take into account when choosing a marketplace development agency.

Why choosing a marketplace development company can be challenging

Nowadays, the web development domain is progressing rapidly. A clear proof of the industry growth is the Global Developer Population 2019 report. In the chart below, you can see the dynamics of the global number of programmers. In Q4 2018, the amount was equal to 18,9M.

Growth of the global developer population

This way, the number of web development companies constantly grows. It means that it becomes extremely difficult to select the right agency even if it has a smashing portfolio.

How to overcome this issue? The answer is pretty simple: you should know exactly what kind of platform you need. Therefore, your search focus will be narrowed to a specific level of services. It will become easier to make the right decision.

Why is it important to choose the right company?

You may be wondering why it is so crucial to find the proper software provider. Most seem to have a sufficient experience level, great portfolio, and average rates. However, there is more in this than meets the eye.

If you want to start a custom online marketplace platform with specific business logic, then the quality of the final product really matters. It includes the following list of aspects:

  • scalability
  • maintainability
  • sustainability
  • the number of features
  • SEO optimization
  • the value-for-money ratio
  • duration of online marketplace development, and so on.

Once you contact a software company, outline the technological challenges with your startup. Then you can ask your potential partner how they are going to solve them. The company’s answers will reveal their level of competence and expertise.

Then put together the replies of different web agencies. This way, you can compare the services and solutions that companies offer. It gives you an opportunity to narrow your search focus greatly.

So, what aspects should you pay attention to when choosing a marketplace development company?

Expertise in marketplace development

Online marketplace development experience is one of the most important aspects you should consider. The matter is that this niche requires extensive learning and many years of practice.

The skilled vendor knows exactly what business model, UX/UI design, and tools suit your idea best. Top software houses will show you successful case studies to ensure high-quality delivery.

Experience in working with startups

When you ask the vendor to help implement your ideas, make sure of their experience in working with this type of business. An expert marketplace development company will consider your preferences and requirements. Specifically, they will conduct an analysis and offer features that your platform needs.

Besides, software consultancy can also offer you to create a marketplace Minimum Viable Product. It will help you save both time and money in the early stages of the development process and define the needed features for your online platform.

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UX/UI design expertise

Among the most important factors for online marketplace success, we can highlight a user-friendly design (both UX and UI). It represents the way you will interact with the visitors.

Do you want to build a rapport with your clients? Pay attention to the marketplace software development companies that provide UI/UX design services. Experienced software vendors know what user interface and experience your online marketplace should offer.

At the end of this stage, a marketplace development company will provide you with mockups and interactive prototypes. Use them to show to investors or early adopters. This way, you can get their feedback and improve particular aspects to build the best user experience.

Take a look at the mobile and desktop mockups our design team created for a Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace project.

Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace

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Portfolio and reviews

Client reviews

One of the best variants to see the company’s expertise and competence in practice is to read reviews from existing clients. If you’re not sure where to start, visit Clutch - a website collecting the feedback from software providers’ customers all over the world.

Cast an eye on the review from one of our customers on Clutch.

Marketplace development company - Clutch review

Also, based on the reviews, you can see whether a web agency has dealt with online marketplace development projects. This source is a nice option to compare different software providers and rank them.

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The company’s website

Form your impression by visiting and analyzing the agency website. Take a look at the design, content, social media profiles. In case the firm positions itself as an experienced player which provides a high-quality delivery, then their website should be proof.

Is a software vendor’s web page outdated and has antique design? Then this marketplace development company might fail to meet your requirements.

Case studies

Portfolio is a proven way to check a company’s expertise in a particular type of project. Most of the companies suggest case studies overview on their own websites, or on such platforms as Dribble and Behance.

So, take a look at the portfolio and the projects already delivered by the company you’re interested in. Look at the complexity, functionality created, as well as UX and UI design.

At Codica, we provide our customers with detailed case studies. They show our expertise and experience in delivering e-commerce products.

Our portfolio on Behance

Development approach

Communication and reporting system

It is very important to know how the company organizes the development process. Learn the way the agency forms a project team and how it distributes the roles. Also, you can ask about the report system which updates you on the progress status and the frequency of reports.

At Codica, we have built an internal tracking tool called Timebot. It allows specifying a particular project, task, and the amount of time spent on it.

Thanks to this system, our developers can easily provide customers with daily, weekly and monthly reports on the work done. Thus, our clients always stay informed and can check the product development status at any time.

Product development methodologies

You need to pay much attention to the product development approach followed by the vendor. It affects time and resource management. In case you are a startup, we recommend picking the marketplace development company that implements an agile approach. This methodology allows you to make changes at any stage of the development process.

Comparison of traditional and agile approach

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Team composition and tech stack

Full-cycle development team

Since you will be creating a platform from scratch, you will need a full-cycle development team.

This includes:

  • UX/UI designers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers (back end and front end)
  • DevOps
  • QA engineers.

So you need to make sure that the preferred provider has the required team with the corresponding qualifications to successfully work on your project.

At Codica, we have a strong team of highly skilled UX and UI designers, software developers, DevOps and QA engineers, who cover all the stages and aspects of marketplace development.

We also have experienced project managers, who ensure timely delivery and great communication with the customer throughout the project duration.

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Technology stack

Programming tools and technologies define the future foundation of your marketplace. The tech stack you implement will influence the application’s performance and maintainability. Shortly, you may get low page loading speed and face the scalability and update problems.

Do not search for a marketplace development company that specializes in everything, the so-called “master of none”. Better find online marketplace software developers with vast experience in using a particular technology. This way you will be sure of the high performance and maintainability of your platform.

In general, there is a list of questions you should answer before choosing a programming tool:

  • Do you want to scale the platform in perspective?
  • What are your timing expectations to roll the product to the market?
  • What integrations and features do you plan to implement further?

Below you can see the technology stack we use at Codica for custom online marketplace development.

Technologies required for marketplace website development


We have discussed the primary aspects you need to take into account when choosing the right custom marketplace development company.

Contact different agencies, analyze their pros and cons, compare with their market rivals, and make a proper decision. Definitely, one of the crucial factors of your future platform outcome is the development team you will cooperate with.

Codica has vast experience in building custom online marketplaces. Contact us to discuss your idea, and our experts will help to bring it to life.

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