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Top 10 Reasons to Add an AI Chatbot to Your SaaS

June 27, 2024
6 min

Artificial intelligence powers many solutions, and chatbots are one such use case. Customers who use software-as-a-service (SaaS) products need support with features and updates. Chatbots can help you manage your customers’ queries. They also give valuable insights into customer behavior patterns and market trends.

As experts in AI-powered SaaS chatbot integration, we share our view on how chatbots can help you when building a SaaS solution.

Read on to learn about chatbot's advantages that help your SaaS business evolve.

Optimized customer support

Chatbots improve customer service and support. Though they do not replace human customer support, chatbots manage common questions. Even more helpful is that chatbots work around the clock and in any time zone.

Waiting for a response to your issue may be frustrating, and chatbots cover that spot. Giving answers promptly to large numbers of customers improves the overall experience with your SaaS. Customer service is always accurate thanks to the consistency of chatbot SaaS answers.

For example, LivePerson is an AI chatbot SaaS that helps businesses with interactive customer support. It streamlines a billion conversations each month. Large enterprises enhance customer support with this SaaS solution to provide the best service.

LivePerson chatbot's business outcomes

Enhanced user engagement

To engage users, you can add the capability to a chatbot to provide messages on the news, discounts, promotions, and other updates. Timely messages help customers stay informed and explore new features of your SaaS product.

Chatbots' interfaces often include engaging phrases that make AI for SaaS more user-friendly. They offer help and outline topics they can assist with. For example, HubSpot’s chatbot, HubBot, starts with engaging questions targeting general interest in this SaaS. Further, the HubBot chatbot of this AI SaaS company offers several options for training, free usage, and contacting sales.

HubBot's interface

Finally, chatbot SaaS gathers user feedback to help you understand what your customers prefer and what else they need. Based on this data, you can enhance your platform and make it more user-friendly and engaging.

Increased efficiency and productivity

What is significant about chatbots is that they take on routine and repetitive tasks. This allows the AI-powered SaaS team to focus on complex activities demanding high skills. For example, chatbots answer frequently asked questions, process orders, and schedule appointments. They also help with troubleshooting basic problems.

Moreover, AI chatbots for SaaS streamline the workflow of your company’s departments. For instance, chatbots can update customer data in the customer relationship management (CRM) system. They also can trigger actions in marketing tools based on customers’ interactions with your SaaS.

Thanks to chatbots’ work, your SaaS company will have more time to plan scaling and marketing strategy.

Cost savings

Adding a chatbot to your SaaS will save you resources for training and maintaining a customer support team. AI for SaaS relieves the team from simple queries by taking on routine tasks and helping them focus on more complex tasks.

You do not have to put an extra load on your AI SaaS company team, even with high loads. Chatbots serve hard loads at the same speed as usual. Moreover, you save costs and overheads for large facilities by introducing AI chatbots. At the same time, you maintain the high quality of your service.

From this point, indirect savings follow. Customers will return to you if your customer service is helpful, comprehensive, and enjoyable. Thus, chatbots bring your SaaS a stable revenue.

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Better data collection and analysis

Every interaction with a chatbot brings you valuable data. From those outcomes, you can gain insights about customers’ preferences, usage of your SaaS, and challenges.

For instance, chatbots can track common queries and issues that customers raise. These highlights outline trends and recurring problems. You can address them by implementing new features, improving existing ones, and changing the interface of your SaaS.

AI chatbots also collect data on user location, device type, and interactions. This data lets you segment your audience and deliver personalized experiences. You can Integrate collected data with analytics tools. It will help you track customer interactions with your SaaS at different points. So, you can adjust those interactions if needed.


As your SaaS business evolves, more customers will query you. The load will also increase at peak times. So, you need to process more requests while providing a high-quality service.

Chatbot SaaS handles this perfectly. Even if the queries peak, chatbots can answer many questions at once. You can update your chatbot with new functionality. Moreover, you can deploy your chatbot across different channels. They include websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and messaging apps.

For example, Ada is an AI chatbot SaaS that automates customer support. Thanks to generative AI for SaaS, customer support is human-like. Moreover, it processes many queries simultaneously thanks to multi-channel interaction with customers. In particular, the chatbot provides information via voice and email.

Ada chatbot multi-channel application

Personalization and recommendations

Chatbots learn from each interaction and provide personalized suggestions to your customers. If a user asks about a particular feature often, your SaaS chatbot can offer specific tips and guides.

Based on users’ past behaviors, chatbot SaaS can suggest relevant content, features, and services. Moreover, chatbots remember language, communication channels, and user roles. So, chatbots can provide a continuous experience based on that data and recommend specific features and add-ons.

Multilingual support

Operating in today’s business world means addressing the needs of customers speaking various languages. If your SaaS runs globally or you plan to expand, multilingual support will help you connect with audiences.

Multilingual AI chatbots for SaaS can detect the preferred customer’s language based on input. So, they respond accordingly. Thus, you can relieve your customers from manually selecting the preferred language.

Moreover, chatbots can translate queries into different languages in real-time. So, chatbots help your customers overcome language differences and get quick help that they understand.

For example, LiveChatAI is an AI chatbot available in 95 languages. It helps you create chatbots and allows you to communicate via different platforms and languages.

LiveChatAI chatbot for multi-lingual support

Seamless integration with existing tools

You can integrate AI chatbots for SaaS with many tools. They include CRMs, marketing automation software, and analytics platforms. Integration allows chatbots to get data from those tools and provide more informed and effective support. For example, you can use the following integrations for your AI SaaS idea:

  • CRM system. Chatbots integrated with a CRM system can pull up customer information for better personalization. Also, chatbots can update customer records in real-time for the accuracy and usefulness of customer data.
  • Marketing tools. Chatbots collect user data and qualify leads based on particular criteria. Thanks to the data they obtain, chatbots help you improve lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Analytics tools. Thanks to these integrations, chatbots analyze data from various touchpoints. Thus, chatbots track key performance indicators (KPIs) and help make data-driven decisions.

Competitive advantage

As a SaaS business, you want to outperform your competitors and grow over time. There are several aspects of AI chatbots for SaaS that create that competitive advantage for you. They are as follows:

  • Customer support around the clock thanks to overcoming time-zone limits;
  • Adapting to evolving market trends and changing customer needs thanks to swift identification of emerging patterns;
  • Allocation of resources into SaaS innovation and development thanks to saved human work;
  • Strengthened brand reputation thanks to helpful and efficient customer support with AI for SaaS.
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How Codica creates and integrates chatbots

With all the advantages, we know how chatbots can help your SaaS. We specialize in SaaS development services and AI integrations. So, we know how to enrich your solution with an AI chatbot for SaaS.

We created one to help our team work more efficiently and allocate more resources to strategic development. This time tracking software helped us speed up production processes and enhance performance. It is integrated with Slack and allows our team to manage projects quickly and transparently.

The Timebot has an easy administration panel, tailored management timesheets, and autogenerated reports. Optimized development and project management processes helped us quickly deliver the tasks.

Timebot dashboard

Check our portfolio for more successful SaaS and other projects.

Wrapping up

Chatbots are helpful tools for making your SaaS a pleasant place for your customers. They provide high-quality customer support, recognize patterns, and learn from interactions with customers. Thanks to this, chatbots are a valuable tool for helping you better understand your customers. Thus, you can improve their experience with your SaaS.

If you need an AI chatbot for SaaS, let’s discuss it. We are eager to help you with AI development services for your SaaS chatbot project and will give you a free quote.

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