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This custom software development blog explores recent and proven technologies for developing digital solutions. Software professionals from Codica have been delivering custom software development services for years in different industries. Thus, you will find articles on the essential aspects of building, deploying, and supporting custom solutions.

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How to Create a Website Like AliExpress: Features and Cost | Codica
16 min
April 27, 2022
AliExpress Clone Website: How to Build Similar E-commerce Platform
How much does it cost to build an e-commerce website like AliExpress? Read an in-depth guide on creating a B2B marketplace with price estimates by features.
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How We Built Custom Online Boating Store in Australia | Codica
9 min
April 13, 2022
How We Delivered Boat Selling Website for Tradeaboat (Case Study)
Discover how Codica successfully delivered a Custom Boating Shop in Australia. As a result, thousands of users can quickly buy and sell new & used boats.
Marketplace development
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How to Build a Website Like Glassdoor: Features & Cost | Codica
14 min
March 22, 2022
How to Create a Job Board Website Like Glassdoor: A Full Guide to Follow
How much does it cost to build a job portal like Glassdoor? Check the vital site features, monetization strategies, and challenges for creating your job platform.
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How to Choose a Web Development Company in 2024 | Codica
12 min
February 08, 2022
6 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Development Firm
How can you choose a website development company without making mistakes? In this article, we will consider some handy advice.
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Designer’s Role in Discovery Phase: Process and Input | Codica
8 min
January 03, 2022
Website UX Discovery Process: Roles, Tools and Main Steps in Web Design
How do UX Discovery sessions work and what is the role of Designer in Discovery phase? Our UX Designer Inessa described her role in website discovery process.
How to Create a Q&A Website That Will Succeed? | Codica
12 min
August 25, 2021
Question and Answer Website Development: Functionality and Best Practices
Looking for expert tips on launching your own Q&A platform? Check this detailed guide on how to make a question and answer website.
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10 Things to Know Before Building a B2C Marketplace Platform | Codica
12 min
August 13, 2021
B2C Ecommerce Marketplaces: All You Should Know Before Building One
Business to consumer ecommerce platforms are becoming extremely popular. Learn what you should know before building a B2C marketplace to avoid common mistakes.
Marketplace development
How We Built an Activity Booking Marketplace MVP [Case Study] | Codica
12 min
July 15, 2021
How We Delivered MVP for PlanMyKids - Kids Activities Marketplace (Case Study)
Kids activities marketplaces help parents to plan their children’s leisure. Learn how Codica developed PlanMyKids - children's spare-time activities planner.
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