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Blog on Custom Software Development

This custom software development blog explores recent and proven technologies for developing digital solutions. Software professionals from Codica have been delivering custom software development services for years in different industries. Thus, you will find articles on the essential aspects of building, deploying, and supporting custom solutions.

Continue reading our custom software development blog to learn about the latest software standards and trends.

Latest blog articles
How to Create a Q&A Website That Will Succeed? | Codica
12 min
August 25, 2021
Question and Answer Website Development: Functionality and Best Practices
Looking for expert tips on launching your own Q&A platform? Check this detailed guide on how to make a question and answer website.
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How We Built an Activity Booking Marketplace MVP [Case Study] | Codica
12 min
July 15, 2021
How We Delivered MVP for PlanMyKids - Kids Activities Marketplace (Case Study)
Kids activities marketplaces help parents to plan their children’s leisure. Learn how Codica developed PlanMyKids - children's spare-time activities planner.
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How to Build a Travel Website: Comprehensive Guide | Codica
13 min
July 13, 2021
How to Create a Travel Website: Types, Features, Industry Trends
Travel website design and development: what do you need to know before building a travel website? Read this complete article and avoid common mistakes.
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How to Create a SaaS MVP: Key Steps to Get it Right | Codica
9 min
July 05, 2021
How to Build an MVP for a SaaS Startup: Practical Tips
Looking for actionable steps on how to create a SaaS MVP? Discover insights of the state of SaaS domain and find the key steps of SaaS product development.
MVP development
How to Save Costs on Custom Software Development for Startups | Codica
10 min
March 25, 2021
Custom Software Development for Startups: 6 Tips to Save Costs
Want to save money on custom software development for your startup? Check our article on proven ways to reduce custom software development costs.
MVP development
Benefits of Custom Software Development for Small Business
7 min
January 18, 2021
Benefits of Custom Software Development for Small Business
Why choose custom software development for small business? Read the article and learn how you can save costs with custom software along with other benefits.
Avoid These Costly Mistakes During Web Application Development: Codica
11 min
January 16, 2020
Avoid These Costly Mistakes During Web Application Development
Want to succeed in creating a profitable web product? At Codica, we prepared a list of costly mistakes you should avoid during web app development.
How We Created a Slack Bot for Time Tracking with Vue.js and Ruby on Rails | Codica
6 min
March 14, 2019
Building a Time Tracking Slack Bot with Vue.js and Ruby on Rails
Time tracking is a part of everyday life in any software development project. Today we’re going to show you how we built the time tracking tool via Slack bot