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This custom software development blog explores recent and proven technologies for developing digital solutions. Software professionals from Codica have been delivering custom software development services for years in different industries. Thus, you will find articles on the essential aspects of building, deploying, and supporting custom solutions.

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How to Create a B2B Marketplace: Ultimate Guide | Codica
25 min
May 04, 2023
B2B Marketplace: Definition, Features, and Development Guide
Check Our Guide to Learn What is a B2B Marketplace, its Features, Challenges, and Examples ᐈ Steps to Build a B2B Marketplace!
Marketplace development
How to Find Investments for Online Marketplace Startups | Codica
14 min
March 30, 2023
How to Find Investments for Online Marketplace Startups
Check the 5 Best Methods to Find Marketplace Investors for Your Online Startup ✅ Main Stages of Raising Funds for Online Marketplace!
Marketplace development
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Choose Fonts for Your Website (With Examples) | Codica
14 min
March 16, 2023
How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website: Typography Advice by Codica
Choosing s Font for a Website May Take Time ᐈ Check How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website in This Guide (Examples and Experts View)!
How to Make an App Like Snapchat: Tech Stack & Costs | Codica
17 min
March 01, 2023
How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App Like Snapchat
Learn how to build an app like Snapchat from scratch. This guide covers everything from ideation to launch.
Product guides
How Much Does a Website Cost? (2024 Estimate) | Codica
23 min
February 17, 2023
How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website in 2024?
Website cost depends on many factors, and can vary between $4000 and $75,000. See full custom website development costs based on type of website and features.
Product guides
How to Build a Recruitment App: Secrets to Success | Codica
16 min
February 02, 2023
How to Build a Recruitment App in 2024: Cost, Timeline, and Best Practices
Learn how to create a recruitment app from scratch, covering all the essential features and technologies you need. Get started now!
Product guides
Top Ways To Attract Sellers and Buyers to the Marketplace | Codica
11 min
October 17, 2022
14 Top Ways To Attract Sellers and Buyers to Your P2P Marketplace
In this article, we collected the top ways to attract buyers and sellers to your peer-to-peer website. Using them, you can significantly increase traffic and sales.
Marketplace development
Software Development Process: The Complete Guide | Codica
20 min
September 06, 2022
How to Create a Successful Custom Web Product Step by Step: Codica's Experience
This full article will guide you through all stages of the custom software development process at the Codica web development agency.
Product guides