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In this startup development blog, Codica discusses crucial issues startups face and how to solve them. You will find here information on inspiring startups, ideas, and business models you can apply. Our specialists share their expertise on what technologies you can use to build a SaaS solution and a marketplace, starting from an MVP and beyond.

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11 Top B2B Ecommerce Trends in 2024 | Codica
13 min
July 17, 2023
11 Brilliant B2B Ecommerce Trends in 2024 and Beyond
Developing Your Online Business and Want to Know Best B2B Ecommerce Platform Trends? List of the Popular and Most Useful Trends from Our Experts!
Marketplace development
How to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website | Codica
21 min
June 28, 2023
How to Create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website
Want to know all about multi-vendor marketplace development? Find out, from finding your niche to promoting and growing an online multi-vendor marketplace platform.
Marketplace development
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Mental Health App Development Process: Secrets to Success | Codica
20 min
June 28, 2023
Mental Health App Development: Types, Cost, and Process
Learn how to develop a mental health app from A to Z: essential features, the best tech stack and optimal cost. Let's create together!
P2P Marketplace Development: Definition, Key Steps and Costs | Codica
17 min
June 22, 2023
What is a P2P marketplace? Key steps for building P2P marketplace software
What is the P2P Marketplace? Must-have features & Guide to P2P Marketplace Development from an Experienced Team!
Marketplace development
How to Build a Marketplace Website MVP and Not Fail | Codica
18 min
June 05, 2023
How to Build Online Marketplace MVP and Not Fail
How to Build a Marketplace MVP? Steps to Develop an Online Marketplace MVP. Necessary MVP Marketplace Features and Development Cost!
MVP development
The Business Model Canvas Explained: Easy Guide | Codica
18 min
April 05, 2023
The Business Model Canvas Guide: Examples, Structure, and Expert Tips
How to Create a Business Model Canvas? How Your Business Can Benefit from Canvas Business Model? Step-by-Step Explanation Guide!
Website Redesign Guide: Cost, Benefits, Process | Codica
16 min
April 04, 2023
Website Redesign: The Complete Guide and Recommendations
How to Create a Website Redesign Plan? Step-by-step Redesign Guide ✅ Tips from Experts for Efficient Website Redesign to Convert More Visitors!
How to Find Investments for Online Marketplace Startups | Codica
14 min
March 30, 2023
How to Find Investments for Online Marketplace Startups
Check the 5 Best Methods to Find Marketplace Investors for Your Online Startup ✅ Main Stages of Raising Funds for Online Marketplace!
Marketplace development