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Do you want to make your solution a top choice for your customers? Then, this blog on web development trends is for you. Here, you will find comprehensive coverage of the latest trends shaping SaaS, marketplaces, design, technology, and other industries. Read on to learn more about the web development trends in your industry and stay on top of the game.

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Top JavaScript Trends in 2024: Frameworks & Libraries | Codica
16 min
January 20, 2023
Top JavaScript (JS) Trends You Should Follow in 2024
JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. Explore what the JavaScript trends that are worth your attention in 2024 are.
Remote Working Trends for 2024 and Beyond | Codica
10 min
December 02, 2022
Work From Home Trends: Future of Remote Working
What will happen to work from home in 2024? Find out in our fresh article. Also, discover the hottest remote work trends and statistics for 2024.
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Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends for 2024 | Codica
14 min
November 07, 2022
15 Hot Mobile Application Development Trends for Your Business in 2024
This article contains a full list of new trends in mobile application development for 2024 that you can implement and grow your business.
SaaS Design in 2024: Ultimate Guide With Real Cases | Codica
14 min
November 01, 2022
How to Design a SaaS Application: Trends and Best Practices
This article fully explains trends and techniques for designing a SaaS product. You can highlight your product value to customers and differentiate it from rivals.
Saas development
Top Ways To Attract Sellers and Buyers to the Marketplace | Codica
11 min
October 17, 2022
14 Top Ways To Attract Sellers and Buyers to Your P2P Marketplace
In this article, we collected the top ways to attract buyers and sellers to your peer-to-peer website. Using them, you can significantly increase traffic and sales.
Marketplace development
TOP 10 Online Marketplace Revenue Models in 2024 | Codica
16 min
July 27, 2022
10 Best Marketplace Monetization Strategies to Succeed
Building a successful online marketplace is impossible without a proper monetization strategy. Learn the best revenue models to gain profit from your platform.
Marketplace development
Top Online Marketplace Integrations: Start to Grow Your Business | Codica
10 min
June 14, 2022
14 Main Integrations That Every Marketplace Needs
Do you want to make users happier with your web solution? Our experts prepared a list of the top integrations for an online marketplace platform.
Marketplace development
How to Create an NFT Marketplace: Using Blockchain and Magic | Codica
11 min
May 04, 2022
NFT Marketplace Development: What is it and How Much Does It Cost?
Non-fungible tokens are a hot topic among digital art fans. Check our article on how to build an NFT marketplace to satisfy this specific audience.
Marketplace development