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In the Codica UI/UX design blog, you will find information on how to deliver the best user experience and interfaces with a digital solution. With a profound knowledge of UI/UX services, our designers share their expertise on how to make your solution appealing, responsive, and accessible to users.

Read our UI/UX design blog about improvements and benefits UI/UX design can bring to your platform.

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Website Redesign Guide: Cost, Benefits, Process | Codica
16 min
April 04, 2023
Website Redesign: The Complete Guide and Recommendations
How to Create a Website Redesign Plan? Step-by-step Redesign Guide ✅ Tips from Experts for Efficient Website Redesign to Convert More Visitors!
Choose Fonts for Your Website (With Examples) | Codica
14 min
March 16, 2023
How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website: Typography Advice by Codica
Choosing s Font for a Website May Take Time ᐈ Check How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website in This Guide (Examples and Experts View)!
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Online Marketplace Design: Best Practices and Strategies | Codica
17 min
February 09, 2023
Online Marketplace Design: Why UI/UX Matters
Gain the knowledge to design an online marketplace that stands out. Get insights into the best practices and strategies for creating a user-centered site.
Marketplace development
SaaS Design in 2024: Ultimate Guide With Real Cases | Codica
14 min
November 01, 2022
How to Design a SaaS Application: Trends and Best Practices
This article fully explains trends and techniques for designing a SaaS product. You can highlight your product value to customers and differentiate it from rivals.
Saas development
15 Typical Web Design Mistakes to Avoid | Codica
14 min
October 25, 2022
15 Most Common Web Design Mistakes Startups Make
In this article, we have collected the most common web design mistakes and useful advice on how to prevent them with examples.
Progressive Web App Design: 7 Tips for Great PWA UX and UI | Codica
8 min
October 03, 2022
Progressive Web App Design: 9 Tips for Great PWA UX and UI
What should you know about progressive web app design? Our designers have shared useful tips and our best practices on designing both UX and UI for a PWA.
Designer’s Role in Discovery Phase: Process and Input | Codica
8 min
January 03, 2022
Website UX Discovery Process: Roles, Tools and Main Steps in Web Design
How do UX Discovery sessions work and what is the role of Designer in Discovery phase? Our UX Designer Inessa described her role in website discovery process.
How to Create User-Friendly Website: Key Usability Principles
8 min
November 03, 2020
5 Major Principles for a User-Friendly Website You Need to Know
How to create a user-friendly website? Follow these 5 key website usability principles outlined by our expert design team.