Codica Listed Amongst Top Ukrainian Web Developers in 2019

April 17, 2019
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At Codica, we offer custom IT solutions, utilizing an ever-growing skill set in Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Vue.js for web, and React Native for native mobile development.

Our team is made up of expert software developers, project managers, QA engineers and UX/UI designers.

We focus on delivering exceptional results to clients and helping companies to meet their business goals and to compete in the fast-paced corporate world of today.

Clients say we deliver on Clutch

Clutch recognition badge | Codica

Our expert team focuses on custom software development services and progressive web application development services. We also provide online marketplace development and SaaS app development services.

With our team’s extensive knowledge regarding a variety of software solutions, such as custom solutions, minimum viable products and marketplaces, we have been able to provide our clients with the tools they need to become leading businesses in the market.

We believe that every problem has a solution and we pride ourselves in leaving our clients excited about their businesses. Of the many software development companies out there, we set ourselves apart through our client-centred approach and expert domain knowledge that allows us to find solutions for our customers.

Our hard work and desire to help businesses succeed has allowed us to be featured as one of the leading web development companies in Ukraine on Clutch.

My business wouldn’t exist without them. They’re an amazing, professional team that provided better services than we expected.
- Ben Alexander, Director, iExpedition.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, D.C. that works to find the highest performing consultants, developers, and agencies in order to deliver quality results to clients and to connect businesses with the service providers they need to meet their goals.

Clutch team conducts interviews with former clients and in-depth industry analysis in order to ensure accurate results. Clients evaluated our performance by answering a series of questions and rating us on a scale from 1-5. Based on their analysis and results, we have obtained a 5-star rating. Take a look:

Clutch review from | Codica

Codica completes high-quality products at cost-effective prices.
- Ronald Kok, Founder at Analist.

3 key principles of our work

We have been working hard to achieve these results. We believe that the main principles in our work have been helping us bring excellent results for our clients.

Transparent communication

We believe that communication is extremely important for a project’s success.

Therefore, we have a set of communication standards in our company, which cover pretty all of the possible situations in both internal and external communication. This means that any team member knows what’s expected of them any time.

As for the tools we work with, to ensure easy communication, we use such tools as Slack, Skype and email. These allow us to communicate with clients quickly and effectively. Additionally, we are flexible on this part and are open to using any tools that our clients prefer.

Codica’s performance was unbelievable from a project management perspective. We couldn’t have asked for a better team across every element of the web development process.
- Ben Alexander, Director, iExpedition.

The transparent working process is one of the fundamental aspects for us as well. We provide regular updates and weekly reports to our clients, and they can check the project progress anytime in Jira or Trello.

Great code quality

Since the day the company was founded, we have been focused on delivering high-quality web products, that both our clients and our employees could be proud of. And our team, which consists of highly skilled software engineers, is the key to success. We are proud to say that all our employees are top-notch programmers with university degrees.

We are happy when our clients call us a reliable technical partner. What’s our secret? There’s no secret at all. We have high engineering standards on all of our products and are always ready to go the extra mile for great results.

Thanks to Codica’s ongoing work, we now have a dynamic and flexible infrastructure. I’m thrilled with the quality of their coding.
- Ben Alexander, Director, iExpedition.

Our team is delivering reliable solutions based on Ruby on Rails, as well as JavaScript frameworks - React, Vue, Angular. And the code quality remains one of the key priorities for us. This is why we have a set of guidelines and coding standards, following which is compulsory for all our software engineers.

We welcome all our clients to check our code quality and software development standards on our GitHub profile.

High speed of delivery

The market is changing swiftly, and we know that speed of delivery directly influences the project success. Therefore, we have developed a strong software development process that allows us to deliver great results time-efficiently.

In terms of project management, we work based on the Agile approach. This helps us quickly react to market changes and fix any issues immediately. Our working process is efficiently planned weekly, which results in better control over project progress.

Codica delivers top-notch work on time and at reasonable rates; any delays are explained clearly. Regular meetings, transparent updates, and direct communication make for a productive workflow.
- Ronald Kok, Founder, Analist.

We create products we are proud of

When developing a new product, we implement our expertise and best software development practices to deliver great results for our customers. We are happy to share some of the examples of our work.

Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace

Online marketplace development is one of our specializations. This multi-vendor platform was created for a successful startup and the first vehicle marketplace in Africa. The marketplace connects buyers, private sellers and dealers of new and pre-owned cars, motorbikes, and trucks. The main goal was to provide a simple, fast and free solution for easy interaction between a customer and a vendor.

We have created a complex multi-site marketplace set up based on Ruby on Rails, which allows to quickly create, configure and deploy new websites, as well as update and monitor existing ones. The platform now consists of 89 marketplace websites, and the number is still growing. Among the highlights are high stability and security of the solution, and mobile-first approach implemented platform-wide.

Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace screenshot | Codica

See full case study or Behance project.

Enhanced finance analytics platform for Analist

Analist is a Dutch company providing complete information about European and US financial markets. Suggesting free overviews on reputable banks stocks and tips on how to manage them, Analist is a reliable guide to the world of stock exchanges.

We have transformed a simple information website operating in the Netherlands and Belgium into a publishing platform for many countries.

Finance analytics platform screenshot | Codica

See Behance project.

Collaboration marketplace for Digital Village

Digital Village is an Australia-based startup and an alliance bringing together entrepreneurs and developers for making excellent software products.

Our team has created a simple and easy-to-use online platform where an entrepreneur can find and cooperate with high-skilled designers and developers.

Online collaboration marketplace screenshot | Codica

See full case study.

Extensive travel management platform for iExpedition

IExpedition is an Australia-based online Expedition and Adventure Travel company and a successful startup providing polar cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic. The company supplies fully equipped vessels and highly skilled tour guides.

For this startup, we have built a simple-to-use online portal with a convenient booking system for all the destinations. When working on this project, our design team paid close attention to creating an easy-to-use UX and fresh UI. Among the functionality created, we would like to highlight an easy content management system and search functionality with advanced filters.

Online travel marketplace screenshot | Codica

We couldn’t have asked for a better team across every element of the web development process.
- Ben Alexander, Director, iExpedition.

See full case study or Behance project.

Final words

Clutch’s selectiveness in searching for the best-fit providers makes us extremely proud of this achievement. Having been regarded as one of the leading web developers in Ukraine by Clutch is a huge step forward for our company.

We owe this success to our great team and to all of our clients. Thank you for your trust and support! We can’t wait to see what the future brings to us.

If you want to know more about our works and services, please take a look at our case studies or contact us.

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