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Marketplace App
Development Company

Codica is an experienced web app development company that creates profitable marketplaces to optimize the connection of vendors and buyers.

Marketplace app development services we offer

Capture the entire market in your niche by utilizing our top-notch software services - we will create a powerful online marketplace app for you that makes a significant impact!

App development consulting

We conduct project discovery sessions to gather project details, understand the niche clients intend to enter, and identify an ideal solution that will enhance demand.

Custom marketplace app development

Our experienced software development team will create a unique and personalized app tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

MVP development

Our minimum viable product development services are focused on creating an initial version of your marketplace to validate your business idea quickly.

UI/UX design

Our designers focus on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for your marketplace app to drive user engagement.

Quality assurance

We constantly check your marketplace app’s functionality, performance, and reliability to find bugs in the early stages.

Third-party integrations

With third-party integrations, we can expand your app’s capabilities, streamline processes, and provide additional value to your users.

Industries we cover

With our extensive experience in developing marketplace apps for specific industries, we have cultivated in-house expertise that we are eager to share with our clients. We offer consultations at every stage of the project development process and possess the knowledge to build apps that adhere to the highest industry standards.


Captivating e-commerce marketplace app that drives conversions.


Visually appealing and seamless online travel solutions.


Efficient apps for the vehicle sale and rental business.


Reliable and secure insurance marketplace apps.


Top service marketplace software that enhances the recruitment experience.


Quality rental service marketplace app development to win the market.


Visually appealing media marketplace apps that attract users.


Innovative healthcare apps that bring profit and enhance patient care.

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We will create a top marketplace app for you.

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Types of marketplace apps

Our experts can create diverse types of marketplace apps, each catering to different business models and industry needs. Turn to us for a fully functional app created within the allocated timeframe.

Business-to-business (B2B)

We assist our clients in the development of B2B marketplaces, enabling businesses to engage in buying and selling goods and services with one another.

Business-to-consumer (B2C)

To ensure an exceptional shopping experience for your customers, we provide comprehensive B2C marketplace app development services.

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

We will deliver a high-quality C2C marketplace app that facilitates seamless transactions and interactions between individual users.

Peer-to-peer (P2P)

Our P2P app development services focus on creating user-friendly and fast-loading apps where individuals can directly transact with one another.

Multi-vendor marketplace

We specialize in developing profitable multi-vendor marketplace apps where many vendors can showcase and sell their products or services.

Ecommerce marketplace

Our e-commerce app development services are tailored to create robust platforms similar to Amazon or eBay.

Market network

We provide quality market network app development services, which combine elements of social networking and marketplace functionality.

Process of marketplace app development

Marketplace app development is a comprehensive process that requires close attention to detail. At Codica, we provide our clients with full assistance at every stage of the app development marketplace process, from initial idea analysis to post-launch support.

Product discovery
We explore the subject area and develop prototypes. Our experts create a roadmap for the project and provide accurate cost and time estimates.
UI/UX design
Our talented UI/UX designers craft visually appealing and user-friendly marketplace apps with enhanced user experience.
App development
We build the minimum viable product using proven technologies like Ruby on Rails, React, VueJS, and more.
Optimization and QA
Our dedicated QA engineers prioritize optimization and conduct rigorous testing to ensure the final marketplace app functions flawlessly.
Deployment and support
We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to solve any issues that may arise throughout the product lifecycle.

Technologies we use

Throughout our years of experience, we have curated a selection of tools that greatly assist us in constructing top-notch marketplace apps. These tools empower us to deliver marketplace apps that meet our clients' business needs and budgetary requirements.


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Online marketplace app development with Codica

Let us help you create an intuitive marketplace app that drives conversions. These are some of the benefits you will receive with Codica’s marketplace development services.


We specialize in developing marketplace apps that adhere to SEO requirements, enabling to increase online visibility.


Our primary focus is on delivering visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly marketplace apps.


We employ robust security measures and utilize built-in security tools to ensure the resilience of your app against potential threats.


Our dedicated team at Codica develops engaging marketplace apps that captivate and retain audience.


We prioritize delivering the best possible user experience by utilizing cutting-edge technologies that optimize loading speed of the app.


Our team of experts offers a reasonable marketplace app development cost, using an approach tailored to suit the specific needs of your project.
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Best practices of marketplace app development

At Codica, we follow the best marketplace web and marketplace mobile app development practices. They enable us to create robust and successful marketplace apps that deliver value to users, foster trust, and drive growth in the target market.

Reasonable cost

We assist clients in minimizing expenses by setting aside unnecessary features and creating a concise vision of the product.

Agile methodology

We follow an efficient and transparent development process, ensuring the timely delivery of your software product within the allocated budget.

Expert development team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who specialize in creating expert-level apps and can handle all aspects of online marketplace app development.

Reliable tech stack

With a wealth of experience in constructing bespoke applications, our skilled team provides the optimal solution for your business needs.

Support after launch

Our commitment to your project extends beyond its launch. We will continue to monitor and maintain your app to ensure seamless operation.

Case studies by Codica

Ecommerce solution
This is the first online marketplace in Europe and the UK that enables users to conveniently buy and sell their services and products all in one platform.
Developed a complex marketplace with B2C and C2C segments.
Implemented an enhanced web design.
View case study
This is the first online marketplace in Europe and the UK that enables users to conveniently buy and sell their services and products all in one platform.
“The Codica company is a team of professionals. Together we created a unique solution for the market in Europe and the United Kingdom that allows buying and selling products and providing services in one place.”
Ecommerce Marketplace Company, United Kingdom

Codica’s experience

With over eight years of experience, we developed many innovative software products that drive business growth across diverse industries. Our commitment to delivering top-quality services has earned Codica’s marketplace development company a strong reputation and high credibility in the market.

successfully delivered marketplaces
generated by our clients
realized marketplace discoveries
years in marketplace development

Our satisfied clients

We are committed to delivering exceptional software solutions that go beyond our clients’ expectations and enable them to accomplish their business objectives. Our client base is diverse, yet they all share a common thread - their satisfaction with the services we provide.

David Watkins Founder of PlanMyKids
David Watkins
Founder of PlanMyKids

“I am happy to recommend Codica as a reliable team that can deliver unique and powerful software products. They used all their expertise when building our application, and often advised on the best way to implement a particular feature.

Also, we were (still) impressed by the team’s genuine interest in our product success. Codica became an integral part of our team, and we are very satisfied with our collaboration.”

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